5 Glamorous Fashion Boutiques in Omotesando, Aoyama, and Harajuku!

Omotesando, Aoyama, and Harajuku are three areas that are on the cutting edge of fashion in Japan. People with all sorts of styles and tastes gather here, along with many swanky brands dealing in everything from Japanese sportswear and elegant British accessories all the way to fashionable L.A. street styles and unique apparel. If you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends, read on for the 5 must-visit shops in this area!



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British styles tend to carry a sense of tradition and elegance that keep it forever classic. The concept at VULCANIZE London is a lifestyle fashion store based on the idea of a "quality lifestyle". They carry around 40 British brands, from the classics to the modern, allowing anyone in Tokyo to easily get their hands on some goods from the UK.

Their selection of classic brands includes GIEVES & HAWKES, a brand of suits whose company also holds a number of Royal Warrants; the stationery brand SMYTHSON; and TURNBULL & ASSER, which is considered the Rolls-Royce of shirts. They also have plenty of new up and coming brands and products, so it will be well worth your time to check out everything they have. 

Among this treasure trove of products, you might come across the suitcase brand GLOBE-TROTTER, which has over 120 years of history dealing in hand-crafted goods. Their suitcases are created with traditional techniques that have been passed down for over 100 years. They are sturdy and improve with each use, and have garnered the patronage of celebrities all over the world.

Apart from suitcases, they also offer smaller travel bags that retain the level of quality prized by this brand, the GLOBE-TROTTER - London Square (120,000 yen plus tax). Just as the suitcases are light and sturdy, they've managed to achieve the same results with this product by using Vulcanized fiber. It can hold much more than you might imagine, and comes in 10 different colors including black, green, navy, and burgundy. These are perfect for just about anyone, and you are sure to find one that suits you. Lend an air of elegance to your everyday life by buying one for yourself!


TED BAKER is another popular brand for classic British styles. It is beloved by many celebrities, including Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Come pay a visit in Tokyo to see what the fuss is all about for yourself!

One of the biggest TED BAKER stores in Asia is situated in Omotesando. Its 3 floors are filled with men's and women's apparel, leather goods, accessories, shoes, Japan-limited items, and much more. Remember to pay particular attention to the interior design and decorations when you visit. They have pipes running along the walls and robots hanging upside-down from the ceiling, all to give a futuristic factory vibe that's unique to Tokyo. Playfulness aside, it really brings out this brand's creativity.

CASHMERE 3 BUTTON OVERCOAT (73,981 yen plus tax) (2 colors)

The characteristically bold, Western design of TED BAKER is balanced with stylish practicality in many of their products. They've also weaved a little of their brand concept into every piece, infusing "British humor" in a way that compliments even the finest details of the overall design. Even the overcoat shown above hides a colorful pattern on the inner side of the coat!

For anyone looking to find some casual yet elegant, formal outfit should look no further than TED BAKER, where quality is combined with sound design to give each piece a warm, friendly impression.


WOOLRICH is an American outdoor brand that was established in 1830. In Japan, it is very popular with people in their 30s and 40s. Their store in Aoyama also handles kid's apparel, so it's often packed with families on the weekends, giving the entire place a lively, friendly atmosphere.

Their red and black plaid shirts under their "buffalo check" line are a long-time favorite. These get renewed every year, ensuring that they never go out of style while also securing its place as a classic.

WOOLRICH's defining characteristic is their ability to give their customers a sense of style regardless of what city or country they are in. Have you ever felt that you might look like a tourist while wearing that bulky down jacket on a wintery day? There's nothing wrong with wanting both style and warmth in an outfit. Perhaps you've noticed that influencers giving coordination advice on social media tend to pick WOOLRICH. They even offer slim fit designs for the ladies!

While their down jackets are popular, the Aoyama store has plenty of other offerings including sweaters, mufflers, shoes, and so on. It's worth checking out while you have the chance.


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SVOLME started out in 2006 as a producer of soccer uniforms, and they have since built up their brand into a fashion label as well as a fantastic dealer for soccer-related goods. These days they offer everything from sports casual wear and sneakers to leather shoes and easy-to-move-in suits for the average businessman.

SVOLME is possibly your best choice if you ever want to dress down a little in a slightly formal setting. You definitely won't want to miss out on this Harajuku shop as they carry a whole range of items that you can't get outside of Japan, which is also great for those who dislike running into others wearing the exact same clothes as them!

Not only are their products designed for practicality, making them both easy to wear and easy to dry, they also come in bold, vibrant designs. Reversing the old image that Japanese brands tend to favor muted and subdued designs, their style can be easily mistaken for one belonging to Europe or the States. Out of their huge range of products, the one type that screams for attention is their runners. They've attached reflective materials to the heel for safety reasons and the colorful pattern is even applied to the soles, making them the perfect pair to wear for a night time jog. Quite a few customers come to this store just for this particular pair as it is light and comes in a wide range of sizes. 

XLARGE / X-girl

XLARGE, with its signature gorilla logo, is an American brand that has become something of a symbol for streetwear in Japan. Conversely, X-girl holds the same position in the corresponding market for young ladies. This fashion brand holds a unique concept of "not everyday wear, but fashionable practicality", and incorporates street culture into their designs, such as hip-hop, art, skateboarding, and so on. One of their popular series, OG, has new designs that are released every year in not just the standard black and white, but also in many other colors. They have plenty of fans all over the globe, with many following their various social media accounts and flying over to Japan just to buy the latest releases. 

XLARGE has plenty of unisex items too, with a store in Ura-Harajuku right next to an X-girl store, making it a great shopping destination for couples. They've managed to distill street cultures like hip-hop, rock, army, outdoor, and sports into conceptual styles. Combined with a knack for basic designs, their creations have become staples for their respective trends, ensuring that they don't ever go out of style. They've focused mostly on practical items, but with collaborations with various popular sporting brands happening over 20 times a year, and new products releasing every week, you will find yourself shopping here over and over again!

Do you feel like going on a shopping spree now? From handmade suitcases with over 100 years of history, to British fashion, colorful Japanese sports brands, American street brands, and outdoor casual wear, you'll be hard pressed to find another area where all of these stores that brighten up your everyday life come together in the same place. If you're a fashionista, don't miss out on the Omotesando, Aoyama, Harajuku areas when you visit Tokyo! Even if you don't end up buying anything, it still makes for an excellent day out taking in all the local trends!

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