Wonderful Views & Fun at an Amusement Park! A Family Guide to Reoma Resort

Let's say you want to take your children traveling to Japan. How will you get around? Are there any foods that children can easily eat? Those of you that are plagued with worries like these ought to check this article out! As long as you have this guide and stay at this resort, you won't need to worry about any of that! It also has bus tours. If you stick with the time schedule listed here, the whole family is sure to make memories that they'll never forget!

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*This article was written in collaboration with Reoma Resort.

Reoma Resort is the Shikoku region's largest family theme park. It is conveniently located, with access options like being only a 20-minute drive away from Takamatsu Airport in Kagawa Prefecture. In the spring, you can enjoy a garden filled with moss phlox and roses, while fireworks and swimming pools can be enjoyed in the summer. However, regardless of the season, there's always something fun here for families to indulge in! This is a hidden sightseeing spot in Kagawa filled with attractions for people of all ages, starting with rides suitable for 1-year-olds to thrilling attractions for adults!
Now then, use the following schedule as a guide to indulge in a fun-filled trip!
Resort Map: http://lang.newreomaworld.com/map.html (English)


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[Day 1]

11:00 am: Daytime Attractions

There are tons of child-friendly attractions like merry-go-rounds, hot-air balloons, and roller coasters! Explore what they have to offer!
*This photo was taken with special permission from the resort. There are spots that don't allow photos to be taken.

12:30 pm: Visit a Restaurant for a Quick Bite

After enjoying a fun-filled day at various attractions, you'll definitely want to eat a lot of delicious food! There are lots of eating and drinking establishments at the resort, so feel free to sit down or walk around and eat.

For more information on these establishments, visit: http://www.newreomaworld.com/lang/food.html (English)

2:00 pm: Head to the Hand Craft Workshop

Why not handmake something unique here? Together, you'll be able to make things like pyrographs, music boxes, watches, and gel candles! Both the actual items you make and the handcrafting experience are sure to become long-lasting memories!
*You cannot use your Free Pass here
 Duration: 25 minutes
 Location: C2 of Reoma Resort
 More Details: http://www.newreomaworld.com/event/27919-2/ (Japanese Only)

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3:30 pm: To Gokco Town!

Gokco Town - an area where children can try out various real-world jobs - is something that you'll barely find elsewhere. Wearing a rental costume, they can easily experience actually working in several occupations. Isn't it great that they get to learn while playing? Watching them seriously go about these dream occupations that they might end up in will make anyone smile! Why not give it a go?
Duration: Around 90 minutes
Location: C1 of Reoma Resort
More Details: http://www.newreomaworld.com/asobu-sub/gokcotown/  (Japanese Only)


6:00 pm: Fantastic Parade

Play until you're exhausted and then sit down to enjoy this lively parade! It features the popular Reoma Resort characters, Peddy and Polly, as well as their friends. There will be chances for children to dance with them!
*For the show times, please visit the official website
Duration: 25 minutes
Location: A4 of Reoma Resort
More Details: http://www.newreomaworld.com/miru/parade_info/ (Japanese Only)

7:00 pm: Wonderful Aurora Show

A lot of people dream about seeing an aurora. You don't have to go far to achieve this, as Reoma Resort will grant that wish! Occuring only once per day, this show uses the latest light technology and beautiful music to grant you a dream experience. Everyone is sure to be amazed by the beauty of this display that's completely unlike anything you'll see in the daytime.
*For the show times, please visit the official website
Duration: Around 10 minutes
Location: A8 of Reoma Resort
More Details: http://www.newreomaworld.com/miru/20336-2/ (Japanese Only)

7:20 pm: Nighttime Attractions

After the Wonderful Aurora Show, it is recommended to enjoy the night by riding on the Fancy Flight (B8) or Ferris Wheel (B1). In the daytime, you can gaze at the Seto Inland Sea (Seto-naikai) and Mt. Iino (Iino-yama), but at night, you can enjoy the view of various illuminations sparkling like stars. From the Hanging Ferris Wheel, you can freely take in the clear air from the mountains and the breathtaking view without being obstructed by glass. Try it out - you'll feel as if you're riding first-class!

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7:45 pm: 3D Projection Mapping (Magical Night)

After riding the Ferris wheel that takes 10 minutes to do a full turn, it's recommended to wander over to Magical Night, which is near the ride. Though it's based on ghosts and monsters, it's an extremely cute event! The lights flicker with the music, so any fear that children have will soon change into wide grins. Enjoy this professionally-done fantasy with your children!
*For the show times, please visit the official website
Duration: Around 15 minutes
Location: A5 of Reoma Resort
More Details: http://www.newreomaworld.com/miru/20407-2/ (Japanese Only)

Twinkle Harmony is another magical illumination within Reoma Resort. No matter when you come here, it'll feel like Christmas! Ring the bell of happiness with the rest of your family and take in its sparkling visage against the night sky.

8:30 pm: Enjoy the Indoor Services

[Lobby with Wi-Fi]

[Rest Area: Game Corner]

[Souvenir Corner]

Other than the enormous amusement park, there are also several indoor services, such as the lobby that has free Wi-Fi and that offers a cup of coffee at a price. Regardless of the weather, feel free to enjoy this rest area. There's also a souvenir corner where you can purchase goods like Sanuki udon and Age Pippi. Reoma Resort is filled with all sorts of services that guests can enjoy from morning till night!

This is Kagawa's iconic snack, Age Pippi, which is made from deep-fried udon. Though originally squishy, after being deep-fried, it becomes enjoyably crispy. There are three flavors of Age Pippi: salty, curry-flavored, and sweet. Out of all of them, the curry-flavored ones are the best! They're small and compact, making them great souvenirs.
Price: 180 yen for 1 pack
---About Reoma Resort---
Operating Times: (Weekdays) 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
(Holidays) 10:00 am - 8:30 pm
*These times may change depending on the season
Website: http://www.newreomaworld.com (Japanese Only)
Website: http://lang.newreomaworld.com/index.html (English)
*Please check out the official website for all rates and fees
Address: 40-1, Kurikuma Nishi, Ayauta-cho, Marugame-shi, Kagawa


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