7 Recommended Negiyaki Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka is famous for foods like okonomiyaki and takoyaki, but negiyaki is also a local favorite. Negiyaki is a savory, thin, Japanese pancake that is brushed with soy sauce and made with a generous amount of scallions and various other ingredients such as meat. It goes really well with beer, so it's great for those who like to drink! A number of restaurants serve this food, each with their own original taste. These restaurants usually serve okonomiyaki as well, so it might be fun to try them both!

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1. Yamamoto - Main Branch [Juso]

Yamamoto is a restaurant that specializes in negiyaki. This extremely popular restaurant is known as the originator of this dish, and there is always a line of people eagerly waiting to eat here at lunch. It's easy to get to, too, since it's located quite close to Juso Station.

The batter is very soft, but it's also packed with many crunchy fillings that have a great texture! Try the Sujinegi (1,190 yen), which is negiyaki with beef tendon and konjac! It matches splendidly with beer. Squeeze some lemon over it for a refreshing taste!

2. Ajinoya [Namba]

You can enjoy quality negiyaki here in this well-established okonomiyaki restaurant. Their negiyaki is made with a variety of ingredients such as Kujo negi, a type of scallion grown in Kyoto, as well as pork, beef, shrimp, and squid. It's a local Osaka dish you absolutely have to try!

The scallion has a unique and exquisite taste! Enjoy the crispy negiyaki dipped in sesame sauce or ponzu (a citrus-based sauce). It's easy to get to this restaurant as it's located right by Namba Station. Come here to enjoy a great meal!

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3. Fukutaro - Umeda Branch [Osaka]

At this negiyaki restaurant, the standard negiyaki dishes, such as Pork (980 yen), Mochi and Cheese (1,080 yen), and Beef Tendon (1,080 yen), are highly recommended.

Suji Negiyaki (1,080 yen), which is negiyaki made with beef tendon, has a very delicious texture, with a rather crispy outside and a fluffy inside. It goes well with the savory fragrance of soy sauce! In addition to negiyaki, they also serve teppanyaki (ingredients grilled on an iron griddle) and okonomiyaki.

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4. Hirokazuya - Higashi Umeda Branch [Nakazakicho, Umeda]

Hirokazuya is an okonomiyaki restaurant that is open until 7 am in the morning. They serve negiyaki as well, and it's a great place to drop by when you're feeling a bit hungry at night.

The crispy texture of the negiyaki and the savory soy sauce aroma are amazing! Definitely give Tako Negiyaki, negiyaki made with octopus, a try as well. Have it with soy sauce mixed with lemon to enjoy a refreshing taste. You can also order your meals to-go, so you can take it back to your hotel and indulge in a delicious meal even in the comfort of your own room.


5. Hozenji Yokocho Yakizen [Namba]

Hozenji Yokocho is a small, cozy drinking alley filled with bars and small pubs, and Yakizen is an okonomiyaki restaurant located within this alley. While it isn't a big restaurant, it has a very cozy atmosphere, so you can feel at home while digging into some delicious negiyaki.

The negiyaki here is unique in that it's thicker than your typical negiyaki. Although it's soy sauce flavored, it tastes refreshing! Pair some Mizunasu no Asazuke, a pickled eggplant dish, with your negiyaki, as its fresh texture and salty taste go very well with it. It's also great with alcoholic beverages like beer.

6. Okonomiyaki Sakura [Umeda]

From takoyaki shops to cafes, Shin Umeda Shokudogai is a street that's home to a wide variety of eateries. Okonomiyaki Sakura is one of a number of okonomiyaki places in this area that is popular with the locals.

Each table has its own iron griddle, so you can have your food while it's still hot. You can order the negiyaki "half and half", with both okonomiyaki-style sauce and soy sauce. The dough is airy and soft as it's mixed with Japanese yam. Make sure to also try the negiyaki with beef tendon!

7. Domusu - Dotonbori Main Branch [Namba]

Domus is known as one of the oldest okonomiyaki restaurants in Dotonbori. The shop exterior is very unique, and a flight of mysterious stairs leads you down to the restaurant. You'll be greeted with a relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel at home!

The Negiyaki with Tendon (1,030 yen) is luxurious treat packed with plenty of beef tendon. The meat is well-cooked and super tender, and the lightly charred fragrance of the scallion is fantastic! It matches perfectly with the sauce. Negiyaki with Pork and Kimchi (1,130 yen) is recommended for those who like a kick of spice.

Negiyaki is one of the many batter-based local dishes unique to Osaka. If you're traveling to Osaka, definitely give it a try along with okonomiyaki and takoyaki. You'll be hooked on the rich, soy sauce flavor!


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