Harajuku's Kawaii Monster Cafe, where you can experience Japanese cuteness, is now open!

Set up by the forerunner in Harajuku's kawaii culture in Japan, a new café "Kawaii Monster Café" was opened in Harajuku on August 1st. Everything about the café, including the shop interior, menu and ambience is too cute for words! For those who dig Japan's kawaii culture, please be sure to patronize it.


Food & Drinks

1. The concept of the Kawaii Monster Cafe


Roxanne Ready/Flickr

This cafe restaurant was designed with the image of Harajuku in mind. The restaurant sits on the tongue of the image character, Mr. Ten Thousand Chopsticks (Choppi, for short). In the store there's a cake shaped merry-go-round called Sweets Go Round, as well as four zones: Mushroom Disco, Milk Stand, Bar Experiment, and Mel-tea Room. There's so many things for you to say "kawaii!" about!


2. Main Dishes

The food is also extremely colorful! The colorful Rainbow Pasta (1300 yen) looks like art tools resting on top of a palette! Just wondering what it tastes like already brings excitement!

3. Dessert

Of course the desserts are just as colorful! The colorful Poison Cake (2800 yen for a whole, 850 yen for 1/4th) is perfect for parties! They also have parfaits, pancakes, popcorn, and other colorful, fun treats.

4. Drinks

They have a cafe menu that has coffees and shakes on them, but they also have the non-alcoholic cocktail Drug Yakou (right photo; 720 yen) as well as the alcoholic cocktails at the bar that include the one on the left, Danger Cocktail. Their original cocktail menu is impressive!

5. The Monster Girls

You can go meet the Monster Girls that work as the cafe workers, dressed wearing original fashions such as lockets and ribbons created by the fashion blogger Misha Janette. 


6. Goods

Roxanne Ready/Flickr

There is also a shop space where you can buy cute items such as an iPhone case (1300 yen), clearfiles (350 yen), tote bags (2500 yen), and more! 

7. Produced by Sebastian Masuda 

Sebastian Masuda is arguably the number one most popular person representing Harajuku kawaii culture. He orchestrated Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's debut and works with her on her visuals in her videos and in concerts and he runs Harajuku's famous shop 6%DOKIDOKI. He's the man behind the Kawaii Monster Cafe!

8. Shop Information

90 minute system

500 yen zone charge (plus an extra 500 yen for groups of 4 or 6 people who sit in box seats)

Telephone number: 03-5413-6142 

Business hours: 11AM-10:30PM (last order 10PM, last entry 9:30 PM)

Open 365 days a year

193 seats

HP: kawaiimonster.jp/pc/index.php (Japanese Only)

Address: 4 Chome-30 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)


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