5 Most Popular Clothing Shops in Harajuku for Those Looking to Up Their Style

Japanese people care a lot about showcasing the best version of themselves, and this pursuit of excellence is manifested in their fashion sense. Impeccably dressed, they provide a visual feast for the eyes with their coordination of trendy outfits. Where do they get such outfits from? Well, one main shopping haunt is Harajuku! Today we will share five not-to-be-missed clothing stores in this hip area of Tokyo.



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Multi-Faceted Harajuku

If you're into shopping and wish to experience for yourself what retail therapy in dynamic Tokyo is like, you simply must include Harajuku on your itinerary.

You can get to Harajuku easily via JR Harajuku Station on the Yamanote line. Otherwise, you can alight at the Meiji-jingumae Station on the Chiyoda and Fukutoshin subway lines⁠—this station is also located just a stone's throw away from Harajuku.

Harajuku boasts several vibrant areas that offer distinctive shopping experiences. Situated just across the street from JR Harajuku Station, Takeshita Street is well patronized by teenagers and young adults who flock to its shops specializing in teen fashion.

After you stroll through the stretch of Takeshita, you may want to turn south into the 1-kilometer-long upscale street of Omotesando, where luxury global brands and local labels jostle for your attention.

But wait, that's not all! Remember to put aside some time to explore the narrow streets on both sides of Omotesando⁠—also known as Ura-Hara⁠—that are full of chic boutiques.

Harajuku is dotted with such a multitude of clothing stores, you're sure to find something you like from the varied styles, designs, and price ranges available. Diehard shoppers often upgrade their wardrobe at the following five popular stores in ⁠Harajuku, and we think you should too!

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1. Beams

If you long for a truly extensive range, you won't go wrong with Beams! Helping fashionistas look stylish since 1976, Beams Harajuku occupies several floors and offers clothing items that attract different consumer segments. Aside from the usual women's and men's departments, it also caters to more nuanced tastes with its Beams F and Beams T sections that carry classic wear and limited-edition T-shirts respectively.

Beams ups its fashion ante by providing customized tailoring services as well. Be it retro, bespoke, or quirky, you can find clothes that fit your style so seamlessly here you'll gladly surrender your money to the cashier!

Another selling point of Beams is its clout. Since it has established its name in Japan, many international brands seek it out for collaborations. This who's who list not only includes famed sportswear brands like New Balance, ASICS and PUMA, but also iconic brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and artists like Naijel Graph.

Such collaborations marry the design style and workmanship of various fashion trends, which bring out and help celebrate your funky personality!

2. The North Face Standard

If you love the outdoors and thrive on physical challenges, you'll need immaculately-made outerwear that feels light and sturdy while providing protection from the elements.

The North Face Standard is the perfect shop for outdoor types. Flaunting its industrial-chic look with its glass and steel facade, its four floors carries everything you could require for your outdoor adventures. 

Here you'll find a comprehensive selection including field jackets, mountain parkas, mountain wind ponchos, cropped pants, and booties. Whether you're going for an easy trek or rugged mountaineering, North Face has your back.

The North Face Standard also sells shirts, cardigans, pullovers, vests that are perfect for everyday wear. Its use of quality fabrics and artisanal tailoring will help you stay ahead of the fashion curve, so even if you're not that into the outdoors, don't count it out!

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3. Comme des Garçons

If you're weary of run-of-the-mill designs, then Comme des Garçons should be right up your alley. Founded by famed designer Kawakubo Rei, this brand displays eye-catching and thought-provoking fashion items that reveal an enthusiasm for subverting fashion norms. Liberal use of black? Check. Funky asymmetrical cuts? Check. Avant-garde pieces that elevate fashion into art? Check. Indeed, clothes from Comme des Garçons are such beautiful visual treats, they've even been exhibited as artworks in museums.

Among the unique items you should check out are the layered T-shirts, skirts in vivid inkjet prints, and tees with suspenders. Both male and female fashion aficionados will love working these cutting edge designs into their outfits!

Comme des Garçons' clothes, footwear and accessories are designed with a unique fusion of styles that inject novelty into your look. Their sneakers, made in collaboration with Converse, give off a playful vibe with polka dots and a heart-shaped logo. Go on, express your fun individualty with Comme des Garçons.


What if you love how Japanese clothing brands harness traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, but don't quite have the budget to pay top dollar? The answer to your problem is WEGO!

This store sells pre-loved clothes at wallet-friendly prices. Yes, it's possible to look as irresistibly stylish as the locals, save money, and also do your part for the environment by shopping secondhand! Bargain hunters will love browsing the shelves at WEGO to find vintage items calling their name.

This isn't to say that WEGO does not sell new items! This store has seasonal collections as well as exclusive collaborations with anime brands including Sailor Moon, Fate/Grand Order, and BanG Dream. 

WEGO is the perfect place to shop to work Japan's vintage and contemporary fashion fads into your outfits.

5. 2nd Street

If reading about WEGO has whet your appetite for affordable fashion, you'll be thrilled to find out that Harajuku is replete with many second-hand clothing shops. One such well-loved store is 2nd Street. Specializing is street fashion, this store sells clothes that run the whole gamut from high-fashion brands to street labels, all at wallet-friendly prices.

This mix helps you to clear your mind and lets you focus on what catches your attention without being influenced by your attitudes towards one label or another. Who knows, you may just fall in love with a new brand!

If knock-your-socks-off prices aren't enough, 2nd Street sweetens the deal with seasonal sales and discounts of up to 50%. The store also has regular promotions offering bonuses for those selling their clothes, too. Check out the 2nd Street Instagram account to see if any deals are on during your visit to Japan!

Find Your Style in Harajuku!

You're sure to feel at home in Harajuku as you shop for cool clothes that complement your style. If you need more inspiration on where to shop, check out our article rounding up 5 Glamorous Fashion Boutiques in Omotesando, Aoyama, and Harajuku. We'll be wishing you many pleasant shopping trips ahead!

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