10 Japanese souvenirs you can buy at the 100 yen shop

Japan is full of 100 yen shops. There are various convenient goods that you can buy for just 100 yen plus tax. If you go shopping at one of these stores, here are some very useful goods that you can use as Japanese souvenirs.



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In recent years, 100 yen stores have spread all throughout Japan. You can buy all sorts of convenient goods and items for 100 yen plus tax. Among them are many products that are great for souvenirs. 

Here are 10 products that you can buy in 100 yen shops that will easily allow the receiver to understand Japanese goods and culture.

1. Furifuri rice balls

All you have to do to make three cute little rice balls is put some rice into this container and shake it.

They're easy to make and also bite-sized for an easy snack.

2. Bowls

In Japan, when people are eating rice, they eat it out of these bowls.

You can find them with Japanese patterns or simple patterns.

3. Chopsticks

In Japan, only Western food is eaten with Western utensils. Everything else is with chopsticks. 

You can find all sorts of chopsticks, from short kids' size to long cooking chopsticks, chopsticks made out of different materials, etc. at the 100 yen store.



4. Teacup

When you drink Japanese tea, you should be drinking out of a teacup called a "yunomi." Just like the rice bowls, you can find yunomi in different patterns including some traditional Japanese ones. There are also a variation of sizes.

5. Japanese plates

There are different kinds of dinnerware sold in 100 yen shops, but among them are cute Japanese-patterned plates.

They're small, so you can use them to eat off of in any country no matter what. They're also only 100 yen each, so you can find a reasonably priced set of Japanese dishware to your liking.

6. Futomaki sushi mold

Right now, sushi is very popular all around the world, and with this futomaki sushi mold you can make your own futomaki right in your own home! You can fill it with whatever you want, so you can enjoy a variety of homemade futomaki.

7. Hosomaki sushi mold 

Japanese sushi comes in two kinds, the futomaki (the fat kind) and the hosomaki (the thin kind). With the hosomaki roll, you can make sushi like kappamaki (cucumber) and tekkamaki (raw tuna) easily at home.

Tatsuo Yamashita/Flickr

8. Triangle onigiri mold 

All you do for this mold is put in the rice and press it closed.

Similar to the furifuri riceball mold, you can quickly and easy make a triangle onigiri with this.

Tatsuo Yamashita/Flickr

9. Small character onigiri cutters 

Here are some cutters (like cookie cutters) that you can use to create cute shapes when making onigiri. Just like regular onigiri molds, all you have to do is put the rice in and press it shut. If you add toppings like seaweed and eggs, you can complete your cute onigiri!

10. Nori decorative punch

When you want to make cute onigiri that have faces or other decorations, you need one of these cute cutters.

Just like a hole punch that you would use in the office, you just put the sheet of nori into the opening and press the lever down.

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