No Limit to Spiciness?! Head to HangOut HangOver's KaraFes in Shibuya & Shinjuku!

Specially dedicated to those who love spicy food, KaraFes is being held right now at the American diner, HangOut HangOver, in Shibuya and Shinjuku. Try customizing the spiciness level of your fried chicken or sampling a cocktail made with red chili powder for that extra kick. This sweltering summer is precisely the right time to savor various spicy delicacies from their fiery hot menu!


Things to Do

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Beat the Heat With Numbing Spiciness!

American diner, HangOut HangOver, commenced their KaraFes at their Shibuya and Shinjuku branches on July 2, 2018. It will be run for a limited time during the summer. Their spicy menu, which features 8 spicy dishes and 1 beverage, will help you beat the sweltering summer heat and leave you sweating for more! Don't miss this opportunity, especially if you like it hot!

Recommended Dishes

* Devil's Red Chicken Pepper Mountain

Top on the list of recommendations has to be the Devil's Red Chicken Pepper Mountain (480 yen plus tax). The fried chicken comes with an original spice topping made with red chili pepper. The chicken is brought out without any toppings, which the staff then cover three times with their original spice! For those who want to take things up a notch, you can ask the staff to put on more spice when the dish is being served.

* Mexican Red Beer

This is a popular Mexican beer cocktail called "Mexican Red Beer" (600 yen plus tax). Made of equal parts tomato juice and beer, it is poured up to the brim of the glass and then covered in red chili powder. This sensationally spicy and sour drink has a kick to it thanks to the chilis. It's recommended for those who want an extraordinary beer!

Other dishes that go well with drinks include the curry-flavored Spicy Egg Pickles and Ceviche that will definitely make your night out memorable.

What is HangOut HangOver?

This restaurant is based on the concept of an all-day diner in the multicultural city of New York, where people gather with their friends and enjoy a few drinks. It is designed like a huge garage and features wall art and background music that are full of culture. At their Shibuya and Shinjuku branches, there are sofas and huge tables, making them suitable for any occasion, from dates to large parties.

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