Culture of Japan - Easy Ways to Experience Traditional Japanese Culture

Attending a sumo wrestling competition or an authentic Japanese tea ceremony is on many travel bucket lists, but it may feel like jumping through hoops to find the best-fitting one. So, for this edition of our Culture of Japan series, we're introducing you to some amazing cultural activities that transcend language and culture barriers. They're all run by experts in their respective fields, so your drive to learn will surely be satisfied.


What It’s Like Experiencing an Authentic Tea Ceremony in Japan

Japanese tea ceremony is a beautiful, centuries-old custom that is centered around matcha green tea. It offers deep insight into traditional Japanese culture and hospitality and allows one to lose oneself in the moment, creating a meditative, reflective atmosphere. It is a special experience getting to participate in an authentic tea ceremony, so if you are thinking of doing so, read this article to get a sense of what you can expect!


Kim - United States

I am a lover of Japanese coffee culture living in Tokyo. On my days off, I enjoy visiting cafes while seeking out traditional, retro hidden gems.


Japanese Ink Painting: A Monochrome World of Art and Philosophy

Calligraphy and ink painting are intrinsic parts of traditional Japanese culture, with histories tracing back to ancient China. For this edition of our “Culture of Japan” series, we joined a Japanese ink painting class with Wabunka, a tour company who promotes traditional Japanese culture, in a quiet neighborhood near Tokyo’s Omotesando. If you’re keen to try Japanese ink painting for yourself, read this for the basics before diving in!


Lu - Taiwan

From Taipei, but now living in Tokyo. Deep into otaku subculture, and making the most of life and travel in Japan.


Kintsugi: Appreciate the Imperfect Beauty of Mended Objects Through This Traditional Japanese Craft

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese craft where broken or chipped bowls, plates, and other utensils are repaired using lacquer and metal powder. However, it is not just about restoring an object's functionality, but giving it new life and promoting finding joy and beauty in imperfections. We visited a workshop in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, to learn about the origin of kintsugi and experience the craft under the guidance of a professional craftsperson. We even got to take our finished pieces back home with us!


Pan - Taiwan

Born in Tainan. Loves food and handicrafts.


Indulge in a Vegetable Edomae Sushi Course: A Unique Way to Eat Tokyo-Style Sushi

Many travel to Japan in the hope of experiencing authentic sushi firsthand but with so many different types of sushi and restaurants available, you might even wonder where to start and who to entrust with your special culinary moment. Try Tokyo’s unique style of sushi, “Edomae sushi,” and relish a refined sushi course that brings together Japan’s freshest vegetables and seafood. Customizable according to your diet and preferences, this exclusive dining experience is great for vegetarians and vegans, too!

Stefania Sabia

Stefania Sabia - Italy

I am a resident of Tokyo and a lover of retro aesthetics, hidden spots, and traditional Japan. Since childhood, I have always admired Japanese culture, and after coming to Japan, I made it my mission to explore the country and showcase its beauty on Instagram.


Experience the Warmth of Handwoven Traditional Bamboo Crafts in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Bamboo is one of many materials used to create traditional Japanese crafts. If you're interested in viewing or perhaps even purchasing bamboo crafts, one of the best areas to visit is Beppu, a famous hot spring resort area in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu. For this article, we traveled to Beppu to interview several bamboo craftspeople and learn how they have been able to preserve the traditions of the craft while at the same time adapting it to modern times.


Shirley - Taiwan

A former flight attendant now living in Tokyo, I am always looking forward to my next adventure. I especially love getting on an airplane and traveling to various parts of Japan to unearth the beauty of each location. I hope to continue writing about my travel experiences and the culture of the places I visit!

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