8 Spots to Enjoy Obuse: A Chestnut Village in Nagano

Here are some popular spots in Obuse, a town famous for chestnuts. You can enjoy eating chestnut dishes and sweets here as well as enjoy a good atmosphere.

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1. Obusedo Main Shop 


Obuseodo has a restaurant, where you can not only purchase its traditional chestnut sweets but also eat a delicious Japanese course menu mainly using chestnuts. The menu changes baed on the month. In addition, you can enjoy delicious chestnut dishes and sweets, such as the specialty Montblanc Suzaku.

Open: Restaurant 11:00-15:00, Cafe 10:00-17:00, Shop 9:00-19:00,  7 days a week

HP: www.obusedo.com (Japanese Only)

Address: 808 Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano (Google Map)

2. Sakurai Kanseido Main Shop 


Sakurai Kanseido is a long-established sweets shop that opened 200 years ago. They make sweets without using any additives, and the specialty pure chestnut bean jelly is loved by many people. Kurikanoko (a sweet Japanese rice cake made of sweet-boiled beans and chestnuts) is also perfect for souvenirs because it has a slight sweetness. You can purchase various delicious sweets.

Open:8:30-18:00,  7 days a week

HP: www.kanseido.co.jp (Japanese Only)

Address: 774, Obuse, Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano (Google Map)

3. Kurino Komichi (Chestnut Road)


Kurino Komichi is a walking path made of chestnut tree blocks. It has a very good, rich atmosphere that will heal your tiredness of the trip. There are many old buildings and greenery around the road and green, making it a very cozy space. Enjoy this area by taking a leisurely walk.

Address: 470, Obuse, Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun (Google Map)

4. Chikufudo Obuse Main Shop 


Chikufudo Obuse is popular as a restaurant serving delicious chestnut meals. The dining space on the 2nd floor is large and has an open feeling. Their specialty Kuriokowa (chestnut rice) is hot and fresh, so you can enjoy nice smell and slight sweetness of chestnuts. It comes with simmered dishes, walnut dishes, and miso soup, so you can eat until you're completely satisfied. It is a great place to stop by during your trip because you can spend your meal time leisurely.

Open:Shop 8:00-19:00, Restaurant 10:00-19:00

Closed: New Year's holiday

HP: chikufudo.com (Japanese Only)

Address: 973, Obuse, Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun (Google Map)

5. Sanpurou


Sanpurou is a restaurant where you can eat Italian dishes Italian dishes such as pasta and sweets. It also has open terrace seats, so you can enjoy your meal leisurely. Of course pasta and pizza are delicious, but the chestnut sweets are also excellent. Mont Blanc and chestnut ice cream have such a good taste that once you eat, you want to eat them again. This restaurant is recommended for a short break.

Open:7:30-11:00, Lunch 11:00-14:00, Cafe 7:30-17:00, Dinner 18:00-21:00,  7 days a week

HP: www.obusedo.com (Japanese Only)

Address: 808, Obuse, Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun (Google Map)

6. Kurinoki Terrace Obuse Shop 


Kurinoki Terrace has an atmosphere like a church. Inside of it has an atmosphere of the European classic style. Since it is calm, you can spend time leisurely. The Mont Blanc is popular, which goes extremely well with coffee. You can enjoy eating delicious sweets in a quiet space.

Open: 10:00-18:00

Closed: Wednesday

HP: www.kanseido.co.jp (Japanese Only)

Address: 784 Obuse, Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano (Google Map)



TSUMUGI CAFE is in front of Obuse Station, so you can drop in there as soon as you arrive at the station. Inside has a fashionable atmosphere, and there you can enjoy the cafe's specialty Obuseguri Chestnut Pie with ice cream. The balance of pie and ice cream is exquisite and very delicious.


Closed: Irregular

HP: www.tsumugi-cafe.jp (Japanese Only)

Address: 1499, Oaza Obuse, Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano (Google Map)

8. Obuse Museum Nakajima Chinami Hall 


The paintings of Nakajima Chinami are exhibited in Obuse Museum. The grounds are large and there are also stalls, so you can take your time wandering around. There is also a cafe in the museum, where you can enjoy eating delicious Mont Blanc. This museum is not different from a normal one, so it is recommended to those who are interested in art.


Price:General 500 yen, High school student 250 yen, Under 12 Free

HP: www.town.obuse.nagano.jp

HP: www.town.obuse.nagano.jp (Chinese)

HP: www.town.obuse.nagano.jp (Japanese)

Address: 595, Obuse, Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano (Google Map)

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