6 Hotels in Sapporo Where you can Enjoy Gorgeous Nighttime Scenery

For those who want to enjoy the restful hotel life after sightseeing in Sapporo, here are some recommended hotels for viewing the nighttime scenery. Watch the nighttime scenery from the hotel lounge and recharge your energy for tomorrow!



1. JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

In addition to being situated in a convenient location directly from JR Sapporo station, Hotel Nikko is a popular hotel that gives you the total feeling of being at a resort. How about a moment of supreme bliss of gazing upon the beautiful Sapporo nighttime scenery while enjoying the Hokkaido cuisine and alcohol at Restaurant & Bar SKYJ on the 35th floor? Getting a window seat requires a reservation at least 2 days in advance but it comes with sparkling wine, dessert and a commemorative photo included so it’s recommended as a memento of your trip. On the 22nd floor is the Sky Resort Spa which pumps water from a hot spring 1000 meters underground. There you can leisurely rest your tired body. Since the hotel starts from the 22nd floor up, you can also see the Sapporo nighttime scenery from your hotel room.

2. Premium Hotel Nakajima Koen Sapporo (formerly Hotel Novotel Sapporo)

Premium Hotel is located close to Susukino’s Nakajima Park. Since it’s a 25-story building, you can have an unbroken view of the Sapporo nighttime scenery. The refined lounge and guestrooms are quite popular among foreign guests. “BAR TWENTY ONE” on the 25th floor is recommended for enjoying the nighttime scenery. Sitting on the high quality sofas and tasting sommelier-selected wine, champagne and cocktails while gazing upon the night view from the windows is the best reward. Additionally, there’s a restaurant on the same floor for viewing the nighttime scenery where you can enjoy high-quality teppanyaki so you can relish Sapporo’s scenery all throughout the night.

3. ANA Crowne Plaza Sapporo

This veteran hotel stands towering over its surroundings in the heart of Sapporo city. If you use the concourse from the subway, you can access this popular hotel in about 10 minutes, even in bad weather. On the 26th floor (top floor) at the SAPPORO VIEW sky lounge, you can thoroughly enjoy one of Sapporo’s best nighttime scenery with a live piano performance behind you. Their Hokkaido food menu featuring native Hokkaido cheeses and zangi (fried chicken) is also popular.

4. Sapporo Prince Hotel Tower

This hotel has an unusual cylindrical shape. It’s a little way from the downtown area so it’s a popular hotel for people who want to pass their time in peace and quiet. The sky lounge “Top of Prince” or the French restaurant “Trianon” is recommended for looking at the nighttime streets of Sapporo. How about a cocktail or chef-recommended French cuisine while you gaze at the nighttime scenery of Sapporo as it glitters like a gem from your window seat?

5. HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Sapporo Park (Formerly Art Hotels)

This new hotel changed from Art Hotels to HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Sapporo Park in October 2016. From the top floor you can have your fill of the beautiful Sapporo nighttime scenery. Also, you can soothe your fatigue with their natural onsen, making it a popular hotel for women.

6. Chatelet Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo Hotel & Spa Resort

Although the Chatelet is 45 minutes away from the center of Sapporo, it’s a resort where you can experience the atmosphere of the southern countries even in Hokkaido. Naturally there’s an onsen as well as a gigantic pool so everyone from adults to kids can have fun. From the sky lounge, you can see the vast Hokkaido landscape during the day and the Sapporo scenery during the night sprawling out before your eyes.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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