20 Superb Hokkaido Views

Hokkaido is known for being the beautiful yukiguni, or snow country. But you can actually see breathtaking sights in the northernmost prefecture all year round. Try to experience some of these suggested views if you make your way up north!


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1. A hill in Biei (Biei-cho)

Captain76/Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the popular tourist spots in Hokkaido. It offers us a different view every season, all drawing us into a world of fantasy.

2. Monbetsu

Panoramio upload bot/Wikimedia Commons

Here you can see ice floes drift across the open sea. Though the ice floe in the picture is relatively thin, you can say that the power of nature wrapped up in such beauty is first-class. The pale blue ice floe and the reflection of the water contrasting with the gold sunlight adorning it looks like a work of art.

3. Asahikawa

A shot taken from the inside of a train on the Soya Line of the outskirts of Wassamu, Kamikawa subprefecture. The beauty of the trees looking like winter cherry blossoms being bathed in sunlight makes it feel like a dream.

4. Shirakaba Namiki (On Tokachi Farm)

A seemingly endless road. In winter there's snow flowers and a pure white sky, but in the summer the lustrous leaves glitter with a vibrant green in the sunlight. No matter which season you visit, it's a popular tourist spot because of its year-round beauty.

5. Yubetsu's straight road

The blue and white world feels like it will go on forever. Both in Japan and in the rest of the world, there are many roads left to run down.

6. Lake Mashuu

通~commonswiki/Wikimedia Commons

Wouldn't you go here with someone and eat a warm bento? Make snowmen? Or would you rather come here alone and stare at the shaky surface of the water? If you're in Japan, you can forget yourself, and in the comfortable winter scenery you can pass the time by becoming one with nature in this secluded region.

7. Waterfalls Inside Takino Suzuran Hillside National Government Park

MChew/Wikimedia Commons

These waterfalls are considered one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls. You can stand under them and have your shoulders beaten. It might be good to do that and create a unique summer memory.

8. Taushubetsu River Bridge


Since Taushubetsu River Bridge spans over the artificial lake Nukabira, depending on the season, the water level undergoes a dramatic change. Because of that, there are periods where the bridge is completely covered with water, as well as peirods where the water level is so low you can see the entire bridge structure. Because of that, they call the Taushubetsu River Bridge "the bridge of illusions."

9. Aoiike (Biei-cho)


Aoiike was discovered by the world thanks to the word-of-mouth by cameramen. There were experiments held in order to learn why the water is so blue, including water quality tests, but the reason still hasn't been properly discerned. Possibly, if the water quality changes, it will stop being so blue.... Don't lose this precious chance to experience the lake's mystery.

10. Zerubu Hill (Biei-cho)


A field with sunflowers stretching to all corners. In Hokkaido, nature's scale is completely different from the rest of Japan. It's nonsense to think, 'why are there so many sunflowers grown here?' It's the perfect spot to play hide-and-seek. It would be good playing to the point where you get lost. You can visit every year in June, July, September, and August. 

11. Mount Shokanbetsu

Koda6029/Wikimedia Commons

When you look at this scenery, doesn't it remind you of that scene from Princess Mononoke? The gigantic columns of clouds filled with moisture and the thickly grown forests full of shadows compromise these Japanese mountains. Looking at the scenery from here makes one feel like they're trapped in ancient Japan. From here, what Japanese story will you remember?

12. Mangetsunuma, Asahidake


Koda6029/Wikimedia Commons


This is Hokkaido! Hokkaido is leader of large-scale Japanese scenery, and the name of this lake ("Full Moon") is appropriate. Since the scenery reflected in the surface of the water changes depending on the season, this is a sightseeing spot that can be enjoyed all year round.

13. The scenery from Daisetsuzan's summit 

This is a rare mountain range that looks like it's been painted with a zebra pattern. The dark green parts are the mountain surface and the white parts are snow. Since it's due to intervals in seasons, you can only see it in limited moments, but it's one of Hokkaido's most famous sceneries.

14. Hakodate

The autumn leaves are fleeting but beautiful. The green trees slowly dye themselves scarlet, and when they finish their role they scatter themselves onto the surface of the water in preparation for winter. This is one way to learn about the Japanese sense of wabi-sabi, so please come search for the words that will float to your heart when you stand in front of this sight.

15. Takinoue Park

DrTerraKhan/Wikimedia Commons

Phlox has extended all around the world. This scenery looks like a dream, or maybe heaven. The ground is wrapped in a vivid purple that seems like a lie, and the sight is complete with soft sunlight and thin distant trees that shake in the wind. If you breathe in the scent of the phlox, and then breathe out with all your strength, your face will naturally break out into a smile.

16. Koshimizu

Opqr/Wikimedia Commons

This dry field farm scenery looks as though it's straight out of a movie. You can spend your time wrapped in the wind sweeping over the field in order to receive the best way to heal the fatigue born of travel.

17. Naganuma

This rural landscape after harvest seems endless. Don't you want to slowly walk towards the horizon as the sun sets?

18. Lake Kutcharo

Peko/Wikimedia Commons

If you sit somewhere like this, it would be a luxurious way to spend the time as the sun sinks all around you. You can enjoy the starry sky, the downpouring rain full of the ocean, and the water surface glittering with the morning sun. You can enjoy it no matter the season, weather, or time. Please acquire the power of nature from this combination of the sea and the sky filling your field of vision.

19. Mt. Tomuraushi

Alpsdake/Wikimedia Commons

This scenery seems like it's from a movie. The road to the Mt. Tomuraushi trailhead is also a journey. You definitely don't want to get lost there, but you also might want to be alone. It's a scenery that makes you feel the suspicious power of nature.

20. Chitose - Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito)/Flickr

Every year from the end of January to mid-February, this festival is held due to the efforts of the local people. The huge original snow molds and the world of vivid color will transport your mind and body to another world.

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