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Just an Hour From Osaka! 7 Superb Restaurants for Ramen in Okayama

Okayama Prefecture looks out towards Japan’s largest inland sea, the Seto Inland Sea (Seto-naikai), and is associated with the character Momotaro (Peach Boy) from an old Japanese folktale. It’s a prefecture that is steeped in history, and has many sightseeing spots like Okayama Castle (Okayama-jo) and Korakuen, where you can enjoy a traditional Japanese garden. Also, there are many restaurants that serve delicious noodle dishes like ramen, soba, and udon. From the many options available, this article introduces some restaurants where you can eat superb ramen that can only be found in Okayama. If you’re going sightseeing here, try some of these top-class restaurants!


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