[2018 Edition] 3 Must-Visit Spots in the Kanto Region for Fall Foliage in November

Many people say that the best time to view fall foliage in Japan is from early October all the way to the end of December. However, this is actually a rough estimate: In reality, it differs by region due to different plant species and climates. We've decided to create the ultimate guide to the best autumn foliage viewing spots in Japan, separated by area and month, for the year of 2018. This is Part 1 of the November series, and will focus on the mega-popular region of Kanto, which includes Tokyo, the capital and largest city in Japan.


Things to Do

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Fall Foliage in Japan

The act of viewing autumn leaves is called "momiji-gari" in Japanese. You can find places all over Japan that are famous for their beautiful autumn foliage, including easily-accessible places like city parks and temples to more remote locations like mountain peaks and deep forests. In other words, there should be a spot to satisfy everyone!

The above picture is a forecast map for Japan's fall foliage in 2018. If you're interested in practicing momiji-gari, you need to acquire a good, accurate forecast map. We've done our research, but please keep in mind that the dates are ultimately estimates.

This is the first part of the November edition of this series, but check out the article below to catch up on the October series (and see even more stunning photos of autumn foliage in Japan). 

Enjoy the Fall Colors in Kanto this November

Walk Through a Tunnel of Gold at Meijijingu Gaien Ginkgo Avenue (Tokyo)

This is arguably the most famous spot to view autumn foliage in all of Tokyo, and it is at its peak from mid-November to early December. Here, 146 ginkgo trees stretch from Aoyama Street to Meijijingu Gaien, and show off gorgeous golden-yellow leaves during the autumn. 


This park is also known for the Meijijingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival, which runs during peak autumn foliage season. In 2018, the festival will run from Nov. 16 - Dec. 2. Duirng the running of the festival, there will be food stalls set up selling fried foods, sweets, and more, so you can enjoy some delicious Japanese festival food while admiring the stunning ginkgo avenue. 


If you're not familiar with Japanese festival foods (there are so many!), the article below is a great place to start. See what looks good and try to see if you can try some for yourself at Meijijingu Gaien!