Enjoy Hakone to the Fullest with the Hakone Free Pass!

Hakone is situated in Kanagawa Prefecture. Known for its onsen (hot spring) resorts and beautiful scenery of Japan's tallest mountain Mt. Fuji, the town is easily accessible from Tokyo, and has been a popular tourist spot for many years. This time, let’s find out more about the Hakone Free Pass, which lets you take unlimited rides on various transportation modes and get great deals at entertainment facilities within the Hakone area.


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What Is the Hakone Free Pass?

The Hakone Free Pass is a transportation ticket issued by railway company Odakyu, which operates mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture. With this, you will be able to take unlimited rides on 8 types of transportation modes including trains, buses, and cruises for a limited period of time. (Please see below for a list of the transportation modes covered under this ticket.)

In addition, you will be able to enjoy special deals and discounts at around 50 entertainment facilities such as onsen resorts and art museums in the Hakone area. Do make full use of this pass to have a great time in Hakone in the most economical way!

* There are maps in various languages so please contact Kohara once the translation is completed.


[Validity Period]

2 or 3 days


[Applicable Transportation Modes]

  1. Odakyu Line
  2. Hakone Tozan Line
  3. Hakone Tozan Cable Car
  4. Hakone Ropeway
  5. Hakone Pirate Ship
  6. Hakone Tozan Bus
  7. Kanko Shisetsu-Meguri Bus
  8. Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus
  9. Tokai Bus Orange Shuttle

* You cannot take unlimited rides on the Odakyu Line. Instead, you can take a round trip from your boarding station to Odawara Station, and can alight at any station along the way.

* There is a limit to the area where you can travel in.


[Fares (Examples)]

・From Shinjuku Station: (2-day ticket) Adults: 5,140 yen, Children: 1,500 yen / (3-day ticket) Adults: 5,640 yen, Children: 1,750 yen

・From Odawara Station: (2-day ticket) Adults: 4,000 yen, Children: 1,000 yen / (3-day ticket) Adults: 4,500 yen, Children: 1,250 yen

* Differs depending on the boarding station and validity period.


[How to Purchase]

  1. Automated ticket dispensing machines at all stations on the Odakyu Line
  2. Odakyu Travel offices (some branches do not sell this)
  3. Major stations on Hakone Tozan Line and the information office of Hakone Tozan Bus
  4. Major travel agencies (JTB, KNT, Nippon Travel Agency, etc.) 


The following topics feature the recommended transportation modes and entertainment facilities you can make use of with the Hakone Free Pass!

4 Must-Ride Transportation Modes in Hakone

1. Hakone Tozan Line

The Hakone Tozan Line's signature red train carriages run from Odawara Satation and pass through Hakone-Yumoto Station, the nearest stop to many onsen resorts in the Hakone area, before stopping at Goura Station.

From the train, you can enjoy the seasonal sights of sakura (cherry blossoms) in spring, hydrangeas in early summer, and the autumn foliage. This train goes through the mountainous areas of Hakone, and you can't miss out on the breathtaking scenery of the valley below as the train passes over the bridge that stretches across it!

2. Hakone Tozan Cable Car

The Hakone Tozan Cable Car runs from Goura Station, the terminal stop of the Hakone Tozan Line, and goes up to the peak of Mt. Soun, which is in central Hakone.

When you alight at Sounzan Station, which is located at a height of 757m above sea level, head to the observatory deck for a panoramic view of Hakone's streets and the outer crater rim of Hakone.

3. Hakone Ropeway

From Sounzan Station at the peak of Mt. Soun, you can take the Hakone Ropeway to get to the peak of Mt. Hakone, which is even higher up.

On the way to the peak, you can see Owaku Valley (Owaku-dani), which is filled with steam due to the boiling onsen sources there. At the top of Hakone, you can see Lake Ashi, which is the largest lake in Kanagawa Prefecture.

4. Hakone Pirate Ship

The Hakone Pirate Ship is a cruise which allows you to tour Lake Ashi, the largest lake in Kanagawa Prefecture. There are three boarding points for this cruise, including one at the town of Hakone.

You can get a great view of Hakone's mountains and Mt. Fuji from the ship. As there are 3 ships in service with different designs that are rotated on a random basis, you will only be able to see which ship you will be taking on the day of your trip.

Popular Facilities Where You Can Get Great Deals or Discounts

1. Onsen (Hakone Kowakien Yunessun)

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun has a 40m-long open-air bath, which offers a panoramic view of Hakone's mountains, as well as a cave bath and wine bath.

In summer, you can have fun at the outdoor pool and enter the food court and souvenir shop in your swimsuit.

2. Art Museum (Hakone Open-Air Museum)

Established in 1969, the Hakone Open-Air Museum is Japan's first outdoor museum. It currently features some 120 sculptures in a garden measuring around 70,000 square meters. Inside the museum building, there are 5 exhibition halls showcasing a total of  approximately 300 works and a foot bath with natural hot spring water.

3. Nature (Hakone Goura Park)

Hakone Goura Park features various flowers which bloom at different times of the year, making it a park that you can enjoy during any season. In spring and autumn, don't miss the Rose Garden which has about 140 species of 1,000 roses. There is also the Tropical Plants Greenhouse, which you can visit all year round. It hosts workshops such as pottery and glass blowing that visitors can participate in for a fee.

4. Play (Forest Adventure Hakone)

Forest Adventure Hakone is an athletic facility located in the forest around Hakone-Yumoto Station where you have to get from one tree to another using ropes. There are two courses: the Canopy Course, which is restricted to those with a minimum height of 110cm, and the more challenging Adventure Course, which is for those with a minimum height of 140cm or who are at least in their 4th year of elementary school. Of course, adults can have fun here, too! In addition, there is a bouldering facility measuring about 7m in height. How about getting a great workout here before relaxing in an onsen?

5. Restaurants & Souvenirs (Hakone no Ichi)

At the front of Hakone-Yumoto Station's gates is Hakone no Ichi, which sells many of Hakone's signature products, including onsen manju (hot spring buns with seet bean paste) and Yosegi handicrafts.

There is also a wide range of bentos and drinks which you can consume during your train journey. There are some limited edition bentos that are only available here.

Now that you've read about some of the transportation modes and entertainment facilities in the Hakone area that can be accessed by the Hakone Free Pass, are you all geared up to explore them now? There are many more onsen resorts and places to have fun in Hakone, so please make full use of the pass and enjoy your Hakone trip to the fullest!


By the way, if you'd prefer to explore Hakone in a more leisurely way, it's worth considering going on a bus tour instead. Not only is your itinerary provided for you, but you won't have to keep changing transportation modes to get to where you want to go!

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