7 of the Best Restaurants in Osaka for Kushiage

Kushiage is a dish where various meats and vegetables are skewered, crumbed, and then deep fried. Another word for it is “kushikatsu”. You will commonly find this fried delicacy in the Kansai region. Though many shops in Osaka sell it, the taste can vary wildly depending on the ingredients and sauces used. So, here are 7 particularly delicious places to enjoy one of Osaka’s most iconic foods, kushiage!


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1. Kushikatsu Daruma Shin-sekai Main Branch (Ebisucho, Dobutsuen-mae)

Kushikatsu Daruma is a super famous kushiage (fried skewer) restaurant that has a scary doll in front of it! If you want to eat kushiage in Osaka, head here. The restaurant only has counter seats, so customers can enjoy talking to the chefs. Here, you can really experience the spirit and atmosphere of Osaka.

They use a variety of ingredients to make their kushiage, such as meat, fish, vegetables, and cheese. You will definitely discover new tastes and flavors! It is recommended to dip into plenty of the spicy sauce.

2. Echigen (Ebisucho, Dobutsuen-mae)

Echigen is a reasonably-priced and delicious kushiage restaurant which is located very close to Osaka’s iconic Tsutenkaku Tower. Try out the popular Chicken Cutlet Kushiage first! It tastes good when eaten with plenty of sauce, but it also goes well with lemon salt and pepper. The kushiage of pork ribs and chicken cartilage are also highly recommended. The crispy texture of the batter is simply divine!

The signature dish is Egg Kushiage. The egg is soft and runny on the inside, and is very compatible with the delicious sweet and sour sauce.

3. Shichifukujin (Higashi-Umeda, Umeda)

Shichifukujin is a small kushiage restaurant with seating only by a U-shaped counter. There is a very welcoming and cozy atmosphere about this place. Their signature kushiage dish is Chicken, which is very soft and tender, and the crispy batter is a perfect combination with the outstanding sweet and spicy sauce.

Ordering an assorted 6-piece platter is great for trying the various kinds of kushiage, such as beef, kisu (whiting), shishito (green pepper), quail egg, renkon (lotus root), shrimp, and more.

4. Yoneya Umeda Main Branch (Umeda)

Yoneya is a kushiage restaurant where customers can enjoy eating and drinking from 9 o'clock in the morning! It is located in the underground shopping mall just in front of Umeda Station. There is a standing bar at the front for drinking, and through the shop curtains, there are many tables with seats. This restaurant has a very comfortable atmosphere where anyone can relax and freely enjoy what they ordered.

They offer an an affordable and yummy assorted platter of 5 kushiage, such as beef, shrimp, shishito, kisu, and renkon. Two kinds of sauce - a sweet sauce and spicy Worcester sauce - are provided for you to use as you see fit. Also, don't miss out on the Ayu (Sweetfish) Kushiage, a seasonal item where customers get to eat the whole fish!

5. Gojoya (Temmabashi)

Gojoya has only counter seating and is just a short walk from Temmabashi Station. It specializes in original kushiage dishes, such as Miyazaki beef, ratatouille, and American cherry and gorgonzola cheese.

The Chef's Original Kushiage Course serves a variety of kushiage, which come out one after another. The chef will continue to serve food until the customer say "stop"! Also, the chef will tell you about which sauces are suitable for specific kinds of kushiage. At this restaurant, you can enjoy many interesting kushiage flavors and sauces!

6. Yaekatsu (Dobutsuen-mae)

Yaekatsu is a kushiage restaurant that has been running for 50 years. It is located in the Jyan Jyan Yokocho shopping district besides the Tsutenkaku Tower. It serves food with traditional flavors and always gets long lines. The kushiage batter is made with Japanese yam, so you won't be turned off by any excess oily flavors while enjoying that crispy surface.

Customers must try the Prawn Kushiage! Another one to try is one of the specialties, Doteyaki (beef sinew stewed in miso and mirin), together with a sweet sauce. It can be very addictive!

7. Matsuba Main Branch (Umeda)

Matsuba is a kushiage restaurant where customers can stand and eat at the counter. It is located in Shin-Umeda, home to about 100 restaurants. At this restaurant, the kushiage is already fried and ready to go, so it is great way to grab a quick bite.

There are various kinds of kushiage, such as okonomiyaki with pork, camembert cheese, quail egg, chicken, and so on. The secret sauce is as complicated as its history, since it has remained unchanged since the restaurant's founding. Its compatibility with beer is also perfect.


Kushiage is a food representative of Osaka. Each skewer is a relatively small portion of food, so you will be able to enjoy many different kinds of kushiage in one go. Just make sure you abide by the golden rule of kushiage: No double dipping!


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