A Must-Read for Anyone Wanting to Stay in Okinawa for Cheap! 13 of the Best Budget Business Hotels

There are lots of people who want a reasonably priced place, whether for business or for long-term stays right? There are also lots of people who take business trips to Okinawa from overseas or out of the prefecture. Here are some of Okinawa’s business hotels with the best value for your money.



1. Resort Business Hotel Loisir Hotel Naha

Loisir Hotel Naha is a resort as well as a business hotel and stands out for it's high quality at a reasonable price. The area around the hotel is Okinawa’s leading business district, so you can say it's in one of the best locations. 

The inside of the hotel has free internet connection with good network speed. The desks in the guest rooms are roomy so they’re comfortable to work on.

They have a wide variety of room types to comply with your travel goals and budget!

2. GRG Hotel Naha Higashimachi

GRG Hotel Naha Higashimachi is situated 5 minutes on foot from Asahibashi Station which is in the business district of Naha. This business hotel has 4 selling points: a conveniently accessible location, their guest rooms, free breakfast and business support.

The spacious guest rooms have a separated bathroom and toilet as well as a large bed space. Breakfast is from 6:30 in the morning so you don’t have to worry even if you’re an early riser! The entire building has free internet connection so it’s ideal for business purposes. It’s a hotel that can be used for sightseeing, business and an extensive range of other purposes.

3. Hotel Route Inn Naha Tomari

Located just a 5 minute walk from Miebashi Station in Kokusai-dori Chuo, Hotel Route Inn Naha Tomari is convenient for both sightseeing and business. It’s fully equipped for your relaxation so you can feel right at home!

There is a large public bath called “Tabibito no Yu” inside the building where you can stretch out your arms and legs and relax. After your bath you can go to sleep in your clean and cozy guest room.

With this much quality and value for your money, do consider giving this hotel a try.

4. APA Hotel Naha

APA Hotel Naha is one of Okinawa’s standard business hotels. It’s 8 minutes on foot from the Kencho-mae station which is close to the prefectural office and the city hall so it’s convenient for sightseeing and business. Lots of people use this hotel so regardless of the season it’s always fully booked!

The artificial radium hot spring where you can stretch out and relax is quite popular. Try taking a rest there after your business or sightseeing.

The guest rooms are simple with a calm atmosphere so you can pass the time with a sense of security.

5. Hotel Sun Okinawa

With just a 4 minute walk to Kokusai-dori, Hotel Sun Okinawa is in the best location: the surrounding area has convenience stores, department stores and the business district. It’s also very convenient for sightseeing as it’s only a 2 minute walk from Kencho-mae station to Naha.

Inside the hotel there’s a large public bath that’s free for guests, radium stone sauna and cafe. Even though it’s a business hotel it has all the necessary facilities. Whether you’re inside the hotel or outside, you’ll never get bored!

The guest rooms are extremely comfortable and relaxing so please check it out!

6. Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort NAHA

Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort NAHA is in Naha's business district along national highway 58 line and it’s a popular for being an urban resort hotel. As Naha’s leading LOHAS (Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability) business hotel, it’s often used for training and company retreats! Even with a full range of services and high quality, it’s still a resort business hotel with a value for money that outstrips the rest.

From the guest rooms, you can gaze at the activities at the harbor below and let your tiredness from travel or business blow away! It’s also very convenient for accessing isolated islands.

7. Libre Garden Hotel

Libre Garden Hotel stands in the center of Shintoshin Omoromachi in Naha and is just 3 minutes on foot from Omoromachi Station. The Asian-style lobby warmly welcomes everyone. The ceiling atrium gives each floor a whimsical atmosphere!

Also, each guest room has floor to ceiling windows that let in warm sunlight. Go ahead and rest your tired body in a simple, comfortable guest room.

Breakfast is a western-style menu. They’ve prepared a meal with a proper balance of nutrients so it's recommended for anyone health conscious!

8. Hotel Yugaf Inn Okinawa

Hotel Yugaf Inn Okinawa is a business hotel to the north of Okinawa’s main island where the town and nature exist in harmony. In the winter, it becomes an area for professional baseball camps and there are many baseball players who stay at this hotel! It’s convenient to access as it's in a great location only 10 minutes by car from Kyoda Interchange.

The guest rooms are very roomy and gives you ample private space. You can say that it’s a high quality business hotel that feels like a resort. Kick back and relax at calming Hotel Yugaf Inn Okinawa.

9. Daiwa Roynet Hotel Naha Omoromachi

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Naha Omoromachi boasts a great view from their hotel rooms as well as outstanding access for business, sightseeing and Naha Airport. Some of the main reasons for its popularity is the wide desk that can deal with any sudden business work, free Wi-Fi, amenities and high quality services.

They offer a extensive range of room types that range from single-types to ones with wide beds that families can use! There are kids amenities and first aid kits prepared at the front desk so you can have peace of mind during your stay.

10. Daiwa Roynet Hotel Naha Kokusai-dori

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Naha Kokusai-dori which is located directly from Makishi Station at the entrance of Kokusai-dori is popular as Naha’s leading business hotel. In addition to the stylish promenade beneath the hotel, you can enjoy Okinawa restaurants right in front of you for a fulfilling stay.

From your hotel room you can gaze at Kokusai-dori bustling with many tourists. Go ahead and have a relaxing stay at the simple and clean Daiwa Roynet Hotel Naha Kokusai-dori! The price is reasonable so you can be carefree with your spending during your stay.

11. Hotel Route Inn Nago

You can gaze at the evening sun on the horizon at Hotel Route Inn Nago. This business hotel is popular for having some of the best value for money in the north of Okinawa’s main island.

In terms of what’s popular, it has to be the observatory bath on the top floor. You can gaze at the setting sun on Okinawa’s beautiful ocean. Enjoy the fantastic scenery while sweating away your fatigue in the bath.

One of its appeals is the sense of cleanliness in all the guest rooms as well as the high quality service! If you want to have a fulfilling stay, then Hotel Route Inn Nago is recommended.

12. Hotel Gran View Okinawa

Hotel Gran View Okinawa which is adjacent to Japan’s southernmost station, Akamine Station, and is the closest business hotel to Naha Airport. Naturally it has great access to the airport but it also boasts it’s great value for money while offering a comfortable stay.

From the guest rooms, you can see all the departures and arrivals at the airport as well as the blue ocean. The simple, no-frills rooms have a relaxed atmosphere where you can chill and feel at home.

You can enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant so do consider staying here.

13. Crown Hotel Okinawa

Crown Hotel Okinawa which is 3 minutes by car from Okinawa-South Interchange is Okinawa's leading business hotel. It’s close to the heart of Okinawa so it’s also great to use for sightseeing purposes!

All the guest rooms have double beds where you can kick back and relax. There’s also a chair and a large desk so those who have work to do can rest easy. They offer all their guests a peaceful space. Please use this reasonable but high-quality hotel!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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