Perfect for Special Occasions! 8 Recommended Luxury Hotels in Hakata, Fukuoka

How about staying at a luxurious hotel for a special event like your anniversary, honeymoon, or birthday? Hakata in Fukuoka is popular for its sightseeing and dating spots, and it also has plenty of extravagant hotels! Here are some recommended luxury hotels in the area.

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1. With The Style Fukuoka - Small-Scale Luxury Hotel

This hotel only has a total of 16 guest rooms, but guests can feel a real sense of grandeur. Its image is that of a city resort hotel because it is a 10 minute walk from Hakata Station and is in a quiet location away from the everyday noise of a metropolitan area!

The guests rooms are 31 ㎡ and the hotel prides itself on the fact that their rooms are the largest in any of the hotels in the Hakata area. The unique design allows its guests to feel like they are in a true oasis of relaxation.

The restaurants and pool inside the hotel also give off a feeling of ultimate sophistication, so you are sure to have a first class experience!

2. Hotel Okura Fukuoka - Best Guest Satisfaction in Hakata, Fukuoka!

Their No. 1 rating in guest satisfaction is the reason why many people still continue to patronize this understated yet elegant hotel.

There are 264 guest rooms in total, which range from single rooms to royal suites. The sophisticated design is an appealing mixture of the traditional beauty of Hakata and the West.

At the restaurant, guests can savor Japanese and Western buffets, Japanese set meals, and traditionally made French toast. It goes without saying that while their meals and facilities are superb, their service is one rank above the rest!

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3. GRAND HYATT FUKUOKA - First-Class Fukuoka Hotel

Located within Canal City, a large shopping and entertainment complex, GRAND HYATT FUKUOKA is one of the top luxury hotels in all of Fukuoka. Guests can enjoy numerous attractions like a game center, restaurants, and shops. Whether you're there for sightseeing or business, this hotel is perfect for you!

The guest rooms are designed in a modern style that reflects Hyatt's uniqueness. They measure 27 sq.m., which is much larger than regular city hotels.

Everything in this hotel's restaurant is top-class, whether it be the European-style meals, Japanese cuisine, or bars and lounges!

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4. Hotel Nikko Fukuoka - A Great Place For Relaxation!

Since this hotel is just a 3-minute walk from Hakata Station, it offers excellent access to everywhere. It is also 2 stations away from Fukuoka Airport, making it perfect as a base for both sightseeing and business purposes.

They have a bunch of relaxation facilities, such as a gym, sauna, and relaxation room. Hungry for lunch and dinner? Check out their classy restaurants!

All their guest rooms are of high quality, with a relaxing interior design that's truly one rank above the rest. It's well worth staying in at least once!

5. The Royal Park Hotel Fukuoka - Functional and Stylish

This hotel is a 5-minute walk from Hakata Station. Their smartly designed and spacious twin rooms are 25 sq.m., meaning that even tall people are able to fully stretch out and unwind comfortably. The bathtub, sink, and toilet are all separate, making it easy for groups to stay together stress-free!

They also have a women-only floor and high-quality amenities, ensuring that even solo female travelers can feel safe when staying with them!

6. ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka - Emerge Rested After a Stay Here

This hotel is mainly patronized by business people, as it is a 5-minute walk from Hakata Station - the center of the business district! The luxurious lobby and front desk exude peace and tranquility, hinting to the relaxing stay that you're bound to get if you stay here.

The guest rooms are spacious enough to allow their occupants to totally relax and unwind! You can definitely spend a worry-free time in this private and secure facility.

The hotel neighbors a large shopping center and several sightseeing attractions, ensuring a fun and satisfying trip!

7. Hakata Excel Hotel Tokyu - Enjoy Both Your Stay and Sightseeing Here!

This upscale hotel is located right in the center of the entertainment district, so it's great as a base for sightseeing. The hotel was recently renovated, making it more luxurious than ever before and resulting in more guests than originally anticipated. If you want to fully enjoy Hakata, this is the right place to choose, as you can clearly see their pursuit for high quality!

They offer 18 different types of rooms. The staff will help you make your room selection depending your individual wants and wishes.

Inside the hotel, you'll find restaurants where you can fully enjoy Hakata's delicious cuisine, such as seafood from the Genkai Sea (Genkai-nada) and Kuroge Wagyu (a type of high-quality beef) from Kumamoto.

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8. Hotel New Otani Hakata - An Urban-style Hotel

Why not use this hotel as a base for sightseeing or business? Not only will you be greeted by a spacious lobby and friendly doormen, but you'll be able to indulge in the hospitality of a long-established and highly-ranked hotel that many foreign tourists love.

The exquisite guest rooms are designed in a urban New York style. No matter what you use these rooms for, you will definitely have a pleasant stay here!

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