Japanese Sweet : The Attraction of Ohagi

In Japan, there is a Japanese unique sweet called Wagashi. Among this Wagashi the most regular is Ohagi. What is Ohagi? We will introduce to you the attraction of Ohagi.


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In Japan, there is a sweet called Ohagi – a rice cake covered with bean jam.


Ohagi is a sweet made from rounded cooked sticky rice, wrap up by the red bean paste or soybean flour.

The difference with Omochi – rice cake is in the way of mashing sticky rice that called “hangoroshi” which is the way of not completely mash it.

Beside red bean paste and soybean flour, we can also wrap the Ohagi with flour of sesame or walnut.

Anko Ohagi – Red Bean Paste Ohagi

Anko – red bean paste is made from adzuki bean boiled sweetened with sugar.


Kinako Ohagi – Soybean Flour Ohagi

Kinoko – soybean flour is made from soybean. The one that used in ohagi is flour that mixed together with sugar.


Kurumi Ohagi – Walnut Ohagi

Similar to Kinako – soybean flour, this is also flour made from walnut that mix together with sugar.


Mainly, the Anko Ohagi is the regular ohagi from the old days.

It has a good match with Japanese tea “Omaccha” and usually serves together.


A long time ago, ohagi was a valuable thing and it serves to treat the guests and in memorial services. Its existence was the same as cake in the western.

In Japan, there is memorial services event to the ancestors called “Ohigan – the equinoctial week” that held 2 times in spring and fall.

At those times, ohagi is made in every households and sold in supermarkets as an offering to the ancestors.

There is a ohagi’s taste of every households. Although shape and how to make ohagi are the same but the taste of anko – red bean paste and the size of ohagi are different in every households.

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Mostly the Japanese sweet’s shops sell ohagi. Please try to enjoy ohagi when you come to Japan.


The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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