[Kyoto Accommodation] APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU: Comfortable Rooms Perfect for Group Trips!

APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU has 5 locations in Kyoto which are all conveniently located in areas with easy access for shopping and sightseeing. As a "hotel where you can stay as if you were living in Japan," it's perfect for those traveling in groups with friends or family. This article will go over the excellent features of MIMARU KYOTO SHINMACHI SANJO, which you can expect at any of the APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU locations!



*This article is written in collaboration with APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU.


APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU is mainly based in Tokyo and Kyoto. The biggest draws of these hotels are the kitchen and dining areas which can be found in all of the rooms. The spacious rooms provide a comfortable stay for guests traveling in groups with families and friends. It can accommodate a wide range of guests, including both short and long term guests and those looking to experience a typical Japanese lifestyle.


MIMARU KYOTO SHINMACHI SANJO is located in the Karasuma area of Kyoto City and takes about a 15-minute taxi ride from Kyoto Station and a 5-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station, which is 3 stops away from Kyoto Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway. In addition to the front desk, the spacious entrance hall also has a rest area and a kids' area. You can borrow pajamas from the front desk, and you can pick up room slippers and toothbrushes from a small shelf next to the counter. If you're having trouble with anything, be sure to ask the front desk staff! They can provide language support in Japanese and English, and there are staff who are able to speak Chinese as well, so tourists from abroad are guaranteed a comfortable stay at this hotel. 

Bottom left: Kids' area, Bottom right: Amenities corne

A particularly impressive feature at MIMARU KYOTO SHINMACHI SANJO is the luxury electronics that you can rent out! In addition to the basic amenities, you can also rent Dyson hair dryers, hair irons, a luxury BALMUDA steam toaster, a popular and stylish hot plate, and even a takoyaki (ball shaped snacks filled with octopus) maker! The dream of holding a takoyaki party or a yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) party in your hotel room is no longer out of your reach! There's only one of each home appliance, though, so act fast if you want to use one!
*Rental items offered vary by location.

APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU hotels also are equipped with a convenient coin-operated washing machine, so if you want to wash your clothes during your travels, you don't have to leave the hotel! Now there's no longer a need to bring numerous sets of clothes for an extended trip, and you can fill in that extra space in your suitcase with souvenirs! At MIMARU KYOTO SHINMACHI SANJO, however, instead of a coin-operated washing machine, there's a front load washing machine in every room, so you can spend a comfortable everyday life during your long term travels.

MIMARU KYOTO SHINMACHI SANJO offers a variety of different room options: 4-person Western-style rooms (2 single beds and a bunk bed), 4-person Japanese-style rooms (2 single beds and 2 futons), 5-person Japanese-style rooms (2 single beds and 3 futons), and 6-person Japanese and Western-style rooms (4 single beds and 2 futons or 4 singled beds and a bunk bed). You can also connect a 4-person Western-style room with a 5-person Japanese-style room or 4-person Western-room if you're traveling with a large group!

Upper left: Deluxe Family Apartment (Up to 4 Persons)
Upper right and bottom: Japanese-Style Deluxe Apartment (Up to 6 Persons)


Each room at all of the APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU locations comes with a smartphone called "Handy" (English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese language support available). You'll be able to make phone calls and access the internet with it too! You can even make reservations at restaurants in Kyoto with the built-in AI Chatbot Bebot, which concurrently acts as an AI concierge who you can refer to in English or Traditional Chinese for any questions that you may have. At MIMARU KYOTO SHINMACHI SANJO, you'll even have access to the AI assistant Alexa! Make sure to read the user's manual to get the most out of the convenient tools on offer! (Facilities available at these locations may be subject to change.)

In an effort to ensure the safety of small children, MIMARU KYOTO SHINMACHI SANJO partnered with the famous Japanese baby brand MIKI HOUSE to install various child-friendly features in its rooms, such as fixing corner guards on the tables. Many baby items including toys, beds (1,000 yen per night, available in limited quantities), and bed guards can also be rented from the front desk, so it's very reassuring for those staying with children!

Check out this video to see the child-friendly features offered at APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU.



Last but not least is the reputable kitchen spaces of APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU! The kitchens are equipped with a double door refrigerator, microwave, and induction stovetop. There's also a generous stock of cutlery available in the cabinet under the sink! At the MIMARU KYOTO SHINMACHI SANJO location, you can even borrow seasonings and cooking essentials (oil, sugar, salt, soy sauce, etc.) from the front desk. Why not stop by a nearby supermarket or shop frequented by locals and pick out and prepare fresh products and other food items in the comfort of your hotel? You can experience an everyday Japanese lifestyle, just like a scene in a Japanese drama!

*During your stay period, garbage will be collected and towels replenished daily, with bedding being replaced once every three days. All other cleaning services are available by request (extra charges apply).

Picnic at Kamo River

Kamo River, or Kamogawa in Japanese, is a river that goes hand in hand with Kyoto. Its source is in Mt. Sajikigatake in the Kita ward, and it flows southward and merges with Takano River in Sakyo ward's Demachiyanagi. This confluence is called Kamogawa Delta, and its vast riverbed and shallow waters make it a popular picnic spot with the residents of Kyoto and the perfect place to enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms in spring. Children are often seen playing around and jumping on the turtle-shaped stepping stones here.

It's actually really easy to enjoy a picnic at Kamo River - all you need to do is pack some sandwiches and fruits (make use of the kitchen in your hotel room!) and head out to the riverbank. Dai's Deli is a great place to pop in for some quick, colorful sides and sandwiches. It's a store that specializes in light meals such as sandwiches and salads, and is very popular with the locals as well!

Besides the sandwiches and salads lining the shelves, you can also order a fresh sandwich made to order. You'll definitely find yourself drooling over their sandwiches packed full with tasty ingredients like shrimp and cheese!

After sorting out your food, head over to the 100 yen shop to pick out a cute picnic tarp, hop onto the Keihan Electric Railway or Kyoto City Bus, get off at Demachiyanagi Station, and you should find Kamogawa Delta right in front of you. Have an elegant moment enjoying your Kyoto picnic with the flutter of a gentle breeze by the river!

WAK JAPAN: Experience Japanese Culture

If you're interested in joining a Japanese culture course taught by Kyoto locals, take a trip over to WAKJAPAN's Wakwak-kan! This Kyo-machiya (traditional Japanese townhouse in Kyoto) is situated close to the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and you can experience various aspects of Japanese culture through the cultural activity courses offered here, including origami, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, kimono, and cooking. They have numerous plans that work great with kids and the whole family, and they even offer a multitude of diverse activities such as a walking tour of Nishiki Market with locals.

The Origami+Kimono Course, for instance, is a fun course to learn about Japanese traditions; it allows you to select from a variety of kimono that range from casual to formal, and after they help you dress in the kimono you've selected, you'll then transition directly into learning about origami! If you're interested in making sweets, the Japanese sweets course is a fantastic choice that's taught one-on-one with the teacher. Enjoy a warm cup of green tea with yokan (sweet bean jelly), daifuku (sweet rice cake filled with red bean paste), dorayaki (red bean paste sandwiched between two Japanese pancakes), and other Japanese sweets that you've made - you're in for a fulfilling moment where both your body and soul will feel relaxed!

There's also a course in which you take a walk through Nishiki Market with the locals, go sake tasting at a former Kyoto sake brewery, and return to Wakwak-kan to cook together with ingredients you've bought at the market. You'll definitely be getting the most out of the market with a local guide showing you around, allowing you to luxuriously enjoy a day full of deep discoveries in Kyoto.


Interested in APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU after reading this article? At APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU hotels, you'll be provided with a spacious and cozy room where you can open up your suitcase and comfortably settle in. By purchasing fresh ingredients and cooking for yourself in your hotel, you can experience a different way of traveling! There are 5 APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU locations in total in Kyoto (as of July 2019): SHINMACHI SANJO, HORIKAWA ROKKAKU, NISHINOTOIN TAKATSUJI, KYOTO STATION, and KARASUMA OIKE NORTH. All of these branches can be found in super convenient and bustling areas of Kyoto, so look for the one that best matches your itinerary! 


Official website: https://mimaruhotels.com/shinmachi-sanjo/
Hotel address: 105 Machigashira-cho, Shinmachi-dori Sanjo-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Official website: https://mimaruhotels.com/horikawarokkaku/
Hotel address: 249 Tsuboya-cho, Horikawa-dori Rokkaku-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Official website: https://mimaruhotels.com/nishinotoin-takatsuji/
Hotel address: 782 Honryusui-cho, Nishinotoin-dori Takatsuji-agaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Official website: https://mimaruhotels.com/karasuma-oike-north/
Hotel address: 724 Shimomatsuya-cho, Kamanza-dori Oike-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Official website: https://mimaruhotels.com/kyoto-station/
Hotel address: 15-1 Higashisanno-cho, Higashikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


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