7 Affordable Sushi Restaurants in Osaka

When talking about cuisine in Osaka, foods made from flour like okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake), negiyaki (okonomiyaki with green onions), and takoyaki (octopus dumplings) are widely known. However, the sushi in Osaka is not to be taken lightly. There’s a wide variety of nigiri sushi (hand-formed sushi) and oshi sushi (pressed sushi) available in Osaka. Different restaurants have brought in their own ideas, so there’s also plenty of new varieties of sushi on offer. Here are some reasonably priced sushi restaurants in Osaka that are worth checking out!

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1. Toki Sushi [Namba]

Toki Sushi is close to Osaka’s famous comedy theatre, Namba Grand Kagetsu. At this sushi restaurant, you can eat fresh seafood at relatively reasonable prices. The seasonal sushi toppings are all sourced daily from the local marketplace. You can also eat high-class toppings like uni (sea urchin), toro (fatty tuna), and abalone for cheap here as well.

If you come to this restaurant, then you have to try the “Mega Mori” (150 yen per plate)! The negitoro (minced tuna topped with spring onions) is piled so high that you cannot even see the rice underneath. They offer lots of voluminous sushi, so this is a great place for anyone who wants to fill their stomach, as well as for sushi lovers.

2. Kamesushi Sohonten [Higashi Umeda]

Kamesushi Sohonten is a long-established sushi restaurant that still feels like a sushi restaurant from the past. You’ll be glad to know that you can still enjoy their sushi at a reasonable price! They also have an English menu. All the seats are non-smoking, so you can fully concentrate on your sushi.

The maguro (tuna) is highly recommended. You get to eat fish that was procured by the chefs that very day. Start by eating the lean meat. With that, you can understand the freshness of the meat and fullness of the umami (Japanese savory taste). The “Tekka Maki” (tuna rolled in rice and seaweed) is particularly recommended! Although it doesn’t cost much, you’ll be surprised by how much is packed in there! It’s great value for your money.

3. Nawa Sushi Main Branch [Higashi Umeda]

Right next to Kamesushi Sohonten is Nawa Sushi Main Branch – another sushi restaurant where you can eat genuine sushi at reasonable prices. This restaurant is known for their counter seats. The counter surrounds the sushi chefs in a circle shape, so you get to see the food being made right before your eyes. Of course, there are also table seats available on the second floor. It’s a restaurant that’s appealing for its working-class atmosphere, where anyone and everyone can freely and casually walk in.

Their seared unagi (eel) has a sweet sauce basted on that’s aromatic and sure to become addictive. Their chutoro (medium-fatty tuna) comes with a large piece of fish that has just the right amount of fattiness. They use very high-quality ingredients.

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4. Sushimasa Nakamise [Tenma]

Located in the shopping street, Tenjinbashisuji, this sushi restaurant is known for its simple, white shop curtain. It has a snug and cozy interior, and is popular with the general public. Sushimasa Nakamise makes it easy for anyone to come and go, even for those who may feel like going out for sushi is a bit too daunting. Although the price is low, the flavor is genuine. One thing for certain is that it’s always crowded!

During lunch, it’s even more economical! With their set meal, you can fill your stomach with squid, sweet prawns, and lots of other standard sushi toppings for just 1,000 yen! Sushi lovers should definitely go twice – once for lunch and once for dinner.


5. Genrokuzushi Dotonbori Branch [Namba]

Genrokuzushi Dotonbori Branch is located right in front of Cui-daore in Dotonbori, which is one of Osaka’s busiest streets. It has quite a distinctive exterior. Above the entrance is an art piece of a giant hand holding a piece of molded tuna sushi! This showy facade is just what you’d expect from Osaka.

Genrokuzushi is actually considered to be the first sushi restaurant in Japan to introduce kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi). All of the sushi comes at 130 yen per plate. This inexpensive price is the charm of this restaurant. Their aburi salmon (grilled salmon) is especially excellent. Seeing it grilled right before your eyes is sure to get your appetite going!

6. Issakuzushi [Hatsushiba]

A 5-minute walk from Hatsushiba Station, this sushi restaurant is known for its fair prices. It has a down-to-earth atmosphere, and is highly popular with both local customers and tourists. It has both counter and table seats, so it’s comfortable for anyone to visit.

Their aburi chirashizushi (grilled scattered sushi) comes with red miso soup and chawanmushi (savory steamed egg custard). There is nori (dried seaweed) on top of the chirashizushi, and plenty of seasonal fish inside. The chawanmushi is packed full of the flavor of eggs, and tastes extremely delicious!

7. Fujiya Seconds [Fukushima]

Fujiya Seconds, which is located close to Fukushima Station, doesn’t feel like a sushi restaurant. Rather, it has the atmosphere of a stylish bar. It’s also cheap! They pride themselves on their sushi, made with fresh ingredients, that you can order starting from 100 yen per piece. There are counter seats on the 1st floor, and table seats on the 2nd floor.

The prices are affordable, but the ingredients are high-quality. Examples include blackthroat seaperch, shrimp, scallops, grilled Ozaki beef, blood clam, and tuna. Their mizu-nasu (water eggplant) and bamboo shoots are also delicious, so be sure to try them.

There are so many sushi places in Osaka where you can eat for cheap! They all have comfortable atmospheres that makes it easy to visit. You can try each sushi at your own pace. It’s up to you to decide whether to eat a little or a lot. They’re all restaurants where you can do what suits you best!

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