10 Best Hotels Around Kokusai Street, Okinawa’s Main Shopping Street!

No trip to Okinawa would be complete without checking out Kokusai Street in the prefecture’s capital of Naha. Lined with trendy shops, restaurants, and cafes, it’s where visitors to the southern islands go to find all things hip and happening. It’s also a great place to stay while you explore Japan’s tropical paradise. Elevate your Okinawan holiday by booking a room at one of the following 10 hotels around Kokusai Street, and see what makes the heart of Naha beat!




Kokusai Street

Kokusai Street is a 1.6-kilometer-long thoroughfare lined with nearly 600 shops in central Naha. It’s one of the most famous tourist spots in Okinawa and is known as a great place to try the local culinary specialties, including Okinawa soba noodles, "taco" rice, the famous Okinawa ice cream brand Blue Seal, "chinsuko" sweets, purple yam tarts, and awamori liquor, all of which not only taste amazing, but also make great souvenirs!

An interesting historical fact about Kokusai Street is that after World War II, the road earned itself the nickname “Miracle Mile” as it was among the first areas to recover from the devastation of the war.

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10 Best Hotels Around Kokusai Street

1. Hotel Collective

Located just a 20-minute ride from Naha Airport via the Yui Rail, Hotel Collective is conveniently situated within walking distance from Naminoue Beach and offers easy access to sightseeing spots all over Okinawa.

After a long day of exploring Naha under the bright Okinawan sun, guests of Hotel Collective can forget the hustle and bustle of the city by taking a relaxing dip in the guest-only outdoor pool and jacuzzi.

The hotel also helps you start your day right with an exquisite breakfast buffet. And don’t forget to take advantage of the hotel’s many other amenities, such as Western, Japanese, traditional Okinawan, and authentic Chinese-style dining options; a guest-only gym for those worrying about their waistlines; bar and lounge; a sauna; and even a spa salon! With so many opportunities for rest and relaxation, it seems impossible to ever feel stressed at Hotel Collective.

You’ll need reservations while in Japan. See our writers’ top picks!

2. Hotel Lantana Naha Kokusai-Dori

Also located just a 20-minute ride on the Yui Rail from Naha Airport, Hotel Lantana Naha Kokusai-Dori stands smack in the center of Kokusai Street, giving you easy access to one of the liveliest parts of the city. Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, as a family, or with friends, Hotel Lantana Naha Kokusai-Dori has a room for every kind of traveler.

All the accommodations at the hotel are equipped with private bathrooms, though we especially recommend the suites, which boast spacious bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen areas, and terraces. Create memories of a lifetime by choosing to stay at Hotel Lantana Naha Kokusai-Dori during your next Okinawan holiday!

For breakfast, enjoy a buffet serving a wide variety of freshly prepared Japanese and Western-style dishes. There’s also a Japanese yen exchange machine located on the premises, making the hotel just that much more convenient for overseas travelers.

3. Hotel Gracery Naha

Located right on Kokusai Street, Hotel Gracery Naha creates a calm and relaxing space thanks to its "wood and white” exterior and interior design. All the rooms also feature a large bath where guests can relax after a whole day of exploring Naha’s famous thoroughfare.

As far as which room to choose, few hotel accommodations have gotten higher praises than the “Churaumi Room,” a concept space where a video of the Okinawan sea shot exclusively for the hotel is projected directly onto the walls. Combined with a recording of the calming sounds of the ocean, a stay in this room feels like floating without a care in the world on Okinawa’s “beautiful sea” (the literal meaning of “Churaumi”).

After a relaxing night's sleep, treat yourself to a breakfast buffet featuring local Okinawan specialty dishes such as sautéed Agu pork, chanpuru stirfry, “sea grape” seaweed, and Okinawan soba noodles. These delicacies are rarely found outside the island, so savor them while you can!

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4. Hotel Rocore Naha

Located just a 15-minute monorail ride from Naha Airport, Hotel Rocore Naha is the perfect place for those wanting to be as close to Kokusai Street as possible. The hotel’s comfortable, modern-style rooms also offer private bathrooms that guarantee a stress-free, relaxing stay. The hotel features a multitude of different accommodation plans for any and all occasions, like a family plan that includes tickets to the Churaumi Aquarium or a plan geared more towards female travelers that comes with all of the hotel's unique amenities.

Perhaps Hotel Rocore Naha’s biggest draw is the magnificent buffet restaurant "Aletta.” Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there is never a bad time to fill up on exceptional Okinawan cuisine using fresh local ingredients, or 70 other dishes from around the world. The menu is so vast that you can stay here for weeks and never have the same meal twice! Talk about all you can eat!

5. Hotel JAL City Naha

Hotel JAL City Naha offers all the comforts of the big city without any of the headaches. The modern and stylish rooms of this resort hotel, inspired by the unique nature and culture of Okinawa, create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of a tropical island paradise despite being located right on Kokusai Street.

"Bon Appetit" is the name of the hotel restaurant and what you’ll be saying before each meal. The 50-item breakfast buffet incorporates seasonal ingredients from Okinawa to create truly memorable culinary creations. The lunch menu, on the other hand, changes monthly to highlight different dishes from all over the world and Japan, as well as local Okinawan ingredients. For dinner, in addition to the buffet, guests can also enjoy unforgettable full-course meals that are sure to become one of the most cherished memories of your time at Hotel JAL City Naha.

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6. JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Naha

Hospitality and comfort are elevated to new heights at JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Naha. Each room has been thoughtfully soundproofed for ultimate relaxation, and comes equipped with a spacious bathroom and bathtub, as well as comfy wooden floors that will feel amazing under your bare feet.

The top floor of the hotel features a library lounge and terrace where soothing music flows freely from handcrafted speakers made from solid high-grade wood, creating the perfect atmosphere for sitting back with a book and a cup of coffee. There is also a fully-equipped spa salon on the premises where you can slip off the stress of traveling and melt away into a world of bliss.

Hotel guests get to enjoy a breakfast buffet with over 60 dishes made from premium ingredients sourced fresh from all over Okinawa and Kyushu. The hotel steakhouse is also not to be missed as it offers authentic grilled dishes like aged beef - the first restaurant on Okinawa to do so. The steakhouse’s savory offerings can be enjoyed at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

7. Hewitt Resort Okinawa

Located just a 20-minute ride from Naha Airport on the Yui Rail, this Kokusai Street hotel is a sudden burst of color evoking images of Okinawa’s bountiful seas and radiant sun. Hewitt Resort Okinawa offers five types of guest rooms, each with its own vivid theme, as well as the Asobi Concierge service that can suggest over 100 fun activities, local tours, and delicious local treats to make your stay in Okinawa as enjoyable as possible.

Lose yourself in a world of relaxation at the hotel’s rooftop infinity pool that offers panoramic views of Naha. Children can also play around in the water in the pool’s designated shallow area. And at night, everyone is invited to come marvel at the 3D hologram show that will take your breath away.

The hotel houses two restaurants: the buffet-style "TIIDA," which is open for breakfast and lunch, and the grill restaurant "MASAN," which is open for lunch and dinner. No matter where you decide to eat, though, you’ll never choose wrong.

TIIDA’s buffet offers over 170 dishes, including tasty morsels that capture the very essence of Okinawan cooking. Another reason for TIIDA’s popularity is its burger station where guests can customize their food however they want. MASAN, on the other hand, is located on the top floor, offering great food paired with amazing views. Local Okinawan ingredients are cooked to perfection on a special grill that helps bring out their natural flavors.

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8. Almont Hotel Naha Kenchomae

An efficiently designed space decorated in soothing tones, Almont Hotel Naha Kenchomae is located just a 3-minute walk from Kokusai Street.

One of the highlights of the hotel is its “semi-natural” Komeiseki Onsen hot spring featuring a large communal bath. Komeiseki is a slightly radioactive stone used in traditional onsen, said to warm up the body and relieve fatigue. While this hot spring is artificial, the addition of the komeiseki minerals extracted by Abe Mine in Okayama Prefecture makes the composition of its waters almost identical to that of naturally-occurring onsen, hence the “semi-natural” designation.

For breakfast, hotel guests can enjoy a buffet of various Okinawan dishes such as Okinawa soba noodles and champuru stirfry, in addition to mainland Japanese and Western-style menu options. Start your day of sightseeing Okinawa the right way with a hearty breakfast at Almont Hotel Naha Kenchomae!

9. Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa

Located fewer than 10 minutes by monorail from Naha Airport, the Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa is the only hotel in the prefecture where the lobby is on the top floor of the building, offering guests breathtaking views of the East China Sea and the cityscape of Naha from the get-go.

The hotel offers two types of guest rooms: standard and premium, for that extra touch of comfort and luxury. All rooms are at least 35-square-meters wide and feature mattresses designed to facilitate the best sleep possible, a high-quality bath pillow, and bath salts that will transport you to a whole new world of relaxation.

For fine dining, look no further than Dining19 located at the top floor of the hotel. For breakfast, you can relax and enjoy an extensive buffet of colorful dishes while surrounded by fine art decorating the classy black walls. For dinner, guests have their choice of a number of dishes made from carefully-selected ingredients from all over the country, as well as the hotel’s signature roast beef course, all of which come with beautiful Naha night views.

10. Hyatt Regency Naha, Okinawa

Located a 3-minute walk from Kokusai Street, Hyatt Regency Naha, Okinawa, offers guest rooms decorated with vivid red and blue tones based on the concept of “experiencing the wind and sea of Okinawa.” All hotel accommodations are also furnished with traditional Ryukyuan crafts that convey Okinawa’s rich culture and history and create a cozy yet luxurious atmosphere.

A highlight for many, the hotel pool is located on the third floor and is perfect for a relaxing swim or basking in the Okinawan sunshine. A kiddie pool and a jacuzzi are also available, making the hotel the perfect destination for all kinds of tourists, from solo travelers to families.

The hotel boasts four restaurants and bars where guests can enjoy delicious meals made from seasonal ingredients. Especially recommended is sakurazaka, where you can enjoy a splendid breakfast or lunch buffet featuring dishes made from local Okinawan ingredients and seasonal produce from mainland Japan. Enjoy the food on the terrace while feeling the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face for an unforgettable dining experience.

Enjoy Japan’s Tropical Paradise on Kokusai Street

Okinawa is a place of ultimate relaxation and tranquility. So, why not get the best that the prefecture has to offer by staying at a hotel where you can enjoy the most delicious food, unwind at the most relaxing pools and spas, and make the best memories possible? All you have to do is choose a place on Kokusai Street, your dream Okinawa travel destination!


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