Wonderful Views & Fun at an Amusement Park! A Family Guide to Reoma Resort

Let's say you want to take your children traveling to Japan. How will you get around? Are there any foods that children can easily eat? Those of you that are plagued with worries like these ought to check this article out! As long as you have this guide and stay at this resort, you won't need to worry about any of that! It also has bus tours. If you stick with the time schedule listed here, the whole family is sure to make memories that they'll never forget!




[Day 2]

8:00 am: Leave for a Half-Day Bus Tour

Feel the wind on your face as you ride your bicycle and gaze out at the beautiful panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea and the Great Seto Bridge (Seto Ohashi). You absolutely need to sightsee around Kagawa by doing activities like wandering around the historical Kasashima district of Hon-jima Island, the main island of an archipelago called "Shiwaku Islands" (Shiwaku Shoto). Reoma Resort has several bus tours for hotel guests looking to explore the area that are all available at decent prices, making it great for families.
Note: These bus tours are only for guests staying at the resort. Depending on the season, the course that these buses take could change.
More Details: http://reomanomori.ooedoonsen.jp/news/1889  (Japanese Only)

2:30 pm: Unwind at the Hotel, Then Head to Hotel Reoma no Mori

Even if you go on a bus tour, travelling for half a day will make anyone tired! After taking a short break at the hotel, why not soak in the hotel's hot spring? If you go at this time, there won't be that many people, allowing you to relax and stare at the beautiful scenery. All you have to do is bring your towel from your room! All the tiredness from the journey is sure to drip right off while gazing at the view.

*It is forbidden to take pictures here. You also cannot wear bath towels or swimsuits. These photos were taken with special permission from the resort and from the people photographed.

At the entrance to the hot springs, you'll find several types of yukata that are offered in various sizes. Hotel guests can rent these out for free!

Operating Times: 11:30 am - 12:00 am
*The following day, it changes to 5:00 am - 10:00 am

*Make sure to return the yukata when you check out

5:00 pm: All-You-Can-Eat Dinner

Don't you feel hungry after soaking in the hot springs? The hotel offers a buffet for dinner, so eat as much as you want! There are over 100 different dishes, from just-made ones to Kagawa specialties and even dessert. Depending on the season, they'll serve up different fares like crab-based or tuna-based dishes. You're sure to be satisfied with what they have to offer!

7:00 pm: 3D Projection Mapping (Legend Palace)

After enjoying a delicious meal, go for a walk! There's an extravagant illumination spot right by the hotel. Take in the 3D projection illumination, which you can't see outside of Japan.
*For the show times, please visit their official website
Duration: Around 5 minutes
Location: A6 of Reoma Resort
More Details: http://www.newreomaworld.com/event/18929-2/ (Japanese Only)

7:20 pm: Asian Night

Wouldn't it be sad if your day ended here? Walk a little further to the illumination spot that's a reproduction of the Angkor Empire. Unlike the previous attraction, Asian Night is a lot more calm, making it great for dates! You'll feel as though you've overcome space-time. It's sure to become a great memory!
*For the show times, please visit their official website
Duration: Around 10 minutes
Location: A7 of Reoma Resort
More Details: http://www.newreomaworld.com/event/new-2/ (Japanese Only)

7:40 pm: The Longest Escalator in Japan (Magic Straw)

This is Japan's longest escalator, with a length of 96 m and a duration of 3 minutes and 14 seconds. At night, it lights up, turning into a magical light tunnel. People of all ages are sure to be so overwhelmed that they'll feel as though time has stopped.
Duration: Around 5 minutes
Location: D1 of Reoma Resort
More Details: http://www.newreomaworld.com/asobu/6722-2/ (Japanese Only)

8:00 pm: Masquerade Party

After riding the escalator moving towards the hotel, head over to the Masquerade Party held at 8:00 pm every night. The sight of the masked dancers on the stage will lift your spirits and make your children happy! End your day with this lively and fun event.
*For the show times, please visit their official website
Duration: Around 25 minutes
Location: 4F of Hotel Reoma no Mori
More Details: http://www.newreomaworld.com/miru/11960-2/ (Japanese Only)

Head Back to Your Room <Hotel Reoma no Mori>

Now that you've enjoyed the whole day, head back to your hotel room. There are several types of rooms, each with a unique atmopshere, so check them out!

[Japanese Modern Style Room]

This wooden Japanese-style room is extremely comforting to be in. It contains a larger-than-normal bed, allowing anyone to get a good night's sleep!

[Modern Japanese-Western Room]

Open the window to see Reoma Resort below you and gaze at the Seto Inland Sea in the distance. Feel free to relax in this beautiful 60 sq.m. room with a Japanese-Western design that's perfect for families on vacation.


Everyone can relax in peace at this hotel's Cottage rooms. A pleasure cruise runs through the canal right next to you and in the summer, you can even see a pool in front of your eyes!

---About Hotel Reoma no Mori---
Check-in: 3:00 pm / Check-out: 1:00 pm
Website: http://reomanomori.ooedoonsen.jp (Japanese)
Website: http://lang.newreomaworld.com/hotel.html (English)
Address: 40-1, Kurikuma Nishi, Ayauta-cho, Marugame-shi, Kagawa

*Please check the official website for all fees and rates



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*All the facilities in the resort will be closed on June 7, 2018, due to maintenance.
*This schedule is accurate as of May 31, 2018. Please check the schedule and all other details prior to arriving at the resort.

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