7 Must-Try Ramen Restaurants in Kagawa, Shikoku

Facing the Seto Inland Sea, Kagawa is the prefecture that consumes the most udon (wheat flour) noodles in all of Japan, earning it the moniker, “The Udon Prefecture”. However, udon noodles aren’t the only tasty dish here! Kagawa’s ramen is also really good, and comes in many flavors, such as seafood, pork bone, salt, and spicy! If you plan to explore Kagawa, here are 7 ramen places that you need to visit!


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1. Ramen Wakamatsu Konyamachi Branch [Kataharamachi]

At Ramen Wakamatsu (Konyamachi Branch), you'll be able to try a wide variety of ramen that use a seafood and soy sauce-based soup. The Wakamatsu Ramen (650 yen) is particularly popular. The rich taste of the soy sauce and seafood-based soup is irresistible. The wavy noodles are easy to swallow, and the soft char siu (roasted pork) is delicious too!

There are also many toppings to try. You can have lots of scallions and bean sprouts in your noodles if you like! If you love spicy soup, then go for the Pirikara Ramen (700 yen). Another popular menu item is the Gyokai Tsukemen (noodles dipped in broth) (800 yen). Its taste is simple yet satisfying!

*This place has closed down.

2. Hamando Shikoku Branch [Mino]

Hamando is a restaurant housed in a building that looks like an old Japanese-style home. This place is famous for its Sanuki ramen, which is why you’ll sometimes see people line up to enter. The soup here is made from chicken or pork bones, and premium anchovies are added to produce a rich broth. The udon-like ramen noodles will slide down your throat and match really well with the soup!

Make sure to also try the Shio Ramen (680 yen). The salty broth tastes simple and clean, so you'll probably end up drinking it all!

3. Dantotsu Ramen Takamasu 1st Branch [Takamatsu]

This small restaurant has only 16 counter seats. It may be small, but the ramen comes in big servings. The small-sized serving here is the same as what normal servings would be elsewhere! There’s a lot of room for customization. Ask for garlic, vegetables, thicker or thinner broth, or even decide the amount of oil that goes in! What makes this even better is that the toppings are free! Doesn't that make you want to visit repeatedly?

The noodles used in this restaurant are thick and have a firm texture. You can also order Tsukemen here! It is recommended to make your soup a little bit thick.

4. Murasaki Shokudo Takamatsu Sunport Branch [Takamatsu]

This restaurant is located within Maritime Plaza Takamatsu, where several ramen restaurants are lined up together. It serves up a thick broth made from Kagoshima pork bones. Though it is rich in flavor, there is also a mellowness to it that makes you want to drink every last drop. The flavor of the charred garlic is especially irresistible and gives the broth extra layers in its taste.

Do try the Tokusei Tsukemen as well! The seafood and pork bone-based broth is a delight. The thick noodles pick up the soup very well! You'll be left agonizing over whether you should have the Tonkotsu Ramen or this!

5. Teuchi Ramen Muran [Kataharamachi]

This restaurant is just behind Takamatsu Mitsukoshi New Building, which is a 5-minute walk away from Kataharamachi Station. Run by a couple who are veterans in the business, it's so popular that it's always packed. After placing your order, the chef will start making the noodles in an authentic Chinese way right before your eyes. You'll fall in love with the fancy noodle-making skills of the chef as you watch!

There are a variety of dishes in the menu, such as the Yakibuta Ramen (1,000 yen), Yasai Ramen (800 yen), and the Moyashi Ramen (800 yen). The Gomoku Ramen (1,000 yen) is a particular crowd favorite. The taste is richer than it looks, and the handmade noodles are perfect!

6. Raamen Kinzan Seimensho [Kataharamachi]

This ramen eatery is located right next to Kataharamachi Station. They use no artificial flavorings in their soup, which they're really proud of! Using ingredients like chicken and anchovies, they make a wonderfully rich soup that you'll love. Their Akadori Soba Chukara (750 yen) has a distinctively spicy-looking red soup. The aroma from the special chili oil used in this soup is really appetizing!

Check out the Tori Soba (700 yen) as well. The soup is made from seafood, and there's a nice depth to the flavor. The noodles are a bit wavy and have a nice bite to them. You'll definitely be full after finishing this bowl of noodles!

7. Sanuki Rock [Kawaramachi]

This restaurant is within walking distance from Kawaramachi Station. Sanuki Rock is a place where you can taste ramen that’s made from local ingredients. You need to try the Chinese Soba Shoyu (700 yen), which uses free-range Sanuki chicken and Ibukijima anchovies in the soup. The slightly heavy taste is very typical of traditional soy sauce ramen, which is why it is a popular item. Here, they use flat noodles in their ramen dishes.

Chinese Soba Shio (750 yen) is a delicious ramen that features a clear soup. They use thin noodles for this dish. The pork belly used in making the char siu, along with the chicken pieces, are also really tender and yummy.

Even in Kagawa – known as “The Udon Prefecture” – there are plenty of places where you can sample incredible ramen! Since most people want to try out local food when traveling, it makes sense that most sightseers would try out Kagawa’s udon first. However, please don’t forget to taste Kagawa’s ramen, as there are many great ramen restaurants there!

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