10 Popular Souvenirs from Tottori Prefecture

Even further west from Kyoto lies Tottori Prefecture, known for its Japanese myths and legends as well as its sand dunes. You'll find many unique handicrafts and specially-made items being sold in its souvenir stores. So, without further ado, from delicious sweets to products that are great for a chuckle and traditionally-made goods, here are 10 popular Tottori souvenirs worth adding to your to-buy list!




1. Inaba no Shirousagi

Inaba no Shirousagi (White Rabbit of Inaba) is a palm-sized sweet that draws upon a traditional Japanese myth. It has been seen as a classic Tottori and Shimane souvenir since its creation 50 years ago. There are two types to choose from – either a sweet bean paste version made from egg yolk or a matcha (green tea) bean paste one.

Customers can choose the number of sweets in a box, from a small 5-rabbit box to the larger 20-rabbit box. Not only is the packaging for this sweet pretty, but it also has an unusually long expiration date for a Japanese sweet. Inaba no Shirousagi can be safely enjoyed up to 32 days from the day of purchase.

Although the red dots are supposed to be the eyes, the cooking method sometimes means that there’s a chance that the eyes will migrate backwards. This phenomenon creates a funny, long-faced rabbit! It’s so cute that it seems a shame to eat it.

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2. Suna no Oka

Tottori Sand Dunes are not only a sightseeing hotspot; they are also the largest sand dunes in Japan. Suna no Oka (literally “sand dunes”) are little round cookies dusted with powder that are reminiscent of the Tottori Sand Dunes.

Suna no Oka comes in 2 colors – black or white. The dough of both colors are exactly the same, the only difference being that the white cookie is dusted with a white, sugary powder, and the black cookie is sprinkled with a ginger powder. The slight sweetness and the crumbly texture will no doubt have you calling for more!

The packaging, which sports the image of the Tottori Sand Dunes, is simple yet chic. Why not try and stir the leftover powder into some coffee or tea after the cookies are finished? It’s delicious!

3. Dojo Sukui Manju

Dojo Sukui Manju is a traditional, comical Shimane sweet made to be reminiscent of eel catchers – harking back to the time when they did actually exist. It’s a popular sweet in both Tottori and Shimane prefectures. The humorous design will no doubt make you chuckle!

The smallest box available has only 2 sweets – ideal for small souvenirs! The box containing 9 sweets comes with an eel catcher’s basket!

While the exterior of the sweet is made of rice paste and flour, the contents contain an abundance of different flavors – such as sweet bean paste, white bean paste, green tea, chocolate, pear, and strawberry. Even those who might not like traditional Japanese sweets will be able to find a flavor that they enjoy. The pear jam in the pear-flavored Dojo Sukui Manju is made from delicious Tottori-grown Twenty Century pears.

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4. Kani Miso Bagna Cauda

Kani Miso Bagna Cauda is an ideal choice for those looking for a more mature, sophisticated souvenir. This luxurious bagna cauda souvenir is made with Tottori-caught crab by a crab specialist. It can be purchased in Yonago Airport and other general souvenir shops.

Kani miso uses the organs of the crab that play a role in digestion and the breakdown of nutrients. It is characterized by a creamy texture and slightly bitter flavor. This particular bagna cauda uses rich yet sweet snow crab mixed with other ingredients, including garlic and cream.

Bagna cauda can be used as a delicious pasta sauce, or as a tasty topping for home fries. It can be enjoyed in numerous ways thanks to it being an authentic product made by a specialty store.

5. Hanakifujin

The Hanakifujin souvenir series are great for surprising someone with something a little different! Pink is the theme of this series, with a wide variety of pink products available - such as curry and soy sauce. The packaging alone is quite striking, but the contents themselves are also sure to surprise. It’s a great souvenir for someone with a fantastic sense of humor.

The pink curry is certainly vibrant, but the taste is authentically spicy. The pink color is naturally created by beet, a healthy vegetable that is also very good for those on a diet. Summon up your courage and give it a taste!

The pink soy sauce almost looks a little like paint or nail polish at first glance. There are 5 different types of packaging to choose from. They’re all so cute, it will no doubt be hard to choose between them! Despite its color, the soy sauce has an authentic taste.

6. Tottori Twentieth Century Pear Jelly Kando Desu

Tottori Prefecture is a major pear production region and produces around half of Japan's pears. It is particularly famous for the Twenty Century pear brand (Nijusseki Nashi), which is characterized by its superb balance of acidity and juiciness. While buying fresh fruit as a souvenir might prove hard, Tottori Twentieth Century Pear Jelly Kando Desu is by far the next best alternative! Enjoy delicious pears even after your holiday is over.

This is a limited edition product available every year from May until September. Filled with fresh fruit and fruit juices, this jelly can be deliciously enjoyed cold or even frozen. What’s more is that it can be kept at room temperature for up to 90 days – perfect for those traveling over an extended period of time.

These jellies can be purchased separately – even a single jelly can be purchased for your own enjoyment! The shape of the container is also cute and well-made – why not keep it for decoration or as an accessory case after you have enjoyed its fruity contents?

7. Sand Goods from Tottori Sand Dunes

Tottori Sand Dunes has to be one of the main sightseeing attractions of Tottori Prefecture. Although you may feel like you want to take some of the sand home with you after your visit, it is forbidden due to the fact that the area is a protected national park. If you do want some sand as a keepsake to take home, then why not buy one of these model figures, made with sand taken from a nearby, unprotected area of the sand dunes?

Bizarrely, the models not only include cats and other local characters, but also Moai statues. The unique red and blue Moai Pair statues are popular among couples and good friends.

There are even monster models made out of the sand! These models are so elaborate that they are magnificent no matter what angle you look at them from. With a height of only 8cm, why not buy the whole set – one of each of the 6 different monsters?

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8. Hakota Ningyo

Hakota Ningyo is a traditional, simple doll from Tottori Prefecture. Each and every one of them are handmade with care with Japanese washi paper and Japanese paints, and their beautiful colors make them ideal decorations for the home.

The smallest Hakota Ningyo available is 8.5cm, and the largest 25.0cm. As each and every one of them are carefully hand painted, they are all slightly different. Take a close look and find the facial features which you like the most!

The Hakota Ningyo workshop not only makes female dolls, but also lucky daruma dolls and dolls in the shape of the White Rabbit of Inaba. They are an ideal souvenir for someone who likes things with a traditional Japanese aesthetic.

9. Inshu Nakai Kiln

There are a lot of ceramic pots in Tottori Prefecture, each of them with their own unique charm. Inshu Nakai Kiln makes modern, stylistic ceramic pots with a vivid tricolor glaze as their trademark.

While the design is profound, it also focuses on ease of use. Inshu Nakai Kiln ceramic pots are known for being lighter than they appear. What’s more is that they come with an unexpectedly reasonable price tag! It is very easy to incorporate these beautiful pots into your everyday lifestyle.

These 3-color ceramic items are so beautiful that it is a pleasure just to look at them! A variety of sizes and shapes of plates are available, as well as coffee cups, beer mugs, and the like. There is something for everyone!

10. Yumihamagasuri

Yumihamagasuri is a traditional fabric that has been made in Tottori Prefecture for a very long time. It can be easily recognized via its blue color, rough texture, and simple patterns.

While Yumihamagasuri was originally made for clothing items, it is now used for several things, including coasters and accessory cases. The simple design makes it suitable for everyone, regardless of gender or age. Furthermore, it is a souvenir that's light and easy to carry!

Yumihamagasuri is also used for various accessories such as earrings and brooches. These intricate items have an air of sophistication and quality due to them being crafted entirely by hand.


These souvenirs act as a way of remembering a fun vacation, and they're also useful to let those who haven’t been to Tottori Prefecture enjoy the charm of the prefecture from afar. Why not buy your family or friends some of this Tottori charm via a souvenir?


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