19 Recommended Inexpensive Hotels in Tokyo

Sightseeing in Tokyo can get pricey, so if you want to stay in comfortable yet reasonably priced hotels or just prefer to spend your money on shopping and food instead of accommodation, check these hotels out!



1. Sakura Hostel Asakusa (Asakusa)

This guesthouse is in a convenient location. It is just a 3-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba Express in the heart of Asakusa, one of Tokyo's top sightseeing areas. Most of the rooms are dormitories, but they have twin and group rooms as well. The front desk is open 24 hours a day, and the staff can speak multiple languages. There's also women's only dormitories, so women traveling alone can feel secure. There's a shared kitchen open 24 hours a day, and there's a supermarket just 2 minutes away, so you can cook your own food. Each room has free Wi-Fi, and there are 6 computers in the lobby that are available for guests to use for free.

Sensoji Temple.

2. First Cabin Akihabara (Akihabara)

This capsule hotel in the popular Akihabara area is just 4 minutes away from the station. From Akihabara Station, you can take the Yamanote, Chuo, and Sobu Lines, so it's very convenient. The elegant rooms are made to look like the first class cabins on airplanes. The hotel is split into men's and women's areas, and there are security gates installed, so women traveling alone can stay here without worry. Each room has free Wi-Fi, TVs, and locked security boxes for your use.

This is Akihabara, where appliance stores and maid cafes are lined up right next to each other.

3. Hotel Mystays Asakusabashi (Asakusabashi)

This hotel is in a great location in Asakusabashi, an area that easily allows one to reach most sightseeing places in Tokyo. Around Asakusabashi Station, there's many stores offering natural rocks and beads, so it's a great area for people who like crafting. There are also many wholesale fireworks shops where you can enjoy looking at some of Japan's gorgeous fireworks. It's close to Asakusa, Ueno, and Akihabara, and you can reach Shinjuku by using the JR Sobu Line. Inside the hotel, there are many convenient facilities like a laundry corner and a convenience store, and each room has free Wi-Fi. Some rooms have mini-kitchens, and for an extra fee, you can rent kitchen tools and tableware, portable Wi-Fi routers, bicycles, and more, so it's great for a long stay.

This is one of the many beads shops around Asakusabashi Station.

4. Unplan Kagurazaka (Kagurazaka)

This stylish guesthouse was awarded the silver prize in the JDC Design Awards 2016. It's just 3 minutes away from Kagurazaka Station, so it's great for sightseeing. Kagurazaka is a popular area thanks to its Edo-period townscape and stone-paved streets. This guesthouse has Wi-Fi, and there are 4 types of rooms that range from dormitory rooms to private rooms. You can see the Skytree from some of the terrace rooms! The dormitories have wooden beds and security boxes, and there are women-only rooms as well. The lounge on the first floor has a cafe and bar that's open all day, and the barista can make you delicious coffee in the morning and a variety of drinks (for an extra charge) in the evening. They have staff available to help you with your sightseeing, and they offer several support services such as buying tickets and tours for you. You can also dress up in a kimono here, and every Wednesday, drinks are half-off for women.

A stone-paved street in Kagurazaka.

5. Khaosan World Asakusa Ryokan&Hostel (Asakusa)

This guesthouse is only 1 minute away from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station. It's very easy to reach Ueno and Akihabara from here. There are various types of rooms to match guests' needs, from dormitories to family rooms, modern rooms, and rooms made with new Japanese shapes that reflect traditional aesthetics. All of the rooms have unique interiors. There are also women-only rooms and kids' rooms. Also available are free Wi-Fi, free tea and coffee, a shared kitchen, and coin laundry machines, so you can have a comfortable time here!

The image below is of Sensoji Temple's enormous Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate).

Sensoji Temple.

6. MyCube by Mystays Asakusa Kuramae (Kuramae)

This capsule hotel that's just a minute away from Kuramae Station is right by Sumida River, where the city's largest firework festival is held during the summer. The Asakusa area is within walking distance as well, so you can take a stroll around the traditional townscape. This hotel just opened in June 2016, so it's a bright, stylish space. All the rooms have free Wi-Fi, USB ports, locked safety boxes, and locked luggage spaces beneath the bed, so you can spend your time as comfortably as possible. There's a bar-lounge in the public area, and you can have freshly baked bread for breakfast for a reasonable price.

A photo of the fireworks festival that is held every summer at Sumida River. 

7. Hotel Toms (Kamata)

This hotel in Kamata is just 30 minutes away by train from Haneda Airport, and there's also an express bus from the station that goes to Tokyo Disneyland. It's also a convenient spot for sightseeing in Yokohama. Just 5 minutes away from the hotel is a public bathhouse called Hasunuma Onsen, which has 100% spring water, and it's open until 1 AM. Each room is simple but comfortable, and outfitted with free Wi-Fi. There are coin laundry machines and dryers, as well as humidifiers and air purifiers available for rent. There's also a free breakfast service in the lounge on the 1st floor.

A photo of Hasunuma Onsen, the bathhouse in the neighborhood.

8. Toco. (Iriya)

This guesthouse is built in a 90 year old former home made with plenty of wood, so it's a hotel where you can experience traditional Japan. They only have dormitory rooms, but you can choose between a Japanese-style room with futons or a Western-style room with beds. All rooms have free Wi-Fi. There's a shared kitchen space with tableware and seasonings, and you're welcome to use the fridge without charge. At the living space in the evening, they have a bar time where you can drink sake and cocktails, as well as have a light meal for an extra charge. The area around Iriya Station still has a working class atmosphere, and you can easily reach popular areas like Kappabashi Dougu Street, Sensoji Temple, Ameyoko, Ueno Zoo, and the Ueno Royal Museum.

This is the popular Ueno Zoo. 

9. Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge (Kuramae)

This guesthouse is within walking distance of Sensoji Temple. Nearby, the Sumida River flows, and in the summer you can see the fireworks festival there. Akihabara, Ryogoku Sumo Hall, and the Edo-Tokyo Museum are all nearby, so it's in a great place for sightseeing. There is free Wi-Fi in the dormitories, twin and double rooms, so you can choose which suits you based on your needs. There are women's only dormitories that have homemade wooden beds that are filled with warmth. The doors can be locked. There is a shared kitchen and library, so you can use the seasonings and kitchen tools to cook, read the books in the hotel's possession, and otherwise spend a lovely, relaxing time there!

This is the inside of Ryogoku Sumo Hall, the holy land for sumo. 

10. Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510 (Shinjuku)

This hotel by the east exit of Shinjuku Station is perfect not just for sightseeing in Tokyo, but also for going to hot spring resorts like Odawara or Hakone. You can easily reach anywhere in the country via the bus terminal. Inside the box-like space of your room is everything you need, including a TV, and the floors are separated by gender. There's also gender-separated public baths and saunas. Inside the hotel is free Wi-Fi and reasonably priced meals that are available until very late. On the women's only floors, there's also a free manga corner filled with different comics and women's magazines.

The large bus terminal in Shinjuku Station. 

11. Stayto (Ueno)

This hotel in Ueno has an international atmosphere thanks to guests coming in from around the world every day. From the hotel, you can reach Kappabashi Dougu Street, Sensoji Temple, Ueno Zoo, and the Ueno Royal Museum by foot, so you can enjoy various places in the working class neighborhood. Each room has free-WiFi, and there are single and double rooms, as well as dormitories. There are various facilities available for your needs, including a coin laundry machine, a dryer, and a mini-kitchen with a microwave. Sometimes they hold events, so it is a place where you can enjoy mingling with people from other countries.

Shinobazu Pond during the lotus season in Ueno Park. 

12. Guesthouse Shinagawa Shuku (Kita-Shinagawa)

This guesthouse is a 12 minute walk from Shinagawa Station, one of the stations where you can take the bullet train. It's around 17 minutes to Haneda Station by train from Shinagawa Station, and just 20 minutes to Yokohama, so it's great for people that want to travel outside of Tokyo. They have various rooms that range from dormitories to triple rooms, and there are also Japanese-style rooms where you can sleep on futons placed right on top of tatami floors. There are women's only floors, as well as free Wi-Fi, cheap bicycle rentals, and other services that are great for travelers. In the area is a shopping arcade, so you can enjoy a traditional Japanese atmosphere while still in the heart of the city.

The entrance to the bullet train in Shinagawa Station. 

13. Hotel Asakusa & Capsule (Tawaramachi)

This capsule hotel in Asakusa is in a great location for reaching Ueno and Skytree. You can also walk to other popular locations like Sensoji Temple and Kappabashi Dougu Street. There are also single rooms available, so you can choose based on your budget and needs. There's a large public bath, free Wi-Fi, and cheap bicycle rental, among other services that are great for travelers.

Kappabashi Dougu Street is an area where you can buy kitchen tools and tableware. 

14. Hotel Mystays Kameido (Kameido)

This hotel is right along the JR Sobu Line and is just 5 minutes away from Kameido Station. It's very easy to reach Ryogoku Station, where the Ryogoku Sumo Hall and Edo-Tokyo Museum are, as well as Akihabara and Shinjuku. Each room has a mini-kitchen attached and free Wi-Fi. If you want a slightly luxurious room, you can choose one that allows you to gaze out at Tokyo Skytree from the window. The hotel has two restaurants, a Western one and a Japanese one, so you can enjoy meals there for a reasonable price. You can also rent kitchen tools, tableware, portable Wi-Fi routers and more.

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is a place where you can learn about Japanese history.

15. Tokyo Hutte (Oshiage)

This guesthouse near Oshiage Station is right next to Tokyo Skytree, and it also allows easy access to the heart of the city and airports. From Tokyo Skytree, you can reach Tokyo Station and Haneda Airport, and there's also a shuttle bus that goes to Tokyo Disney Resort. The neighborhood has a strong working class aesthetic, so you can walk through it until you reach Asakusa. Most of the rooms are dormitories, but there is one Japanese-style private room. The dormitories have safety boxes so you can put away your valuables, and there are also women-only dormitories with semi-double beds.

Tokyo Skytree. 

16. Okachimachi Station Hotel (Okachimachi)

This hotel, just 3 minutes from Okachimachi Station, is also close to Ueno Station and easily accessible from Narita Airport. It's close to many of Tokyo's major sightseeing areas, including Ueno Park (known for its cherry blossoms) and Shinobazu Pond, as well as the zoo and art museum. They have a variety of rooms, from capsule rooms to semi-double rooms, so you can choose your room based on your needs and budget. There's a large public bath, as well as free Wi-Fi and cheap bicycle rentals, so it's great for travelers.

Ueno Park during the cherry blossom season. 

17. Hotel Maruchu Centro (Minami-Senju)

This hostel right by Minami-Senju Station was renovated in 2013 and is only 15 minutes away from Tokyo Station. The showers, bath, and toilet are all shared, but each room is made for maximum privacy. Each room has a TV, refrigerator, and free Wi-Fi, and there's also a women's only floor. The area provides maximum convenience with restaurants and convenience stores in the area, and it's also close to the station. It's in a quiet area a little bit away from the center of the city, but it's very easy to reach popular areas like Ueno, Asakusa, and Akihabara.

A shopping center by Minami-Senju Station. 

18. K's House Tokyo Oasis (Asakusa)

This guesthouse in the center of Asakusa is the best place to stay for sightseeing in the area. The amusement park attached to Sensoji Temple, Hanayashiki, is right by the guesthouse, so it's a great place if you want to check out a retro theme park. There are various rooms that range from dormitories to private rooms, as well as a lounge that has free coffee and tea. There's also a kitchen with tableware and seasonings, as well as free Wi-Fi throughout the whole establishment. Asakusa is a top sightseeing area in Tokyo, so this guesthouse is popular with foreign guests and therefore is a great place for cultural exchange. You can reach Akihabara easily via the Tsukuba Express.

The amusement park, Hanayashiki. 

19. Grids Hostel Lounge Nihonbashi East (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

This guesthouse is in Higashi-Nihonbashi, close to Akihabara and Asakusa. There are various rooms available, from dormitories to group rooms. This bright, clean hotel has free Wi-Fi and women-only floors, so solo female travelers can feel safe. It's easy to get to both Narita and Haneda Airports from here, since direct trains to either run from Higashi-Nihonbashi Station. Inside the hotel, there's a laundry room, a mini-kitchen, and a fridge in the common room, all of which are available for use 24 hours a day. There's a bar lounge where you can enjoy reasonably priced meals from morning to night.

Tokyo has an image of only having expensive accommodations, but there are guesthouses and business hotels, as well as capsule hotels, where you can stay for a reasonable price. There are plenty of hotels in this city that you can consider based on your budget and needs!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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