50 McDonald's Menu Items Only in Japan

How many of these burgers have you tried? How many do you want to try? Check out these McDonald's menu items you can find only in Japan!

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Note: Some of these items were limited edition only and are no longer sold.

1. Cheese Tsukimi Burger

Sesame seed buns, 2 slices bacon, eggs fried over easy, aurora sauce (ketchup and mayonnaise), cheddar cheese, chicken patty

2. Idaho Burger

ume-y / Flickr

Potato patty, beef patty, onion-flavored buns, bacon, cheese, mustard seed sauce, deep pepper sauce

3. Diner Honey Mustard

Honey mustard sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, special buns, chicken

4. Diner Double Beef

2 beef patties, cheese, sunny-side-up egg, pepper steak sauce, onion

5. German Sausage Chicken

Lemon flavor chicken patty, bologna sausage, steamed rye buns, dill mustard, pickled cabbage, mozzarella cheese

6. Manhattan Burger

Mozzarella cheese, lettuce, onion, sour cream sauce, pastrami, beef patty

7. Hawaiian Burger

yoppy / Flickr

Gravy sauce, 1/4 pound beef patty, egg, bacon, cheese, lettuce, special buns topped with grated cheese

8. Le Gran Tomato : Japan Edition

Ciabatta, beef patty, butter sauce, tomato

9. Le Gran Sausage : Japan Edition

Ciabatta, pepper sausage, beef patty, mustard

10. American Funky BBQ Chicken

Chicken patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles, barbecue sauce, mustard relish

11. New York Burger

くーさん / Flickr

1/4 pound beef patty, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mustard seed sauce, whole wheat buns

12. Mega Tamago

Sesame buns, eggs fried over easy, bun in the middle, sauce with mustard and black pepper, cheese, lettuce, bacon

13. Sesame Ebi Filet-O Sesame Buns

Sesame buns, shrimp cutlet, lettuce, cheese, Thousand Island sauce

14. Cheese Fondue Chicken

Buns with grated cheese, chicken steak, lettuce, bacon

15. Mega McMuffin

Buns, eggs fried over easy, 2 patties, cheese, ketchup

16. Carbonara Chicken

Creamy sauce with black pepper and cheese, chicken, steamed buns with black pepper, scrambled eggs, bacon, mozzarella cheese

17. Chicken Tatsuta

Chicken Tatsuta

Toshihiro Gamo / Flickr

Buns, chicken patty, shredded cabbage, sauce

18. Chicken Tatsuta with wasabi and tartare sauce

Ginger and soy sauce flavor chicken patty, wasabi tartar sauce, original steamed buns, lettuce

19. Grand Canyon Burger

Grand Canyon Burger

Dick Thomas Johnson / Flickr

Sesame buns, beef patty, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, egg, steak sauce, onion sauce, lettuce, bun in middle

20. Mega Beef Mac

Mega Beef Mac

yoppy / Flickr

Sesame buns, 4 beef patties, pickles, cheese, lettuce, bun in the middle

21. Mega Teriyaki Burger

Mega Teriyaki Burger

mitsukuni / Flickr

2 pork patties, 2 sesame buns, 1 bun in the middle, lettuce, cheese, teriyaki sauce

22. Demi-glace and Cheese Gratin Korokke Burger

Buns, cheddar cheese, demi-glace sauce, finely chopped onion, cabbage, mayo sauce, gratin croquette

23. American Funky BBQ Beef

2 100% beef patties, cheddar cheese, 2 strips of grilled bacon, lettuce, pickles, barbecue sauce, mustard relish

24. Hot and Groovy Beef

white cheddar cheese, tartar sauce, lettuce

25. Hot and Groovy Chicken

Garlic flavored chicken patty, cheddar cheese, salsa, jalapeno sauce

26. Texas Burger

Barbecue sauce, mustard seed relish, 1/4 pound beef patty, special 3 layered buns, fried onions, cheese, bacon

27. Texas Burger 2

3 layers of sesame seed buns, 1/4 pound beef patty, chili beans, mustard seed relish, onions, bacon, cheese

28. Las Vegas Burger

Patty, sliced beef, onion, cream cheese sauce

29. Broadway Burger

Bacon, lettuce, peppers, cream cheese sauce, patty, mustard sauce

30. California Burger

 1/4 pound patty, special red wine sauce, tomato, lettuce, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, special buns topped with grated cheese

31. Beverly Hills Burger

Beverly Hills Burger

くーさん / flickr

1/4 100% beef patty, lettuce, onion, avocado sauce, rich Caesar salad sauce

32. Miami Burger

Shredded lettuce, tomato chili sauce, taco meat, buns, cheese, beef patty

33. Hot Gold Masala : Japan Edition

Chicken, tomato, curry sauce, buns, lettuce

34. Mild Gold Masala : Japan Edition

Chicken, curry sauce, buns, lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese

35. Cheese Aussie Deli : Japan Edition

Thinly sliced pastrami, cheese, lettuce

36. Doble Beef Salsa Burger

Tomato, Red/Yellow/Green paprika, onion, salsa sauce, jalapeno cheese sauce, 2 beef patty, cheese, lettuce

37. Chicken Salsa Burger

Tomato, Red/Yellow/Green paprika, onion, salsa sauce, jalapeno cheese sauce, chicken patty, lettuce

38. Shrimp Salsa Burger

Tomato, Red/Yellow/Green paprika, onion, salsa sauce, jalapeno cheese sauce, shrinp patty, lettuce

39. Sakura Teritama Burger

Pork patty, eggs fried over easy, buns with flavor of sakura(cherry blossom), mayo sauce with Japanese sakura radish(Sakura daikon)

40. Cheese Katsu Burger

Sesame buns, sliced cabbage, cheese cutlet, brown sauce and sweet lemon sauce

41. Bacon and Lettuce Burger

Beef patty, bacon, lettuce, cheese, yellow mustard sauce

42. McPork Double

Buns, 2 pork patty, lettuce

43. Mega Sausage

Bread, mustard sauce, ketchup, sausage

44. McDonald's Shaka Shaka Chicken

Chicken with tomato and basil powder.
Shake the chicken to cover it in the seasoning powder in the package before you eat it.

45. Bacon and Potato Pie

Pie crust, white cream sauce with potato, chopped bacon and onion

46. Wasabi McNugget Sauce

McNuggets with wasabi sauce

47. Ume(sower plums) McNugget Sauce

McNuggets with ume sauce

48. McDonald's Salad Marinade Wrap

Tortilla, Tomato, Marine Sauce of Paprika and Onion, Cheese

49. McDonald's Mega Potato

Nori Norisa / Flickr

Potatoes, salt

50. Kit Kat and Strawberry Mcflurry

Grain Kit Kat, strawberry sauce, soft cream


Thumbnail credit: Tupungato / Shutterstock.com

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