7 Family-Friendly Shopping Spots in Tokyo

There are a large number of convenient and family-friendly shopping spots in Tokyo, the mega tourist city that welcomes a huge number of visitors every day. This article will introduce a couple of such spots that are well equipped to handle babies and young children. If you plan to visit Tokyo with your family, why not check these spots out?



1. Omotesando Hills [Omote-sando, Meiji-jingumae <Harajuku> Station]

Omotesando Hills is an iconic shopping facility located on Omotesando, one of the main streets of Tokyo. The facility is much bigger than it looks from the outside, and houses over 100 stores. It even has a parking lot with a capacity of around 200 vehicles.

There are a lot of shops for kids in the Baby & Kids Fashion section on B2F. There's also a play space for babies, which is covered with urethane foam so that they don't get hurt. They even have private rooms for breastfeeding!

2. Kitte [Tokyo]

Located right next to the JR Tokyo Station Marunouchi Station Building, this shopping facility is housed in the former building of the Tokyo Central Post Office. It still holds traces of its former purpose, as there is still a post office in the building and the director’s room is now an observatory. There are specialist shops for clothes, hats, and other items, so you can leisurely shop around.

Various events are held in the atrium on the first floor, which acts as an open event space. Children can play in the garden on the rooftop. Nursing mothers need not worry, because breastfeeding spaces are available in the restrooms.

3. Coppice Kichijoji [Kichijoji]

Located near Inokashira Park, the area around Kichijoji Station is a place where the urban cityscape and beautiful nature co-exist. Coppice Kichijoji is in the center of this area. It is a medium-sized shopping mall compared to other entries on this list, but offers a lot to see, as it has clothing stores and restaurants, as well as a major book store. There is a garden full of lush greenery on the third floor where you can sit back and relax.

Fun activities and events often take place at the event space facing the street outside. The facility has a lot of family-friendly features, such as baby rooms, breastfeeding rooms, and restrooms for kids. You can even rent a stroller.

4. Aqua City Odaiba [Daiba]

Right by Odaiba Marine Park, you can find Aqua City Odaiba - a shopping complex with a sweeping view of the Rainbow Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. You can easily spend a whole day here shopping, eating, and even watching movies!

All restrooms are equipped with baby seats. You can rent a stroller for free, or you can use the on-site daycare service while you go shopping (charges apply). There is also a play room for kids.

5. Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu [Toyosu]

Urban Dock Lalaport in Toyosu is a shopping facility with a great ocean view. You can get to Toyosu Station in around 5 minutes from Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line. Its easy access from the central part of Tokyo is one of the reasons why this place is popular.

You can find all sorts of brands and shops at this mall, including the Yo-kai Watch Official Shop, Yorozu Mart, and KidZania Tokyo - a job experience theme park for kids. You definitely won’t run out of things to do!

6. Sunshine City [Higashi-ikebukuro]

Located in Ikebukuro, Sushine City is a large shopping and entertainment complex that includes the 60-story building, Sunshine 60. Within Sunshine City, you can enjoy shopping and movies, as well as panoramic views of Tokyo from the observatory. It even has hotels inside, so you can just imagine how big this complex is! You can also buy a lot of original Pokémon goods at the popular Pokémon Center.

There is also an aquarium in the area, which is called “Oasis in the Sky” as it is located 40m above ground. It's sure to be good fun and entertainment for people of all generations!

7. Shibuya Hikarie [Shibuya]

Shibuya Hikarie has become a new symbol of the famous Shibuya district. It is a shopping complex where you can enjoy various things, such as shopping, meals, musicals, and a number of other events. The complex is directly connected to Shibuya Station, so your day here won’t be affected by the weather.

If you are looking for something sweet, Del’immo on B2F is one store that you should try. They have all kinds of delicious parfaits, such as strawberry and mango. The facility has a baby room where babies can feel at ease, and it also has exclusive restrooms for kids.


That's the list! All of the shopping complexes listed in this article are all easily accessible from other parts of Tokyo, so if you have even a little bit of free time, do consider visiting one. Being able to enjoy shopping and eating with the whole family is a definite perk.

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The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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