7 Miyazaki Foods You Must Try

Boasting delicacies such as Miyazaki beef and classic chicken nanban, Miyazaki is as good of a food paradise as Osaka. If you're a foodie or just plan to visit the region, this article will introduce 7 Miyazaki foods that you must try on your Japan trip!

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1. Chicken Nanban - Ogura Main Branch (Miyazaki)

Ogura Main Branch is rumored to be the inventor of the ever popular "chicken nanban" (fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce) that Miyazaki citizens have long been familiar with. The restaurant has an old-fashioned, tasteful appearance and a very welcoming atmosphere. Indulge in chicken dishes and/or Western dishes, including Ogura's signature Chicken Nanban (1,010 yen).

Ogura's chicken nanban consists of lots of tartar sauce over fried chicken with a strong vinegar flavor. It has volume, but is also light and easy to eat due to the sweetness of the sauce. Absolutely irresistible!

2. Hiyajiru - Suginoko (Miyazaki)

"Hiyajiru" is a traditional cold soup dish of Miyazaki that originated from local farmers. The soup is made from fish paste and miso mixed with broth, and it is topped with ingredients like tofu and cucumber before being poured over hot rice. Each soup will be subtly different depending on the broth and seasonings used by each family. It is a refreshing dish that is perfect for hot summer days.

Suginoko is a casual restaurant where you can try Miyazaki's local cuisine. They recommend the Hiyajiru Set Meal (1,000 yen plus tax) that comes with rice and small accompaniments. Also, they have an abundant variety of alcohol like shochu (distilled liquor).

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3. Jidori - Tensho (Miyazaki)

Tensho is another place that serves up Miyazaki's local cuisine, with its specialty being local chicken dishes. For example, there's the Grilled Premium Chicken Thigh (2,300 yen plus tax) wherein high-quality Miyazaki chicken thigh is grilled on a charcoal fire. It is seasoned with salt, incredibly juicy, and comes as a highly recommended dish. The restaurant has a wide range of other meat and fish dishes as well. 

They also have limited menu items, such as the Chicken Liver Sashimi (from 1,300 yen plus tax) and Chicken Tataki (1,000 yen plus tax), which consists of lightly seared chicken sashimi. They're great dishes for truly savoring the flavor of chicken, as their taste deepens the more you chew them.

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4. Miyazaki Beef - Miyachiku (Miyazaki)

One particularly famous Miyazaki delicacy is Miyazaki beef, a type of Kuroge Wagyu. It is graded quite highly. Your appetite won't stop growing when the beef is cooked right in front of you at this restaurant, teppanyaki style!

The Loin Steak Course (9,500 yen) comes with a steak, rice or fried rice, soup, salad bar, grilled vegetables, drinks, and more. Don't forget the unique dessert, steak on bread!


5. Katsuo - Meitsu (Nango)

Nichinan City, located in the southern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, holds Japan's record for producing the most line-caught bonito. There is a restaurant directly operated by the fishery cooperation at the harbor, and it is there where you can enjoy the local cuisine of Miyazaki, centering on quality, fresh seafood. Although it closes rather early, the taste of their food is wonderful, leading it to be crowded with customers every day.

The recommended dish in Nichinan City is, of course, line-caught bonito. The Seared Bonito Set (1,300 yen) is one where you can cook the fish yourself on a mesh grill. This allows you to enjoy the fish with three different accents: seasoned with salt, sauce, and then eaten as ochazuke (together with rice and broth) at the end.

6. Kamaage Udon - Iwami (Aoshima)

Iwami is a noodle shop with a super convenient location in front of Aoshima Station. Their Kamaage Udon (500 yen) is yet another one of the local foods that represent Miyazaki. The thin and firm noodles are cooked in a large pot and are dipped into a hot broth before eating.

In addition to kamaage udon, there are other Miyazaki-style dishes such as Sushi (500 yen), Inari-zushi (80 yen) in which sushi rice is wrapped in tofu skin, and Chargrilled Chicken (500 yen). The Sushi is especially recommended, and goes great with kamaage udon!

7. Mango - Fruit Ohno (Miyazaki)

In Miyazaki's well-established and popular cafe, Fruit Ohno, you can enjoy desserts such as parfaits and soft serves made with plenty of fresh, seasonal fruit. The deliciously ripe mango they have stocked is a must-try!

The popular Mango Parfait (1,600 yen) is a luxurious dessert made with Miyazaki's variety of mango. The incredibly sweet mango is accompanied by whipped cream and vanilla ice cream on top. There is also more mango under the ice cream! You can enjoy the sweetness and sourness of mango in a well-balanced fashion with this dish.

With that, this introduction on Miyazaki's gourmet specialties has come to an end. Of course, you can try some of them - such as Miyazaki beef and chicken nanban - everywhere in Japan now, but it's worth tasting the authentic versions, so visit this temperate region to enjoy the local produce that has been turned into delicious Miyazaki cuisine!


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