Japanese Phrases [Shopping in Japan] ~Intermediate Level~

Last time, we introduced some useful beginner level Japanese phrases that you can use when shopping in Japan. We'd like to amp that up with intermediate level phrases that you'll have plenty of opportunities to use when in Japan. If you master these phrases, you will surely have a more pleasant shopping experience!


Japanese Culture

Buying Several Pieces of the Same Item

Don't you end up buying multiples of the same thing when souvenir shopping?

That's when this phrase comes in handy.


Sumimasen. Kore to onaji mono jukko arimasu ka?

Excuse me. Do you have ten of these?


個(Ko)is a measure word used for counting items.



Counting Method

Ikko / Niko / Sanko / Yonko / Goko / Rokko / Nanako / Hakko / Kyuko / Jyukko

1 item / 2 items / 3 items / 4 items / 5 items / 6 items / 7 items / 8 items / 9 items / 10 items 



Trying On Clothes

When buying clothes, it's a given that you'll want to try them on to see if they fit you well first. Check with the staff to see if you can try on the clothes, and then have them guide you to the fitting room. It's normal to remove your shoes before entering the fitting room in Japan.


Sumimasen. Shichaku wa dekimasu ka? 

Excuse me, can I try this on?

Checking For Other Sizes

Finding out that the piece of clothing you held and tried on is too big or too small is a rather common occurrence. Use these phrases when that horrible situation happens!


Sumimasen. Kore yori oki na saizu wa arimasu ka? 

Excuse me. Do you have a bigger size than this?


Sumimasen. Kore yori chiisa na saizu wa arimasu ka? 

Excuse me. Do you have a smaller size than this?


Searching For Other Colors

If you're looking for something in a specific color, use this phrase when speaking with the staff.


Sumimasen. Hoka no iro wa arimasu ka? 

Excuse me. Does this come in other colors?



Please take a look at the YouTube video below to further cement these phrases into your head. Those of you who haven't checked out the beginner level phrases should take the time to do so!


Next time you visit Japan, use these phrases to discover great items that you'll fall in love with!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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