The 10 Reasons You Should Visit Suzuka Circuit, Japan's Paradise for F1 Fans

Hey, you! By now, you’ve probably visited most of Japan, right? In that case, are you looking for something new that you truly won’t forget? Suzuka Circuit just might be what you’re looking for. It’s close to Osaka, so you can easily drop by while sightseeing the area. You’ll get to go on motorsport-themed rides with your loved ones, see the whole racecourse up close, and even drive on the actual Japan F1 Grand Prix track! Best of all, it’s big enough for more than a whole day of fun!

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*This article was written in collaboration with Suzuka Circuit.

1. It's Huge and Super Easily Accessible

Located in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Suzuka Circuit is easily reachable from Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya. Known worldwide as the location where racing competitions like the Japan F1 Grand Prix and Suzuka 8 hours take place, it is a paradise for motosports fans. By the way, this is also where the FIA F1 World Championship Japanese Grand Prix 2018 will take place!

Right next to the circuit is a fun-filled theme park called “Motopia”. Its vast grounds are split into 6 different sections. There’s so much to see and do there that you probably won’t get to everything in just one day, so make sure to plan in advance!

2. You Can Watch Actual Races on the F1 Race Track

Made plans to actually visit Suzuka Circuit? Don’t walk away without watching one of the fierce neck-to-neck auto races that take place there!

The circuit that they take place on is known as Japan’s longest race course. It is also well known throughout the world as one of the few “figure eight” shaped race tracks to ever exist. You can expect a home straight, areas where you have to shift into low gear, and other areas where challengers can go as fast as they want.

Using an electric car, you can also drive around the actual international race course where the F1 will place! This attraction is called the “Circuit Challenger”. Now you can finally take those years of experience playing racing games and apply them to real life! Feel the wind cutting your face as you race through the track at speeds you’ve never experienced before!

*1,500 yen per car (circuit admission fee and other extra fees not included)
*Please check the official website for the Circuit Challenger's operating schedule.

You’ll need reservations while in Japan. See our writers’ top picks!

3. Get Up Close and Personal to Race Cars in the Racing Theater

Inside the GP Field area of Motopia, you'll find a facility named the "Racing Theater". It is filled with a variety of attractions that will help you learn a lot more about motorsports. Discover the appeals of the sport using both your eyes and body!

The Formula One car that the protagonist of the movie playing in the Main Theater drove is exhibited in the Entrance Hall, along with previously used racing motorbikes!

The popular Main Theater replays F1 races that have taken place on Suzuka Circuit. Using a widescreen that’s 19m in width and a sensory sound system, it delivers an almost realistic experience that will make you feel as though you were the actual driver!

Done watching the movie? Head over to the Discover Motorsport room!

It is filled with 14 attractions that test different skills that are necessary for racers to win competitions. You can learn a lot while playing through them!

What sort of winds do racers have to put up with? Find the solution by experiencing it for yourself! If you don’t know the trick behind it, you could even fall over!

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4. You Can Ride on the World's First Racing Roller Coaster, DUEL GP

While you’re in the GP Field area, don’t miss out on the new ride that debuted in March 2018, DUEL GP! As the world’s first racing roller coaster with cars that you can actually control, it quickly amassed a crowd of fans shortly after its opening. In fact, it is now one of Suzuka Circuit’s featured attractions!

There are 10 different cars that you can choose to ride in for this roller coaster. Pick your poison and enjoy a friendly race between your opponent!

To operate the car, use the attached handles. If you use them improperly, the car might even spin 360 degrees! Enjoy racing against someone else on a race track modelled after Suzuka Circuit’s international racecourse!

The winner can receive a photo card with their face and name on it!
*It costs 300 yen to print out a photo card.

*Minimum height of 120cm is needed to ride on this attraction.
*There are cameras set up in 3 different spots on the racecourse. You can purchase the photos that were taken with these cameras (1,500 yen to print out 1 photo). Other photos can be downloaded using information written on the receipt.
*It is forbidden to take photos or videos of the photo booth.

5. There's Tons of Family-friendly Attractions, Too!

There are plenty of other fun attractions that aren't motorsports-themed!

Rocky Coaster

Get on a piece of driftwood and speed your way through an epic journey while feeling the wind push against your face!

What separates this from roller coasters at other theme parks is that you can ride it forwards or backwards! If you love thrilling rides, why not test your mettle by riding it backwards?

Adventure Drive

This ride moves forward when you scream! Try shouting “Power!” and watch to see what happens!

Acro-X Evolution

Experience what off-road racing is like! You will get to drive through 12 different environments, such as climbing up a steep slope or over water. See just how good of a driver you really are!

You can view how many points your driving earned you on the attached point meter. To earn more points, challenge more difficult sections of the course!

Circuit Wheel

The red Coca Cola design of this Ferris wheel really makes it stand out. On clear days, you can get a gorgeous view of Ise Bay and the international racecourse from 100m above the sea!

6. You Can Even Cool Off at the Pool Area! (Summer Only)

When you’re done exploring everything on land, jump into Aqua Adventure - a pool area that’s only open during the summer!

You’ll find a wide variety of pools, from exciting water slides to gentle streams and waterfalls that can only be conquered by the brave. Many of the water attractions require you to work together with friends or family, so you’ll get to thoroughly enjoy your time there with your loved ones!

Here’s a tip: If you purchase the Summer Passport, you’ll get access to the rides and attractions in both the pool and land areas! You’ll be able to borrow a T-shirt for free, meaning that you can confidently go on all the land rides in just your swimsuit!

Detest the heat? This option is definitely for you!
*People with ink or sticker tattoos cannot enter or use the pool area.
*Some areas require you to wear a swimsuit.

7. There's Tons of Restaurants and Delicious Food to Munch On!

Even if you’re having the time of your life at the amusement park, don’t forget to eat!

There are plenty of delicious restaurants and fast food stores at Motopia, so this should be a relatively easy task.

Here’s one example: SUZUKA STEAK BAR 5807 is a restaurant that specializes in Matsusaka beef, a specialty product of Mie Prefecture. Bet you didn’t think you could eat super high-quality beef at the theme park, did you? Gulp it all down before you go play it all off!

Recommended Items: Matsusaka Beef with Rice (1,800 yen), Matsusaka Beef Croquette (300 yen/piece)

*These dishes are only available when big races like the F1 are taking place at Suzuka Circuit.

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8. You Can Stay in Race Car Themed Hotel Rooms

Racing Room Premium

All of Suzuka Circuit’s themed hotel rooms look amazing! This unique black and red room, which is in the northern building, is one particularly stunning example.

The room embodies the motorsports spirit, with stunning shots taken by internationally acclaimed photographers decorating the walls, cabinets designed to look like tool boxes, and lights that were modelled on speedometers!

You can even order MUMM, a brand of champagne usually served during F1 award ceremonies, through room service for an extra fee. Why not celebrate your trip by having a toast with your loved ones?

Kochira Family Room

The west building has rooms that are perfect for families! Inside these rooms, you’ll find drawings that will teach children exactly where they should put their shoes, as well as handkerchiefs, toothbrush sets, and toilet seats for children. Designed with the concept of “safety first”, anything dangerous or breakable is put at least 130cm above ground. Combine that with their warm color scheme and you’re sure to have a relaxing stay!


>> The hotel is sometimes completely booked out. To see which rooms are currently available, click on the orange button below!

9. There's Even Hot Springs to Soak In

Yes, you read right! You can make use of a giant public bath, open-air baths where you can gaze out at beautiful scenery that changes with the seasons, and a sauna. Guests of Suzuka Circuit Hotel can enter these baths for free!

Are you ready to soak in 100% weak alkaline hot spring water? Getting to soothe your body and soul in an authentic Japanese hot spring should be just the thing you need after a long day of fun.

*Drunks and those with ink or sticker tattoos are forbidden from entering or making use of these bathing facilities.

10. There Are Lots of Original Souvenirs to Buy and Collect

Tire Eraser

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Asphalt Rusk

Tire Dust Squid

Coca Cola

You'll find lots of motorsports-themed goodies available for sale! All of these goodies can only be found at Suzuka Circuit, so why not pick some up as souvenirs?

*Sales will stop when stock has run out.

There's Free Wi-Fi and Tons of Beautiful Spots Everywhere, So You Can Take and Upload Pictures Whenever You Want!

Of course, there’s more than 10 reasons why Suzuka Circuit is such a great place to visit! For example, there’s free Wi-Fi everywhere, so you can easily take photos and upload them online whenever and wherever you want.

Search out an amazing spot, take on a unique pose, and get snapping!

Since it’s so easy to access Suzuka Circuit, you can easily do a couple of things before or after visiting the amusement park. For example, you can drop by the soul of Japan, Ise Shrine (Ise Jingu), or head over to Nagoya and stuff your face with hitsumabushi (soy sauce-basted eel that’s been grilled and placed on top of rice), miso katsu (fried pork cutlet with a miso-based sauce), and tebasaki (deep-fried chicken wings). You could even travel a little further to the ever lively Osaka, where you can do some serious shopping and eat even more food!

Whether Suzuka Circuit becomes the start or end of your amazing Japan trip, we’re sure that you’ll have a blast!


*The information in this article is accurate as of September 9, 2018. Before actually visiting Suzuka Circuit, please visit their official website for the latest information.

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