Culture of Japan - Don't Miss Out On These Healthy, Traditional Japanese Foods

What do you think of when you think of Japanese food? Probably rich, heavy, or oily foods like ramen, tonkatsu, and tempura, right? But those are different from traditional Japanese food, which is normally very healthy. In this feature of our Culture of Japan series, we put the spotlight on some of these foods, such as soy sauce, miso, and tofu, as well as some delicious places to try or buy them!


More Than Just Soup: Unpacking the Versatility and Benefits of Miso at a 100-Year-Old Brewery

How much do you know about miso? It’s a fermented ingredient that has been used in all kinds of Japanese foods, from miso soup to ramen and onigiri, for hundreds of years. In this article, we go into detail about it, including its nutritional value and how it is made. By learning more about miso, we hope you’ll come to enjoy Japanese cuisine just that much more.

Steve Csorgo

Steve Csorgo - Australia

I was born in Melbourne, the coffee capital of Australia, and was drawn to Japan through anime, sake, and craftsmanship. I now live in Niigata, the sake capital of Japan.


The Many Health Benefits of Japanese Tsukemono According to Pickle Specialty Store "Yanagi ni Sakura"

“Tsukemono,” simply translated into “Japanese pickles” in English, is a staple that’s often seen whenever someone orders a set meal in Japan. While it does add color to the meal, it is actually beloved due to its high nutritional value. And though most people only know of a few, there’s actually an incredible variety available with different ingredients and fermentation methods, some of which are incredibly local to specific parts of Japan! For this article, we visited a tsukemono specialty retailer and got deep into the nitty gritty of this delectable yet surprisingly mysterious food.


Kinoko - Vietnam

I am a resident of Tokyo and like to explore new areas and meet interesting people in Japan. I hope to use my experiences to make you feel closer to Japan.


Life With Soy Sauce: Discovering the Infinite Possibilities of Soy Sauce With Craftsmen at a Specialty Shop

Soy sauce is an essential condiment in Japanese cuisine. Since it’s made by fermenting soybeans, many people think it’s incredibly salty and dark in color, but both its taste and appearance actually differ depending on the region of Japan it’s made in and, yes, how it is processed (there are several ways!). For this article, we visited a soy sauce specialty store to reveal the wide variety of soy sauces actually available and just what makes this condiment so great.


Pan - Taiwan

I am from Tainan, a foodie destination in Taiwan. I love food and handicrafts, and was moved by Japan’s cuisine culture of respecting nature and enjoying seasonal bounties. I hope to spread this charm to the world.


A Behind-the-Scenes Peek Into Tofu, a Versatile Staple in Japanese Cuisine, With Tofu Masters

Tofu is a traditional Japanese ingredient with a mellow flavor that allows it to be used in pretty much any dish you can think of. Furthermore, as it is made from soybeans, it is high in protein, making it a smash hit with vegetarians across the world in recent years. But how much do you actually know about tofu? For example, did you know it’s actually not that easy to make? Do you even know how it’s made? To answer all of these questions and more, such as some of the best ways to eat it, we visited a restaurant in Tokyo that specializes in tofu. Here’s what we found.


Kim - United States

I am a lover of Japanese coffee culture living in Tokyo. On my days off, I enjoy visiting cafes while seeking out traditional, retro hidden gems.

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