14 Convenient and Affordable Hotels in Osaka to Experience Nature in the Heart of the City

Osaka is Japan's second greatest city, following Tokyo. It has many famous tourist attractions, including the renowned Osaka Castle, Japan's highest building: the Abeno Harukas, and the Umeda Sky Building, known worldwide for its beautiful architecture. Osaka is also known for cheap and tasty local foods, such as takoyaki (octopus fried in balls of batter) and kushikatsu (fried skewers). In this article, we will introduce 14 hotels conveniently located in beautiful, natural areas close to Osaka’s popular tourist spots and restaurants, where visitors to the city can relax after a day of sightseeing.

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Hotel New Otani Osaka (6,750 Yen and Up/Night)

Hotel New Otani Osaka is located right in front of Osaka Castle, which sits within Osaka Castle Park, a vast green area. The spacious guestrooms have large windows through which guests can enjoy wonderful views of Osaka Castle, both during the day and when it is lit up beautifully and somewhat mystically at night. When making reservations, be sure to ask for a room with a view of the marvelous Osaka Castle.

At the hotel, there are many restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines, including Japanese, French, and Chinese. We particularly recommend Keyaki, which specializes in Kobe beef cooked on a teppanyaki iron griddle. This is the perfect restaurant to enjoy the highest-quality wagyu beef while enjoying views of the city and Osaka Castle.

Breakfast is served buffet-style with a selection of more than 100 Japanese, Chinese, and Western-style dishes. Delicious freshly-baked bread and fluffy omelets that chefs make on order are also available.

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Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka (3,100 Yen and Up/Night)

Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka is part of the Osaka Business Park, an area consisting of a group of skyscrapers and an urban park. The hotel is popular for its location, conveniently set in the city center yet surrounded by nature. Osaka Castle Park is located just a 15-minute walk away and attracts many visitors during the cherry blossom season.

The hotel rooms are distinguished by a simple, modern design. There is a wide range of available room types, from singles to rooms that accommodate up to four guests, and each is equipped with a minibar with tea and alcoholic beverages, a desk, and an LCD TV.

On the 16th floor, you’ll find a spa with natural onsen hot spring baths. Rest your tired body by soaking in the hot spring water that can help with everything from muscle aches to joint pain. Spa services such as body scrubs, massages, and a beauty salon are also available.

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Hotel Sun White (4,590 Yen and Up/Night)

Hotel Sun White is in the perfect spot for tourists, about 5 minutes on foot from Osaka Castle and within 20 minutes by train from major tourist destinations such as Namba and Umeda. The hotel has permanent staff who speak English, Chinese, and Korean, so even those not fluent in Japanese can easily get a room here.

Choose a plan that includes breakfast and you can enjoy a wonderful buffet selection in the morning, which includes many different Japanese and Western-style dishes as well as lovely-smelling bread that is sure to whet your appetite.

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Hotel Consort Shin-Osaka (3,900 Yen and Up/Night)

Hotel Consort Shin-Osaka is in a convenient location, about 30 seconds on foot from the nearest station, which is just one stop away from Shin-Osaka Station. The hotel is located in the heart of nature, with the Yodo River flowing nearby and a sprawling lawn surrounding it.

The hotel re-opened after renovations in 2018 and now boasts a spacious interior with a sense of elegance and luxury. It has also been thoroughly retrofitted to withstand earthquakes, so it is a safe place to be in the rare chance of a natural disaster. A variety of amenities such as mouthwash, ear plugs, soup, and herbal teas are available at the front desk to ensure that guests have a comfortable stay—a testament to the hotel's warm hospitality.

The simple and immaculate guestrooms can accommodate up to five guests. The bedding consists of fluffy, high-quality duvets that gently envelop you, as well as top-of-the-line mattresses that guarantee a good night’s sleep. Get the rest that you deserve at the Hotel Consort Shin-Osaka.

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Locanda Shin-Osaka (12,000 Yen and Up/Night)

Locanda Shin-Osaka is a hotel intended for extended stays, offering such amenities as a shared kitchen, washing machines, and bathroom dehumidifiers. The hotel also has plans for large groups between 10 and 20 guests, and boasts beautiful natural surroundings perfect for strolling, with the Yodo River and a large park nearby.

The above picture shows a shared space for guests: a community room in a uniquely Japanese style. With sofas and tables and a TV, it is the perfect space to relax in. One of the draws of the Locanda Shin-Osaka is a chance to meet and interact with other guests.

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New Osaka Hotel (8,470 Yen and Up/Night)

New Osaka Hotel is at a great location, just a 3-minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station, the gateway to the city. It’s easy to get from the hotel to popular tourist destinations such as Osaka Castle, Universal Studios Japan, or Dotonbori, Osaka's major entertainment district packed with places to try great local food.

This is the Check-in Advance Service machine that allows you to check in at 8:00 am (rooms can be accessed after 3:00 pm). By checking in early and leaving your bags at the hotel, you can enjoy a little sightseeing and go right to your room when you return to the hotel.

There is a wide range of room types available, including singles, doubles, family rooms, and suites. The rooms are decorated in a simple, relaxing style, ensuring a comfortable stay for the guests. Come lay your head down on the New Osaka Hotel’s spacious beds.

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Oakwood Hotel & Apartments Shin-Osaka

Oakwood Hotel & Apartments Shin-Osaka is located 10 minutes by foot from Shin-Osaka Station. It offers both hotel-style and apartment-style rooms. The interior is decorated in an elegant, modern style that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Of the 185 available rooms, 59 are hotel rooms, and the remaining 126 are apartment-style rooms with spacious kitchens and kitchen appliances. This is a hotel where you can live as if you were at home. There are also connecting rooms with hotel-style and apartment-style rooms linked with each other. The hotel is especially recommended for large groups.

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Senri Hankyu Hotel Osaka (8,000 Yen and Up/Night)

The Senri Hankyu Hotel Osaka is in a convenient location just 5 minutes by foot from Senri-Chuo Station, which is about 13 minutes by train from Shin-Osaka Station. The hotel is surrounded by trees, allowing guests to experience nature in the heart of the city. The simple and immaculate rooms are spacious enough to even accommodate guests with lots of luggage. The hotel offers a wide range of room types that are perfect for anyone, from small groups to entire families.

During the summer, guests can make use of an outdoor pool and feel as if they were at a resort in the middle of the city. There are also body care services to heal your tired body and a gift shop where you can purchase local souvenirs, so there is plenty to do at the hotel.

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Liber Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

Liber Hotel at USJ is located in the bay area of Osaka. It is close to Universal Studios Japan and is 30 to 60 minutes by train from Shin-Osaka Station and major tourist destinations.

There is a range of room types available, from standards to family rooms, as well as the particularly popular Spacious Room Bright. It has a unique design with a communal area surrounded by beds, and can accommodate between four and six guests. It is the perfect space to enjoy with your travel companions.

The breakfast buffet with more than 100 different dishes is one of the main appeals of this hotel. Breakfast is served in a spacious dining area with views of the Aji River—a great place to relax and enjoy good food while making plans for the day.

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The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

The Park Front Hotel at USJ is on the main street leading up to Universal Studios Japan. Take one step into this hotel that was designed to evoke a sophisticated American metropolis and you will find yourself in a world of sophisticated luxury.

With each floor designed to represent a different area of the US, such as New York, California, Miami, and Boston, the hotel offers a stylish space that feels almost like actually being in America. The Aji River flows nearby and can be seen from the guestrooms.

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Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower (9,200 Yen and Up/Night)

The Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower offers fantastic city panoramas from 200m aboveground. It has 51 floors and is famous for having one of the most beautiful views in Osaka. It is directly connected to Bentencho Station on the Osaka Loop Line and the Osaka Metro line and is in a convenient location to get to Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Port of Osaka, and Sakishima, among other places.

The hotel boasts a hot spring facility, the Soraniwa Onsen, designed to evoke the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1568-1600). It consists of a variety of baths and saunas, including open-air baths with alkaline hot spring water sourced from 1,000m below ground, terrace baths with fantastic views of the hotel’s spacious garden, carbonated and seasonal baths, and private baths that parties of 2 to 5 can rent. Admission to the baths is usually 2,790 yen and up but guests at the hotel enjoy a special rate of 1,500 yen, so be sure to soak in the hot spring waters to relax and rest up for the next day. The hotel also has a gift shop selling cute souvenirs and a bar serving sake so you can get much done on the premises.

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WAQOO Shitaderamachi (6,916 Yen and Up/Night)

WAQOO Shitaderamachi is a shukubo-style hotel. A shukubo is an overnight accommodation for monks and other worshippers at shrines and Buddhist temples. Today, many of them accept guests from the general public and are attracting attention for offering extraordinary and uniquely Japanese experiences.

This hotel doesn’t just offer overnight accommodations, but also hosts events where guests can experience traditional Japan such as zazen (seated meditation—sitting properly and concentrating the mind), and shakyo (copying Buddhist sutras). Be sure to make use of these valuable opportunities to experience authentic Japanese culture.

The historic and verdant Tennoji Park, which boasts over 100 years of history, is located just a 6-minute walk from the hotel. WAQOO Shitaderamachi is also close to the Osaka Tennoji Zoo and the popular Tsutenkaku tourist destination.

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Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is on the upper floors of Japan's highest building, Abeno Harukas. Directly connected to Tennoji Station and within walking distance of Tennoji Park, it is in a convenient location surrounded by nature. The observation deck on the 58th floor offers an amazing panoramic view of the city of Osaka.

The stylishly designed guestrooms have large windows through which you can enjoy fantastic views of Osaka. This is a top-grade hotel with great attention to detail, from the deluxe bedding to such amenities as high-quality Imaji towels that are made in Japan. For a taste of luxury, visit the Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel.

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On-yado Nono Namba

On-yado Nono Namba is located just 1 minute by foot from Nipponbashi Station in the heart of Osaka. It’s surrounded by nature with Tennoji Park and Osaka Castle Park nearby and Dotonbori River flowing right in front of the hotel. All the guestrooms are distinguished by a warm, Japanese-style design.

A unique feature of this hotel is that shoes are left at the door and guests spend their time inside barefoot so they can enjoy the texture and warmth of tatami mats. This may seem like a minor point, but it’s a popular way to experience authentic Japanese customs.

Another feature of this hotel is the natural onsen hot spring bath that you can enjoy in the middle of the city. The bath facilities include an indoor bath, a semi open-air bath, a cold bath, and a sauna. The baths contain "radon onsen" water that is prized throughout Japan for helping increase metabolism and improve circulation.

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