50 Things to Do in Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza is a Tokyo neighborhood esteemed by everyone in Japan. It's a place where you can find the best shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. The famous Kabuki Theater and the former Tsukiji Fish Market are in the area. If you want to really get to know this fascinating area of Tokyo, read on for our picks of the best 50 things to do in Ginza!


Things to Do

41. Bathe at Konparu-yu

Konparu-yu is one of the two sento bathhouses remaining in the center of Ginza. It's a sento that has a nostalgic, traditional atmosphere. You can gaze at the tiled portraits of Mt. Fuji and koi as you soak in the hot waters. Depending on the season, they offer baths that are reminiscent of the time of year such as yuzu water and iris water. 

42. Shop at Kyobunkan, a children's bookstore

This bookstore has been in business in Ginza for a very long time. You can find 15,000 books here aimed at children of all ages from babies to high school. The shelves are built low for children, so even adults can feel like they've returned to their childhoods. There are many Japanese-style soft picture books as well, so they're perfect for souvenirs. 

43. Shop at Ginza Natsuno Main Store Konatsu

Ginza Natsuno is a store specializing in lacquerware, especially in Japan's traditional tool, chopsticks. Currently they offer more than 2500 kinds of chopsticks and more than 1000 kinds of chopstick rests, so you can find many pieces for yourself, your family, and your friends.

The craft of chopsticks is naturally a vital part of Japan's culinary culture, but a much less obvious industry that is nonetheless important is the fake food you find in restaurant display cases. This article takes a deep dive into that fake food and the businesses (also in Tokyo!) that make them:

44. Eat at Kagari

In modern Ginza, the number of restaurants where you can stylishly enjoy ramen have been increasing. At Ginza Kagari, they offer chicken broth ramen using high-quality ingredients to create a dish that is not just delicious but also beautiful. It's rather popular with women.


45. Shop at Ginza Inz

We're used to thinking of this area as being full of nothing but luxury brands, but actually you can also enjoy shopping in Ginza at a reasonable price as well. Inz is a mall full of brands that target women in their teens to their 30s, and there are also many cafes that you can take a rest in while you're shopping. It's worth a look if you're strolling around the Ginza area.

46. Shop at Ginza Mikawaya

Ginza Mikawaya is a select shop made with the concept to offer the healthy essence of the Edo diet to modern people. They sell many carefully-selected food items meant to be eaten with white rice, and many celebrities are fans of this shop. They have all kinds of spices and flavorings, so if you want to reproduce the taste of Japanese food perfectly even after you go home, you should stop by here and stock up.

47. Shop at Ginza Kikusui

In Ginza, a neighborhood well-beloved since ancient times as a mature social area, you can find this shop that has been selling tobacco-related items for gentlemen for decades. They have modern tobacco, but also pipes and and other traditional items. It's a store that tobacco fans won't be able to resist.

48. Shop at Ginza Eikokuya

Eikokuya is a nationwide veteran suits shop where you can get a suit customized to your liking. They used 75 years worth of history, techniques, and customer interaction to create a brand that professionals love and trust. You should stop by if you want to experience Japan's craftsmanship techniques firsthand.

49. Enjoy the winter illumination

If you're visiting Ginza with your significant other or with your family in the winter, it's worth stopping by the Christmas winter illuminations held every year. The street lined with luxury brands lights up with Christmas trees and festive decorations, so it's perfect for photos. Since it gets very crowded, it's best to do any shopping during the weekday.

50. Enjoy luxury karaoke at Bagus

One of Japan's most popular facets of culture around the world is karaoke. At Bagus, you can enjoy luxury karaoke in a way that's very Ginza-like. They have an entire menu available that's set up like a dinner bar, and you can also enjoy playing billiards and darts there as a perfect mature evening out.

There's So Many Things to Do in Ginza!

For people who only had a very expensive, luxurious idea of Ginza, there were some places on this list that surprised you, right? Ginza is not just a place where you can find the best and the newest items in Japan as fast as possible, there's a wealth of things to see and do. You should try to take some time out of your trip to stop by Ginza and learn about its charms first-hand.

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