A Full Day's Fun in Kanagawa's Miura City and Haneda Airport: Cultural Experiences, Gourmet Food, and More!

Easily accessible from Haneda Airport, Kanagawa is home to many fascinating sightseeing spots. In this article, we’ll focus on the prefecture’s Miura Peninsula and the area around Haneda Airport in Ota City, Tokyo. With so many local dishes only available at certain times of the day and a unique culture to boot, we recommend staying the night to experience everything that these two places have to offer.

*This article was sponsored by Kanagawa Prefecture.


◆Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

About Miura City and How to Get There

Located near the old Japanese capital of Kamakura, the Miura Peninsula boasts many popular tourist destinations such as Zushi and Hayama, both known for their gorgeous beaches. Here, we will explore Miura City at the southernmost tip of the peninsula where visitors can marvel at the vast, beautiful sea, enjoy exciting marine sports, and savor the famous tuna, vegetables, and fruits of Miura.

If you’re using public transportation, the best way to get to Miura is via the Keihin Kyuko (Keikyu) line that passes through major transportation hubs such as Haneda Airport, Shinagawa, and Yokohama. Get off at either Miurakaigan Station or Misakiguchi Station, then transfer to a bus to get to Misaki Port.

Ride Time (Keikyu Train):
Haneda Airport → Miurakaigan Station or Misakiguchi Station: Approx. 80 minutes
Shinagawa → Miurakaigan Station or Misakiguchi Station: Approx. 65 minutes
Yokohama → Miurakaigan Station or Misakiguchi Station: Approx. 50 minutes

Ride Time (Keikyu Bus):
Miurakaigan Station → Misaki Port: Approx. 25 minutes
Misakiguchi Station → Misaki Port: Approx. 15 minutes

Our Top Activity for Early Birds

Enjoy Breakfast at Beachend Café While Gazing Out at the Ocean

The name "Beachend Café" comes from the fact that it’s located at the tip of the Miura Peninsula, representing the endpoint of a journey in search of beautiful nature spots. By the time we arrived at this beach restaurant by the side of a prefectural road a little over 9:00 am, they were already serving breakfast. We saw a few customers enjoying their meals on the terrace.

As soon as you enter the cafe, you will see the wood and bamboo tables and chairs, as well as the blue sea glistening just outside the windows. It’s all so beautiful that it’s bound to put you in vacation mode and help you forget the hustle and bustle of the big city that you escaped less than an hour ago. Aside from the gorgeous view of the beach, the local produce and jams sold by the entrance, and the beautiful desserts lined up at the sweets counter, the highlight of the cafe has to be its extensive breakfast menu.

Feel like trying something made from local ingredients? Then you have to order the Misaki Tuna Curry Rice to get that little kick that will help you start the day right. The Farm Salad and Toast and the Cold Soup with Fresh Miura Vegetables are also perfect for sampling the fresh and sweet bounty of the peninsula. There is no better way to energize your body than a healthy, sumptuous breakfast by the beach. We wholeheartedly recommend starting your tour of Miura with an early meal at the Beachend Café!

Near the cafe, you will also find the PIZZA&BAR Chill Terrace and the VILLA BLU lodging facility. Both spots offer a panoramic view of the coast and will make you feel as if you were at a resort. Definitely check them out if that sounds like something you’d be interested in.

Our Top Activity for Night Owls

Marvel at the Romantic Sunset and Glittering, Starry Sky at Jogashima Park

If you depart from Misaki Fishing Port and cross Jogashima Bridge, you will arrive at Jogashima, an island that was awarded two stars by the Michelin Green Guide Japan. Located in the southeastern part of Jogashima, the park takes up about one-third of the entire island. It’s where people go to admire grassy scenery and rock formations eroded by seawater that offer something different depending on the season and time of day.

In the summer, many fans of astronomy and photography visit Jogashima Park to take photos of the Milky Way. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery to the furthest extent, we recommend booking a room at a local hotel. That way, you can watch the sun sink into the sea and take in the romantic atmosphere of the park to your heart’s content. You can also go for a night walk, head to the park observatory, and marvel at the starry sky above you.

Recommended Accommodations

Misaki Jyuku: A Renovated Traditional Japanese House From the Edo Period

Misaki Jyuku is an inn operating out of a renovated traditional Japanese house that has retained the charm and atmosphere of the Edo Period (1603 – 1867). Since guests rent the entire building, it is the perfect place to stay for those who want to protect their privacy while learning about the history of the Miura Peninsula.

We decided to stay in the Edonokurayado room, which was originally a warehouse. There is also a Western-style building at the back, connected by a corridor, which was added to the original building over 60 years ago. The interior of the inn exudes history, from the household Shinto altars to the storage cabinets and safe underneath the stairs.

In addition to three spacious bedrooms, Misaki Jyuku also features a meeting room, kitchen, and a large bath. However, the true highlight of this inn is the terrace where visitors are free to barbecue to their heart's delight. We took this opportunity and bought some Misaki tuna and other fresh seafood, plus local Miura produce and craft beer from the Urari Marche market (introduced later in this article), and threw ourselves a small barbecue party. We highly recommend doing the same if you plan to stay at this inn!

But you can’t have a proper barbecue without meat, right? For that, we recommend Hayama beef, the finest brand of Kanagawa beef there is. While it has won numerous awards, it remains extremely rare as only 200 head of Hayama cattle appear on the market each year. It’s an exquisite brand of meat that you’ll have a hard time finding outside the Miura Peninsula!

How to Make the Most of Your Trip to Miura

Buy Fresh Tuna and Miura Produce at Urari Marche

Urari Marche—located in the center of the Misaki Fishing Port, famous for its tuna hauls—is a great place to buy not just Misaki tuna, but also fresh Miura vegetables straight from the farm. At the ground-floor Seafood Market, you’ll find everything from tuna sashimi to rare cuts of tuna such as cheek and tail, as well as seafood caught right off the coast and various processed seafood products. The market also sells toroman (steamed buns with Misaki tuna), tuna croquettes, and juice made from seasonal, local fruit.

The Miura Peninsula enjoys a mild climate throughout the year. The area rarely experiences snow or freezing temperatures, and boasts fertile soil that’s rich in nutrients. As a result, the peninsula abounds in delicious vegetables that are unique to the region, such as Miura daikon radish and Miura cabbage. We recommend getting to Urari Marche as soon as it opens, heading to the Vegetable Market on the 1st floor, and buying crispy, fresh vegetables that were harvested just that morning.

Stroll Through the Ocean on the Nijiiro Sakana Underwater Sightseeing Boat

When visiting the Misaki Fishing Port, don’t miss out on the colorful and cute semi-submersible Nijiiro Sakana. Unlike most sightseeing boats, the Nijiiro Sakana offers more than just pretty ocean scenery.

As soon as our boat departed, a large flock of seagulls started following us. Apparently, the seagulls and black kites have learned that whenever the boat goes out to sea, it’s dinner time! We'll never forget the moment when a passenger threw a snack into the air and a bird immediately swooped down and caught it with its claws!

Once we were sufficiently away from land, the captain instructed us to climb down the ladder to the observation deck below where we got to see all sorts of ocean fish through the transparent glass windows. You won’t find anything like that on regular sightseeing boats! The Nijiiro Sakana offers 40 minutes of fun and excitement for people of all ages!

Rent a Bike from Miura Rent-a-Cycle and Pedal Through Miura's Rural Landscape with the Sea Breeze on Your Face

We mentioned earlier that you can reach the Misaki Fishing Port from Misaki Coast by bus. However, if you feel like enjoying the sea breeze on your face and admiring the beauty of the Miura Peninsula, you might want to rent an electric bicycle.

We rented a bicycle from Miura Rent-a-Cycle at the Misaki Fishing Port (right next to Urari Marche) and rode it along the coastline all the way back to Miurakaigan Station. On the way, we passed gigantic wind turbines, fields on a hill, and a charming small fishing port. We had to go uphill a lot of times, but it was no sweat thanks to the electric bike. One time, while we were high up, we got a panoramic view of the sea and the beautiful countryside scenery of Miura. You can only get this kind of experience on a bicycle.

◆Around Haneda Airport

About the Area Around Haneda Airport and How to Get There

The Keihin Industrial Zone, which consists primarily of Tokyo’s Ota City and Kanagawa’s Kawasaki City and Yokohama City, is a vital industrial district that supports Japan’s economy.

If you cross Tama River going from the direction of Kawasaki City in Kanagawa, you’ll arrive in the Kamata area of Ota City, Tokyo. Kamata is famous for its shopping streets and “izakaya” Japanese-style taverns that have retained the retro vibe of the Showa Period (1926 – 1989). In recent years, Kamata has also become famous for its continuously-evolving “sento” public baths as well as its efforts to become Tokyo’s new capital for “gyoza” dumplings. Even Haneda Airport, also located in Ota City, has changed a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic, so let’s talk more about this whole area.

Train Ride Time (Kawasaki Station):
Haneda Airport → Keikyu Kawasaki Station via the Keikyu Airport Line: Approx. 15 minutes
Shinagawa → Kawasaki Station via the JR Keihin Tohoku Line: Approx. 15 minutes

Train Ride Time (Kamata Station)
Haneda Airport → Keikyu Kamata Station via the Keikyu Airport Line: Approx. 11 minutes
Shinagawa → Kamata Station via the JR Keihin Tohoku Line: Approx. 11 minutes

Our Top Activities for Early Birds

Head to the Kamata Branch of Gamushara for Breakfast Ramen

A lot of tourists come to Japan with a list of ramen shops they want to visit. However, few probably know about the breakfast ramen in Kamata, where you’ll find many noodle restaurants that are open from the early hours of the morning. People coming off the night shift often stop by these places on their way home for a bowl of delicious ramen to soothe their tired bones.

The Kamata branch of Gamushara is famous for its ramen and fried rice combos. If you come in early enough, they’ll even throw in a half serving of their morning curry! You’ll surely wake right up once the spices in the curry hit your system. Gamushara also offers a free drink service in the morning.

The morning ramen changes every day, and the restaurant was actually serving two types of the dish when we visited there. One of us ordered the ginger soy sauce ramen. Though they were afraid that eating something so strong for breakfast would upset their stomach, the soup turned out to be surprisingly light while the ginger really warmed them up. By the time they were done with the ramen, they felt as if their energy had doubled!

Enjoy an Early Morning Bath in the Black Waters of Kamata Onsen

Ota City is said to have the highest density of public baths in Tokyo, offering everything from modern and simple facilities to retro Showa-style public baths. The majority of the public baths in the area are known for their black hot spring waters, with Kamata Onsen taking particular pride in theirs. Public baths in Japan are usually open from 3:00 pm until midnight, but at Kamata Onsen, which is located in a residential area and features a red gate and a cute lion logo, people start lining up outside its doors early in the morning, waiting for it to open at 10:00 am.

After entering the facility, visitors will find an old-school red floral carpet and a glass shelf in the center where bath goods, original towels, T-shirts, and other products are sold.

One floor up, there is a banquet hall where guests can take a break and enjoy such specialties as onsen kamameshi (rice, meat, and vegetables cooked in a small pot) and Tokyo Ota shio yakisoba (salty fried noodles). The walls here are decorated with autographs of various entertainers and celebrities, an indication of the popularity of Kamata Onsen. (Please note that the hall is occasionally closed for private events.)

Our Top Activities for Night Owls

Enjoy Factory Night Views Straight out of a Sci-Fi Movie on the Nikushokukei Boat

The Keihin Industrial Zone, which includes Kawasaki City, is home to many container warehouses, chemical factories, oil refineries, power plants, and other industrial facilities. When night falls, the industrial landscape transforms into something magical that you’ll never see if you only visit the area during the day. Many people go on night tours hoping to catch a glimpse of this fantastic sight, both by land and sea.

During the tour that we were on, we rode a boat from the Yokohama Osanbashi pier, leaving the resplendent Yokohama Minato Mirai area and going around the industrial zone in Kawasaki through the Keihin Canal. Our boat was originally used for commuting by workers building Haneda’s runway, so it is considerably faster than most sightseeing boats. It was named “Nikushokukei,” meaning “carnivorous” or “aggressive,” because it offers a lot of thrills.

Captain Nagai was very kind, guiding us and the boat expertly. He stopped at several spots to let the passengers go out onto the deck and take photos of the scenery. The view looked like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. We saw steam and smoke coming from the factory chimneys, interconnected iron pipes, and massive buildings glittering in the night. The wondrous nightscape cruise is more than worth the price.

Soak Your Feet While Enjoying Night Views of the Airport at HANEDA INNOVATION CITY's Footbath Skydeck

HANEDA INNOVATION CITY, located one station from Haneda Airport, is a large multipurpose facility where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and Japanese culture. It opened in 2020, right around the time the COVID-19 pandemic began, so not a lot of tourists have heard about it or visited it.

The most recommended spot in this facility is the Footbath Skydeck on the 3rd floor of Area E. Here, you can see planes take off and land, as well as enjoy a free footbath. At night, the airport runway is illuminated with colorful lights, making the scenery even more magical.

Drink with the Locals at Kamata’s Bourbon Road

Beneath the elevated Tokyu Ikegami Line, there is an alley lined with about 60 izakaya and bars. Locals call this place “Bourbon Road,” after Bourbon whiskey. When the sun goes down, the lit-up alley creates a retro atmosphere that few visitors can resist. Here, you can have a beer at an all-standing grilled skewer restaurant, watch a baseball game with office workers on their way home from work, or go to a bar and learn the secrets of whiskey tasting from the owner.

Recommended Accommodations

Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata

If you want to spend the entire day exploring Bourbon Road, we recommend staying at Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata, as it is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Keikyu Kamata Station. The hotel interior incorporates the local factory landscape, with the floor numbers being the work of veteran craftspeople skilled in drilling, grinding, and bending. The hall and corridor leading to the guest rooms also boast a simple yet exquisitely crafted ceiling.

The ground-floor EXPRESS Café is a great place to chat or work from 10:00 am until midnight while enjoying complimentary drinks. We recommend the extremely robust, deep-steamed green tea provided by a local tea house. The clean and cozy rooms feature a good combination of wooden and metal furnishings, as well as the popular airweave mattress to ensure a good night's sleep.

How to Make the Most of Your Trip Around Haneda Airport

Pray for Good Luck and Ward Off Evil at Kawasaki Daishi

Many people come from far away just to pray at the nearly 900-year-old Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple as it's said to ward off evil. In fact, it's so popular that the number of people that visit during the first three days of the New Year is said to be the third largest in the Kanto region, following Meiji Jingu Shrine and Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.

The approach going to the main entrance of the temple is called Nakamise, and it is lined with souvenir shops selling specialty products such as Kawasaki Daishi's famous kuzumochi, cough drops, and daruma dolls which are said to grant luck. It is usually crowded with many people.

The temple holds a "goma" ceremony every day where wooden sticks are burned to ward off evil and grant the wishes of worshipers, such as safety and peace for families, success for businesses, and good health and longevity. When we visited, we got to witness this ceremony and while watching the burning flame and making our own prayers, we felt calm run through our minds and bodies.

BIGFUN Heiwajima: A Commercial Complex for Shopping, Entertainment, and Hot Springs

Accessible by bus from JR Omori Station or Keikyu Heiwajima Station, BIGFUN Heiwajima is home to entertainment facilities such as a bowling alley, movie theater, game arcade, and a karaoke store. It also has Don Quijote, a store that is incredibly popular with tourists, and Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima, a bathing facility that is open throughout the year.

Located on the second floor, the bathing facility had a hot spring bath that could make your skin feel smoother, a stone sauna equipped with seven different types of natural stones, and the recently popular Finnish sauna where water is poured over the rocks to generate steam. The facility also employs a "heatwave master," someone who will wave a towel in the sauna to generate waves of heat that'll have sweat falling off of you in no time!

After the hot spring, you can eat and relax at the rest area. This facility is close to Haneda Airport, so we recommend coming here before or after an early morning or late-night flight.

Visit the Ota City Tourist Information Center for Sightseeing Info and Various Cultural Experiences

If you want to get more information about sightseeing in Ota City, drop by the Ota City Tourist Information Center, which is located just outside Keikyu Kamata Station. Here, you can get maps and guidebooks in various languages, including Japanese, English, and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

This tourist information center also has various products on sale such as Ota City's official mascot merchandise and sweets made by local long-established shops.

Don't Miss Out on a Full Day's Worth of Fun!

Even in more metropolitan areas like Tokyo's Kawasaki area, there are places where you can enjoy a more downtown atmosphere and even rural landscapes. The next time you visit Japan, why not incorporate the full-day sightseeing routes in Kanagawa's Miura City and around Haneda Airport covered in this article? You'll get to enjoy both the local food and culture, making for a much more fulfilling trip!


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