10 Most Authentic Japanese Soba to Have at Asakusa

We hope that our list of top 10 Japanese soba restaurants in Asakusa will encourage you to head to Asakusa to have them after visiting Sensoji and other sightseeing spots.

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After taking all the trouble to come to Japan, you mustn’t forget to try out Japanese soba. A delicious soba meal is all about the right buckwheat flour, the technique behind making is and boiling it and of course the broth that has been prepared with care. There are many soba restaurants set up overseas now but nothing can beat what these restaurants can offer. So after your visit to Sensoji, head to any of these top 10 soba restaurants in Asakusa

1.Namikiya Soba

This restaurant first opened a century ago and we recommend that you try their Morisoba. The fine noodle has been kneaded and made with love and is served with a rich dipping sauce. You should end your meal like the locals by adding soba water into your dipping sauce bowl and drink it up. As this restaurant is extremely popular, do expect a long line of patrons waiting to be seated during lunch time.

2-11-9 Kaminarimon, Taito Ward, Tokyo


This is a famous restaurant along Asakusa’s Kannondori.What you should definitely have at this restaurant would be their Kaki Namba Soba. You would be served a big bowl of soba soup with big and beautiful oysters. Naturally, depending on the season, they may or may not be able to serve you the oysters but if you are here during winter, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this dish that will warm your heart.

3-21-8 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo

3. Asada

Founded way back during the Ansei era, this restaurant that has been around for about 150 odd years, is still very much well loved by the locals. Here, their soba making process that includes kneading, stretching and cutting the noodles is all done by hand and when you are here, we recommend you to try their「Seiro Soba」.

4. Ozawa 

This store offers many different types of soba and you can savor the following 3 types ;「Tsurutsuru Hosogiri」,「Mochimochi Arabiki」 and「Mogumogu Futouchi」. You might come back for more of the「Mogumogu Futouchi」soba noodles that look like udon noodles for its unique taste and texture.

2-25-15 Nishi Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo

5. Kyotei Daikokuya

This famous and popular restaurant always pops up in any soba restaurant lists. Their menu doesn’t provide a lot of variety but their popular items would have to be their「Seiro Tenmori」and「Soba Yakimiso」. Besides their delicious soba, you would probably find their menu unique too as it is in the shape of a fan.

4-39-2 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo

6. Sobashojin

Formerly known as 「Asakusa Issaan」, this famous shop gave itself a new name 5 years ago. Here you can try 5 types of soba which are Inaka, Keshikiri, Yuzukiri, Chasoba and Nihachi daily and this is perfect for visitors that are looking for variety. We definitely recommend their「Goshiki Soba」.


7. Tsune

Much care and precision is put into kneading and stretching the noodles and here they are famous for their Toichi Soba noodles.The noodles here are made of both buckwheat flour and wheat flour at the ratio of 10:1, which is commonly known as Jyuwari Soba in Japan. The prices here are slightly expensive but it is a meal that you shouldn’t miss.

1-17-1 Azumabashi, Sumida Ward, Tokyo

8. Kotobuki

There is always a long queue at this restaurant during lunch time. Their springy soba noodles here are blanched with cold water before being served. Their most popular item would have to be [Tanuki Seiro]. You can also get some Japanese Curry Don and Katsu Don here, which are just as delicious.

1-8-5 Azumabashi, Sumida Ward, Tokyo

9. Tansoan Kenjiro

Now you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this restaurant that is acknowledged by the Michelin Guide. The classic Japanese interior is also one of its attractive points among local and foreign visitors. The delicious broth used here is made by the storeowners using carefully selected bonito flakes. This store truly shows depicts the hard work and talent of the soba artisans in Asakusa.

3-35-3 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo

10. Owariya Main Store


Founded in 1870, this shop has served its patrons for more than a century! The buckwheat flour used here is of high quality and their broth is made from authentic bonito flakes. It is undeniable that their soba noodles are incomparable. You can also have some tempura that is fried in sesame oil to go with your soba noodles.

1-7-1 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo

Have we gotten your tummy growling? The restaurants here are guaranteed to serve you with delicious soba noodles. We definitely urge you to step foot into any one of them after you have walked around Asakusa.

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