20 Best Accommodations in Hokkaido for a Good Night's Sleep!

There are many picturesque hot spring areas in Hokkaido, and there you'll be able to find loads of Japanese inns with beautiful hot spring baths. When you are planning a trip to Hokkaido, you mustn't miss out in any one of these inns in this list.



1. Nukumori-no-Yado, Furukawa

Nukumori-no-Yado, Furukawa is located at Sapporo's Jozankei. Furukawa is a hot springs area that is also famous for it picturesque landscapes all year round, and this particular Japanese inn is a classy one for you to travel in style. 

HP: www.yado-furu.com/en/english.html

HP: www.yado-furu.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address:4-353  Jozankeionsen-nishi, Minami Ward, Sapporo City, Hokkaido (Google Map)

2. Akan Tsurunaga Bessou HINANOZA

In the eastern part of Hokkaido, we have Lake Akan, and it is by this lake that the beautiful Akan Tsurunaga Bessou HINANOZA stands. The rooms here have beautiful views of the lake, and we guarantee that you will feel ultimately refreshed after a stay here. 

HP: www.hinanoza.com/en/

HP: www.hinanoza.com/tw/ (Chinese)

HP: www.hinanoza.com/ (Japanese)

Address: 2-8-1 Akancho Akankoonsen, Kushiro, Hokkaido (Google Map)

3. Borou Noguchi Hakodate

Hakodate is a major tourist spot in Hokkaido, and besides getting really fresh seafood here, you can come an enjoy the wonder of hot springs at its Yunokawa area. Right in the middle of Yunokawa is where you will find Borou Noguchi, the hot spring paradise to soak in when you are in Hakodate. Come here to escape from reality. 

HP: www.bourou-hakodate.com/en

HP: www.bourou-hakodate.com/cnt (Chinese)

HP: www.bourou-hakodate.com/? gclid=CjwKEAjwpuSvBRDSkaes4OasuEESJACfwIc_VW7RdzssPyCT7VVcmrw7Np-YoqrHLEynezjyiFaENRoCUqvw_wcB (Japanese)

Address: 1-17-22 Yunokawacho, Hakodate City (Google Map)

4. Onsen Ryokan Ginkonyu

Yakumo is a beautiful area filled with luscious green at the southern part of Hokkaido. In the middle of Yakumo, we have Ginkonyu. This hot spring Japanese inn offers 3 outdoor baths that you can reserve all to yourself (If you make reservations well beforehand). Many visitors from near and far come here for to enjoy the benefits of the hot spring water, and to enjoy the green scenery. 

HP: www.ginkonyu.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 199 Kaminoyu, Yakumo, Futami District, Hokkaido (Google Map)

5. Hazel Grouse Manor

d in the eastern part of Hokkaido. The land goes as far as the eye can see, and right in the middle of this town, we have the Hazel Grouse Manor. The manor is built based on Georgian architectural styles, and the owners of this place take a lot of pride in making this inn a comfortable beautiful place for their guests. 

HP: www.hazelgrouse.com/en/

HP: www.hazelgrouse.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 116-1 Nijibetsugenya 65 Sen, Shibecha, Kawakami District, Hokkaido (Google Map)

6. Yuyado-Daiichi

This is another recommendation we have for Sibecha. Right in the middle of the rich forest here, you'll find Yuyado-Daiichi. Being right in the middle of the forest means that you'll be hearing a lot of birds chirping and animal calls. Bring your binoculars along for some bird or animal watching. This is one place where you will be able to get in touch with mother nature. 

HP: www.yoroushi.jp/english/ (Chinese)

HP: www.yoroushi.jp/about/ (Japanese)

Address: Yoroushionsen Yoroushi, Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu District, Hokkaido (Google Map)

7. Suizantei Club Jozankei

Well, if you asked any locals in Sapporo on where to go for a good hot spring soak, every single one of them would probably recommend Jozankei to you. If you are in the mood to splurge, you should make reservations here at the classy fine Suizantei Club in Jozankei. It is popular among the locals too, and here you will get to enjoy the hot springs baths and the beautiful flora surrounding the inn. 

HP: www.club-jyozankei.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 2-10 Jozankeionsennishi, Minami Ward, Sapporo City, Hokkaido (Google Map)

8. Otaru Ryotei Kuramure

You can easily head to Otaru from Sapporo, and it takes only 1 hour. This beautiful inn, Otaru Ryotei Kuramure is chic and they provide excellent customer service from the moment you arrive in Otaru. Call ahead and they will pick you up from your point of arrival. This is undeniably a paradise built on earth. 

HP: www.kuramure.com/en/

HP: www.kuramure.com/zhtw/ (Chinese)

HP: www.kuramure.com/ (Japanese)

9. Hot Spring Hotel Marukoma 

Lake Shikotsu is located in the south of Sapporo. Near this lake, stands the beautiful Hot Spring Hotel Marukoma that has been around since the Showa period. This historical inn promises to offer you great hot spring baths with beautiful views of Lake Shikotsu.

HP: www.marukoma.co.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 7 Lake Shikotsu, Chitose City, Hokkaido (Google Map)

10. Noribetsuonsenkyo Takinoya

Noribetsu is probably the most famous and popular hot springs area in the whole of Hokkaido. Right in the middle of Noribetsu, we have Noribestuonsenkyo Takinoya that is surrounded by rich flora. You'll feel superbly refreshed and pampered after a soak in their outdoor baths that offer beautiful views of nature. 

HP: www.takinoya.co.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 162 Noribestuonsen, Noribetsu City, Hokkaido (Google Map)

11. Chikuba Shinyotei Hakodate

Hakodate is located in the southern area of Hokkaido. It's a beautiful city and here we have Chikuba Shinyotei Hakodate, a traditional Japanese inn with hot spring baths. The inn offers a lot of traditional and cultural aspects of Japan, like its indoor zen rock garden. If you are ever in Hakodate, we definitely recommend this place for an authentic Japanese inn stay. 

HP: www.chikuba-s.co.jp/contents/english/index.html

HP: www.chikuba-s.co.jp/index.shtml (Japanese Only)

Address: 2-6-22 Yunokawacho, Hakodate City, Hokkaido (Google Map)

12. Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa MIZU NO UTA

Lake Shikotsu lies majestically at the south of Sapporo. Here at Tsuruga Resort Spa MIZU NO UTA, you'll be able to catch beautiful views of the lake too. This Japanese inn is not to be taken lightly. They'll guarantee a night of sweet dreams and a day of relaxation with the many facilities that they have prepared. There are many different types of hot springs bath available to cater to every need. This is a must-stay place.  

HP: www.mizunouta.com/en/

HP: www.mizunouta.com/tw/ (Chinese)

HP: www.mizunouta.com/ (Japanese)

Address: Shikotsukoonsen, Chitose City, Hokkaido (Google Map)

13. Sounkyo Onsen Choyo Resort Hotel

Deep in the heart of Asahikawa, lies Sounkyo, a famous rich hot spring area in Hokkaido. Here we have Sounkyo Onsen Choyo Resort Hotel. It offers a great stay with beautiful hot spring baths and a great view of Sounkyo. Many come here to experience the beauty of Sounkyo regardless of the season. 

HP: en.choyotei.com/

HP: cnt.choyotei.com/ (Chinese)

HP: www.choyotei.com/ (Japanese)

Address: Sounkyo Onsen, Kamikawa, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido (Google Map)

14. Kangetsuen

Tokachi, a vast plain in the middle of Hokkaido is blessed with natural beauty. Here we have the famous Kangetsuen. You'll feel welcomed here and more in tuned with nature with the rich flora that the surroundings has to offer.

HP: www.japanican.com/en/hotel/detail/1408001/

HP: www.japanican.com/hk/hotel/detail/1408001/?anl=Kangetsuen+&rn=1&apn=2&hcpn=0&cbn=0&prfrom=5000&prto=50000 (Chinese)

HP: kangetsuen.com/ (Japanese)

Address: 14-14-2 Tokachigawaonsenminami, Otofuke, Kato District, Hokkaido (Google Map)

15. Auberge Kita No Dan Dan

Abashiri is in the eastern part of Hokkaido, and many come here to witness the beautiful drift ice on the Okhotsk Sea in winter. There are two ways to catch the drift ice here; sign up for a ship tour or stay here at Auberge Kita No Dan Dan that offers great views of the Okhotsk Sea. The latter is definitely a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone option!

HP: www.only-hotsk.com/index.html (Japanese Only)

Address: 39-17 Omagiri, Abashiri City, Hokkaido (Google Map)

16. Kokoro No Resort Umi No Bettei Furukawa

Shiraoi District is at the south of Sapporo, and here we have Kokoro No Resort Umi No Bettei Furukawa. Take off your shoes and relax here with the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. This resort guarantees you some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of your every day life. Although pricey but the stay is worth every single dime. 

HP: www.kokorono-resort.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 289-3 Kojohama, Shiraoi, Shiraoi District, Hokkaido (Google Map)

17. Noribetsu Hot Spring Hotel Hanayura

Noribetsu, Hokkaido is rich with hot springs. One of the many beautiful Japanese inns here that come with hot spring facilities is the Noribetsu Hot Spring Hotel Hanayura. For visitors who are not too familiar with the whole hot spring culture here in Japan, you can try their rooms that come with private outdoor baths, so that you can relax without having to worried about being naked in front of strangers. 

HP: hanayura.com/en/index.html

HP: hanayura.com/tw/index.html (Chinese)

HP: hanayura.com/ (Japanese)

Address: 100 Noribetsuonsencho, Noribetsu City, Hokkaido (Google Map)

18. Kashoutei Hanaya

This is another one of the many famous and popular inns that you can find at Noribetsu, Hokkaido. This inn is not only famous for its hot spring baths, but the locals here rave about their food too. If you are ever planning to visit Noribetsu, you might want to consider staying here to truly enjoy the town better!

HP: www.kashoutei-hanaya.co.jp/english/index.htm

HP: www.kashoutei-hanaya.co.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 134 Noribetsuonsencho, Noribetsu City, Hokkaido (Google Map)

19. Onsen Pension Mori No Fukuro

For a cosy accommodation without too many overwhelming fringes, Onsen Pension Mori No Fukuro could be your answer. This place is perfect for those who are more focused in being outdoors most of the time, and just want a place to sleep when the moon is up. 

HP: morinofukurou.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 27 Nukabiragensenkyominami Ward, Kamishihoro, Kato District, Hokkaido (Google Map)

20. Maruseppu Onsen Maure Sanso

Maruseppu Onsen Maure Sanso lies in Monbetsu, Hokkaido. It is a beautiful resort that would remind you of some European manor tucked in a forest. For a serene home-away-from-home holiday, this is the place to come to. 

HP: www.maure-sanso.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 172 Maruseppukamimurii, Engaru, Monbetsu District, Hokkaido (Google Map)

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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