15 Recommended Ramen Places in Nagoya

Below are some great ramen places in Nagoya. Each restaurant offers quality ramen with quality noodles, soups, and toppings. If you are interested in any of the following ramen places, check them out!

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1. Tsukemen Maruwa - Meieki West Branch

Tsukemen Maruwa (Meieki West Branch) is a ramen restaurant famous for offering many "no-soup" noodle dishes such as "No-Soup Taiwan", "No-Soup Shrimp Salt Taiwan", and "No-Soup Niboshi (Dried Sardines) Taiwan". Their signature dish, "No-Soup Taiwanese Soba", provides you with a perfect combination of thick noodles and rich sauce. Other than no-soup noodles, they also have a lot of ramen dishes (such as dipping noodles and regular ramen), and there is always a long line of people during lunch hours.

2. Manchinken

Manchinken is a Chinese restaurant, but they're popular for their great ramen. Their "Egg Drop Ramen" gets a lot of attention from the media, and it is known for its rich soup made from Nagoya Cochin chicken bone and pork broth. The egg, which melts into the soup, is amazing, and gives the dish a striking yet mellow taste. It goes well with the thin noodles, and is really addictive.

3. Konan - Main Branch

Established in year 30 of the Showa era (1955), Konan Main Branch is a popular Chinese restaurant. Many customers come for their popular "Nira Ninniku (Garlic Chives) Ryu-men". "Ryu-men" is a type of ramen with a clear soup made from slow-cooked pork and chicken bone broth. The only toppings are one slice of chashu (pork belly) and white onions. This simplicity shows the owner's confidence in the taste of the noodles and soup. The noodles are thin, curly, and smooth. If it's your first time visiting the restaurant, it is highly recommended to try their Nira Ninniku Ryu-men.

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4. Niboshi Ramen 88 - Nagoya Station West Branch

Niboshi Ramen 88 (Nagoya Station West Branch) is a popular ramen restaurant that is always visited by a lot of people. Their rich and addictive soup is made with dried sardine broth, as well as a lot of time and care. The straight noodles are medium-thin, and they're a perfect match for the great soup. Their dipping noodles is also recommended.


5. So

Their rich chicken broth is so good that it makes you want to come back soon. A long line of people can be seen here during lunch hours. Their Chicken Baitan Soba is the signature dish here. The noodles are medium-thin, and the pork belly is very thick and chewy, which goes really well with the soup.

6. Ramen Shinya

Ramen Shinya is a ramen place famous for their Dandan noodles. The soup - made with a blend of 3 different kinds of sesame (smooth sesame paste, rough sesame paste, and ground sesame) - is extremely rich in flavor. The noodles are medium-thick and go well with the soup. They taste so great that you'll definitely want to come back!

7. Ichibanboshi - Meieki Branch

Located fairly close to Yanagibashi Market, Ichibanboshi is famous for their ramen, which has a rich pork broth soup. They have various kinds of ramen on top of the regular variety, such as "Egg Drop Ramen" and "Miso Ramen". Their regular ramen dishes have a mild-tasting pork soup, and because it is not too greasy, it is easy for women to eat as well. You can enjoy ramen with a lot of different tastes, as they have a lot of different ramen!

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8. Menya Rokusanroku - Meieki Branch

Menya Rokusanroku is a great ramen place where the ramen is made with seaweed and dried sardine broth. The plump noodles and thick chashu (pork belly) make it taste even better. It is recommended for those that want to have a rich and clear ramen.

9. Kaito

Kaito is a ramen restaurant where you can have "Yokohama-style Homecooked Ramen". The soup is made with fresh pork bones, chicken broth, and no artificial seasonings. The characteristically thick noodles and chashu (pork belly) go really well with the rich and oily soup.

*This place has closed down.

10. Nagoya Ramen Nagoya

The signature dish here is the "Nagoya Cochin Special Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Ramen", which has a simple soy sauce-based soup and curly noodles. It is topped with Nagoya Cochin - a local breed of chicken in Nagoya - and its richness makes the bowl taste even better. You can choose between 3 spiciness levels for their Taiwanese ramen, which is another popular dish. It comes with leeks, bean sprouts, minced meat, and other toppings.

11. Hinode Ramen - Meikei West Exit Branch

Hinode Ramen is popular among the locals for their rich dipping noodles. The noodles they use here are super thick and so good. The fish and pork broth-based soup, as well as the thick noodles, are well-received by many young adult males. This place is highly recommended for big eaters!


12. Kuroton Ramen Kurobee

Kuroton Ramen Kurobee is a pork broth ramen restaurant that uses Berkshire pig. The rich soup is slowly cooked for 2 days, and its combination with straight noodles and chashu (pork belly) dipped in a secret sauce results in perfection. It is so good and so addictive that you'll want to eat it again and again!

13. Ramen Rikimaru

Ramen Rikimaru is a ramen place that is popular for their mildly spicy Taiwanese ramen. Other than that, their rich miso ramen is also popular. Its soft and mild taste is really good. In winter, they add curry ramen to the menu, and a lot of people come for the season-limited noodles.

14. Ginya - Nagoya Station West Exit Branch

Ginya (Nagoya Station West Exit Branch) is highly rated by tsukemen (dipping noodle) lovers. Here, you can enjoy the light, yet great taste of dipping noodles. In the summer, they have a popular dish with matcha-infused noodles called "Cold Yuzu Matcha Tsukemen". "Yu Soba" - a ramen dish with a well-blended soup made from chicken and fish broth - looks and tastes good, and is also quite popular. It is recommended for those that want to have great tsukemen!

15. Hibiki

Located close to Nagoya Station, Hibiki is a ramen restaurant famous for their pork miso ramen, which is a bit hard to find around the area. The deep and rich taste of miso with the pork broth soup is highly addictive, and it all goes really well with the medium-thick noodles. It is recommended for those that want to try something unusual.

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