24 Must-Buy Souvenirs in Sapporo, Hokkaido

There's no better place for souvenir shopping in Hokkaido than Sapporo. As its capital city, you can find products from all over Hokkaido in Sapporo! But that also makes choosing what to buy extremely difficult. That's why we've come up with this recommended list of souvenirs to buy while in Sapporo! Yes, they're all snacks - but that's only because there's so many delicious things to try that can be brought back home to friends, family, or just for yourself.

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1. Jaga Pokkuru


A Hokkaido limited edition potato snack made by Calbee. Made with select Hokkaido potatoes that still have their skins on. Since being released, these snacks have become popular all over Japan, and are now even a popular with foreign tourists to the region.

HP: www.calbee.co.jp/potatofarm/jaga_pokkuru/ (Japanese Only)

2. Wakasaimo

A Lake Toya speciality. Despite being called Wakasaimo (imo means potato in Japanese), these thinly coated manju, or Japanese style sweet buns, don’t contain any potato. The kinshi konbu, or seaweed cut into thin strips, used in the white bean paste of the bun is said to represent the flavor of the potato.

HP: https://www.wakasaimo.com/en/

3. Cheese Omelette

A souffle type cheese cake originally from Hakodate. The rich cheese shuffle melts in the mouth. You can buy them at the stores in Sapporo in Seita and Odori.

HP: https://www.snaffles.jp/store/sapporo/ (Japanese only)

4. Sapporo Nogakko


A crisp cookie with the rich flavor and scent of Hokkaido milk. In recent years, the number of people buying these as souvenirs is increasing, and they are becoming one of the most popular Hokkaido souvenirs. You can find these at stores throughout Sapporo City, so why not buy some for your friends back at home?

HP: www.kinotoya.com/shop/list.html (Japanese Only)

5. Sapporo Times Square

The typical Sapporo souvenir, the Sapporo Times Square is a soft sponge cake filled with custard cream. You can buy these at Odori, Sappori Ekimae and Susukino.

HP: http://kakasha.com/ (Japanese only)

6. Marusei Butter Sandwich

A sweet with white chocolate and raisin sandwiched between two layers of biscuit. Sold by Rokkatei, which has its headquarters in Hokkaido, this cream sandwich uses butter made with Hokkaido made milk. Why not bring some of these back for your friends at home so they can enjoy the taste of Hokkaido as well?

HP: www.rokkatei.co.jp/shop/ (Japanese Only)

7. Yukiyakonko

A sweet with a white chocolate center surrounded by layers of slightly bitter black cocoa biscuit. Sold by Rokkatei, a famous high quality sweet maker based in Hokkaido. The sweets come in individual portions, which makes them ideal as a souvenir.

HP: www.rokkatei.co.jp/shop/ (Japanese Only)

8. Nama Chocolate

A sweet made by the famous chocolate and baked sweet maker Royce, which is based in Sapporo. These nama chocolate (ganache) sweets come in a variety of flavors, including mild milk, bitter, marron and grape. You can now buy these at stores all over Sapporo, including convenience stores.

HP: corporate.royce.com/shop/ (Japanese Only)

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9. Potato Chip Chocolate

A sweet made by Royce that combines potato chips and chocolate. The saltiness of the chips and the sweetness of the chocolate go together surprisingly well!

HP: corporate.royce.com/shop/ (Japanese Only)

10. Sanporoku


Ryugetsu is a quality sweet maker based in Obihiro in Hokkaido with stores all around the country. Sanporoku is a baumkuchen with a coating of milk and white chocolate. The ingredients are all from Hokkaido, and they make a great present from the region.

HP: https://www.ryugetsu.co.jp/ (Japanese only)

11. Daiheigen

A sweet made by the Hokkaido sweet maker Rokkatei, Daiheigen is a madeleine made with generous amounts of Hokkaido butter for a rich, buttery taste.

HP: www.rokkatei.co.jp/shop/#sapporo (Japanese Only)

12. Ganso Tokibi Choco

A chocolate bar made with Hokkaido corn coated with white chocolate. The sweet flavor of the corn and rich chocolate come together to make a very moorish sweet. We highly recommended it as a souvenir of the flavors of Hokkaido.

HP: uu-hokkaido.com/corporate/kobushiya.shtml

HP: uu-hokkaido.jp/corporate/buy/otaru/kobushiya.shtml (Japanese Only)

13. Nama Caramel


A soft, creamy caramel sweet made at the Hanabatake Farm in Tokachi, Hokkaido, which is run by a famous celebrity in Japan. Their rich caramel sweets are a popular souvenir and are regularly covered on TV.

HP: http://www.hanabatakebokujo.com/products/caramel.html (Japanese only)

14. Strawberry Choco White

A sweet sold by Rokkatei made with freeze-dried ripe strawberries covered in a white chocolate coating. The slight sourness of the strawberries and the rich chocolate are an exquisite combination of the flavors of Hokkaido and make an ideal souvenir of the region.

HP: www.rokkatei.co.jp/shop/#sapporo (Japanese Only)

15. Double Fromage

A sweet sold by Letao of Otaru, Hokkaido. A cheesecake made with Hokkaido flour and generous amounts of Hokkaido cream and two layers of rare and baked cheese. Selected as the best sweet to order, these make an ideal souvenir.

HP: www.letao.jp/shop/ (Japanese Only)

16. Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yakitokibi

An crispy snack made with Japanese mochi rice into which Hokkaido corn has been kneeded. Only available in Hokkaido, these snacks are loved by the people of Sapporo.

HP: https://www.yoshimi-ism.co.jp/c/gr5 (Japanese only)

17. Kibana

A cookie type sweet made with white chocolate surrounded by layers of almond galette. Made by Kibana, a long-standing Hokkaido sweet maker. This sweet has received many awards in Japan for its flavor, so you can be sure it will make a great souvenir.

HP: https://tsuboya.net/collections/kibana (Japanese only)

18. Hokkaido Kaitaku Okaki

Yuko Hara/Flickr

An okaki snack made with Hokkaido salt and select mocha rice. With various other flavors based on local Hokkaido specialities, such as Erimo konbu flavor and hotate flavor, they make an ideal souvenir of your trip in the region.

HP: www.kitakaro.com/ext/tenpo/sapporohonkan.html (Japanese Only)

19. Yosei-no-mori

A baumkuchen made in a unique method that has led it to being recognized as the most moist baumkuchen in Japan. From the flour, to the cream, eggs and water, this baumkuchen is made entirely with locally produced Hokkaido ingredients. This is one souvenir that you can’t go wrong with.

HP: www.kitakaro.com/ext/tenpo/index.html (Japanese Only)

20. White Black Thunder

Black Thunder is a famous sweet in Japan. The white version is a Hokkaido exclusive version with a white chocolate coating made with Hokkaido milk. They are quite cheap, which makes them a great souvenir.

21. Sweet Potato

One of the sweets of the famous sweet maker Cranberry, located in Obihiro in Hokkaido. Made in a special method which really brings out the flavor of the local speciality, the sweet potato. If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese sweet, why not try these?

HP: https://www.cranberry.jp/ (Japanese only)

22. Haskapp Jewelry

A cookie made with generous amounts of Hokkaido-made honeyberry jam surrounding a mellow butter cream. These delicious cookies make a great souvenir of your trip to Hokkiado, so why not pick some up for your friends back at home?

HP: morimoto-shinya.jp/haskapp/haskappjewelry/ (Japanese Only)

23. Marukan Yokan

Marukan Yokan are a typical souvenir from Hokkaido. The sweet taste and texture are very unique to Japanese sweets. They last a long time, which makes them great as a souvenir.

HP: https://gokatteya.co.jp/?mode=cate&cbid=2768223&csid=0 (Japanese only)

24. Hokkaido Milk Castella

Made with fresh Hokkaido milk, these delicious castella are only available at Shin Chitose Airport, so if you are travelling by aeroplane, be sure to get some as souvenirs.

HP: h-castella.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 066-0012 Bibi, Chitose City, Hokkaido, 066-0012

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