Area of Japan - Our Top Tokyo Spots to Introduce to Family and Friends

Have you ever had family or friends from overseas come visit and ask what they should see in Tokyo? It’s a question that’s surprisingly difficult to answer! To help out, our Tokyo editors got together to make this feature on the best spots in Tokyo we’d happily introduce to any of our family or friends. We’ll let you in on lots of little tidbits that you normally wouldn’t notice if you’re in Tokyo on a casual visit.


Gashapon Department Store Ikebukuro: Make Your Way Through 3,000 Capsule Machines!

Have you ever seen a “gashapon” or “gachapon” machine in Japan? They’re incredibly common and boast a wide variety of themes - from popular anime figurines to miniature models and even little trinkets that light up. In this article, our editors give their first-hand account of Gashapon Department Store Ikebukuro, where you’ll find over 3,000 gashapon machines!


Lu - Taiwan

Born in Taipei, I am a subculture fan living the otaku dream in Tokyo and enjoying the best of what Japan has to offer.


Machida Yakushiike Park Shikisai no Mori: An Oasis of Greenery, History, and Farm-to-Table Food in Tokyo

Surely the thought of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city for the calmness of nature has passed through your mind once or twice. That’s why in this article, our editor will show you around Machida Yakushiike Park Shikisai no Mori, where you can do exactly that in the suburbs of Tokyo. And this park is filled with more than just nature and greenery - there are stores selling local goods, cafes, restaurants, historical buildings, and much more. If you’re longing for something a bit different from the rest of Tokyo, check this article out!


Kinoko - Vietnam

I am a resident of Tokyo and like to explore new areas and meet interesting people in Japan. I hope to use my experiences to make you feel closer to Japan.


Tokyo's Oedo Antique Market: Encounter Amazing Treasures and People

As the largest of its kind in Japan, Oedo Antique Market is the perfect place to stumble upon countless treasures from all over the world and various eras of history. Pay it a visit to discover something precious to call your own, whether it be cutlery, toys, paintings, kimono, or something else.


Pan - Taiwan

I am from Tainan, a foodie destination in Taiwan. I love food and handicrafts, and was moved by Japan’s cuisine culture of respecting nature and enjoying seasonal bounties. I hope to spread this charm to the world.


Yuhi no Oka Shopping Street: Feel as if You Are in 1960’s Japan at This Town Bursting With the Energy of the Showa Era

Nestled within Seibuen Yuenchi Amusement Park is the retro Yuhi no Oka Shopping Street, which is filled with the playful and nostalgic vibe of Japan’s Showa era (1926 - 1989). Whether it’s through the assortment of food or photo spots dotting the street, come and experience the warmth of the time and the local spirit for yourself.

Stefania Sabia

Stefania Sabia - Italy

I am a resident of Tokyo and a lover of retro aesthetics, hidden spots, and traditional Japan. Since childhood, I have always admired Japanese culture, and after coming to Japan, I made it my mission to explore the country and showcase its beauty on Instagram.


Kyu Asakura House - A Traditional Japanese Oasis in the Middle of Metropolitan Tokyo

The Kyu Asakura House is a serene hideaway in the middle of the bustling Tokyo metropolis. As one of the few architectural remnants of the Taisho period (1912 - 1926), its gorgeous traditional Japanese features have won it much acclaim and recognition as one of the country’s Important Cultural Properties. Step inside and you’ll be transported back to early 20th century Japan. Curious? Let us introduce you to everything this stunning spot has to offer.


Kim - United States

I am a lover of Japanese coffee culture living in Tokyo. On my days off, I enjoy visiting cafes while seeking out traditional, retro hidden gems.

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