10 things Not To Miss In Japan's Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen is the one of the most superb ski resort areas in Japan. It is also famous for hot springs. So you can enjoy both skiing and traditional Japanese experiences. Here are 10 things you should try while you're there.

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1. Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort


Nozawa Onsen Ski area is one of the most amazing ski areas in Japan. The snow quality is excellent and there is only 100% natural powder snow, no man made stuff . There is good snow until the beginning of  May. There are 36 slopes and  the peak of the slope to the base measures 1085 meters in altitude.

2. Soto-Yu

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Soto-Yu means public hot spring baths and there are 13 soto-yu at the Nozawa Onsen. All of them are beautiful, clean and well-maintained. The O-yu bathhouse is the biggest of them and is a must-try. The entry fee is only a donation. 

3. Dosojin Fire Festival

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This amazing fire festival is one of three major fire festival in Japan and is held on the 15th of January every year.

This is the biggest event in this village. It is fantastic and exciting to see them light the giant torch made from reeds.

4. Sake


Sake is Japanese traditional rice wine which you can drink hot or cold. Nagano is one of the famous sake areas. It is great to have with Japanese cuisine.

5. Ryokan(Japanese Inn)


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There are plenty of traditional Japanese hotels, or ryokan, at Nozawa Onsen. This accommodation usually includes a traditional Japanese dinner with courses, a traditional breakfast, hot springs and a yukata to relax in while you stay. 

6. Rotenburo (outdoor baths)



Rotenburo are hot springs located outdoors. Most ryokan have both indoor and outdoor baths.

You can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery including snowy mountains and hills all while enjoying warm sake. It is truly a fantastic experience.

7. Onsen tamago (eggs) experience


Onsen tamago are boiled eggs which have been boiled in the hot springs.

You can expericence cooking your own onsen tamago in some public bathhouses or ryokan.

8. Countdown fireworks on the ski slope


The Nagasaka slope extends night skiing until 11:30 PM on New Year's Eve.

After that you can enjoy fireworks and the countdown there. They supply free sake and  hot wine for the countdown.

9. Ashi-yu (foot baths)


Ashi-yu means hot spring foot bath. Yurari is public ashiyu area where you can enjoy it for free. You can also enjoy making onsen tamago here. 

10. Asa-ichi

This is an early morning market open every Sunday. They sell a variety of local products which include vegetables, Japanese pickles, crafts, and more.

It is a great place to pick up some souvenirs. Don't miss it! 

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