Just 2.5 Hours From Osaka! 7 Reasonably Priced Lunch Spots in Underrated Tottori

Tottori is just around 2.5 hours away from Osaka. It's the prefecture that's home to the Tottori Sand Dunes, a tourist spot that's well-known within Japan. In recent years, its popularity has grown, even among foreign tourists. Check out these recommended lunch spots in Tottori, which are perfect for when you feel like a bite. As well as being reasonably priced, every single one is delicious!


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1. Kissa Beniya (Tottori)

Kissa Beniya is a cafe within walking distance from Tottori Station that serves mainly coffee and curry. Their Chicken Katsu Curry (800 yen) has a distinctively darkly colored roux with a crispy chicken cutlet placed on top. The curry itself is very flavorful, but try adding some Worcestershire sauce on the cutlet! The roux and sauce complement each other well. 

The Indo Kori (500 yen) is another popular item. It's shaved ice with cocoa flavoring. It's got nothing to do with curry, but still, it's definitely worth trying! 

2. Kamitoku Akasaki Branch (Akasaki)

Kamitoku Akasaki is just a 7-minute walk from Akasaki Station. It's famous for its Gyukotsu Ramen (beef broth ramen). The soup is delicious, with a rich beefy flavor. This popular ramen is a real steal at just 500 yen.

The Gyukotsu Ramen Teishoku (beef broth ramen set) is just 950 yen and comes with the Gyukotsu Ramen, as well as a croquette, rice, and salad. Most customers order the ramen, but they also serve other items like Katsu Curry Rice (700 yen).

3. Sakyuu Soba (Tottori)

Sakyuu Soba is a soba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant located inside Tottori Station. It sees many patrons given the convenient location, so there's always a queue at lunch. Their representative Sakyuu Soba can be enjoyed for just 380 yen. The soba is served topped with the local speciality, ago-chikuwa (fish cake), in a konbu (kelp) and soy sauce broth. It's so good that you'll polish the whole thing off!

The Katsu-don (pork cutlet rice) is also a big hit. The soft egg makes a great combination with the pork. You can also get a set meal with the Sakyuu Soba and mini Katsu-don (700 yen).

4. Oenosato Natural Farm Cocogarden (Koge)

Oenosato Natural Farm Cocogarden is located in the mountains, some distance away from the city area of Tottori. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful, so renting a car and driving to the restaurant is a great idea. This restaurant is especially well known for their extensive selection of pancakes. The Raspberry Pancake (680 yen) comes with a special raspberry sauce that will leave you wanting more.

You can also try this old-fashioned Japanese set meal, the Tamago Kake-gohan Set (a raw egg and rice set) (580 yen). It's delicious and cheap! Their special soy sauce taste great too.

5. Cafe Source (Tottori)

Walk through the shopping arcade facing the front of the North Exit of Tottori Station, pass Kissa Beniya, and you'll see Cafe Source. You'll be able to get a delicious lunch at reasonable prices here. The calm and sophisticated atmosphere is also pleasing. The quality of the food is also very high. The Otsukimi Hamburger Lunch (980 plus tax) is made up of different ingredients each season, and the plain Hamburger Lunch is topped with a rich demi-glace sauce. 

Pasta Lunch of the Day (800 yen plus tax) is a daily lunch pasta special that's made from seasonal vegetables. It's a meal that tastes great, as well as being great value. 

6. Sakyu Kaikan (Tottori)

Mention Tottori and people think of the sand dunes. Sakyu Kaikan is a commcercial facility located to the east of the sand dunes. The building houses restaurants, gift shops and more. You can grab a drink to go at the cafe corner. It's a convenient stop when you're sightseeing at the dunes.

The restaurant serves dishes made with fresh seafood like the Kaisen-don (seafood rice bowl) (1,800 yen) and Kaisen Chirashi-zushi (mixed sashimi rice bowl) (1,100 yen). The servings are hearty, so you can eat your fill. The Kani Tororo-don (crab and grated yam rice bowl) is very popular. Rice is topped with Sakyu Nagaimo (mountain yam) and crab, and it costs just 1,200 yen! It also comes with a bowl of miso soup.

7. Talmary (Nagi)

Talmary is a bakery that makes bread using natural yeast that they make themselves. It also functions as a cafe. The cafe is housed in what used to be a nursery school. The natural wooden decor and furniture create a calm atmosphere in the cafe.

The Gouda Cheese and Seasonal Vegetable Burger Sandwich (486 yen) is made with gouda cheese, seasonal vegetables and their own homemade soy bean mayonnaise. The soft and fluffy buns are both delicious and healthy.


These resonably priced places in Tottori are great options when you're sightseeing, but want to make sure you manage to grab a bite. Be nice to your stomach so you'll have energy for more sightseeing afterwards!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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