10 Amazing Hotels to Stay near Narita Airport

Given its easy access to Tokyo, Narita Airport is a popular gateway for visitors to enter into and travel out from Japan. As such, many hotels have blossomed in the vicinity around Narita Airport, catering to travelers who require lodging that will accommodate their flight plans or even provide them respite from the busy streets of Japan. If you wish to stay near Narita Airport, we have got you covered. Our handy guide features 10 comfortable hotels that come in various styles and price points, thus fulfilling whatever needs that you may have!

Narita Airport


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1. Narita Airport Rest House [Budget Hotel]

Perhaps you are not familiar with Tokyo and would like some time to get your bearings first before you venture out into this vibrant city. Fret not, for Narita Airport Rest House is just what you are looking for. This is the only airport hotel located within the premises of Narita Airport, and it is only a mere 5-minute walk from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Not only is it strategically convenient, but it is also suited for vegetarians, as customers can request for a menu that is catered to their diet and tastes. This ensures that no one ever has to explore Tokyo on an empty stomach.

2. nine hours Narita [Capsule Hotel]

If you wish to stay near the airport but are up for a uniquely Japanese experience, nine hours Narita will be right up your alley. Have you ever heard of Japanese businessmen tucking themselves inside pods at a capsule hotel? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in this type of accommodation? Well, nine hours Narita enables you to find this out for yourself, especially if you are a solo backpacker exploring Japan on your own. Nestled within Terminal 2, it lets you have a capsule to yourself and savor the taste of solitude in a communal space. 

3. Richmond Hotel Narita [Mid-range Hotel]

Richmond Hotel Narita is designed to cater to the needs of solo backpackers or businessmen, with its single rooms even providing enough space to fit in a semi-queen size bed, which is guaranteed to give them a good night of rest. Moreover, each room is equipped with all the modern amenities travelers, including free WiFi, an  LCD satellite TV, and a trouser press. The hotel restaurant, Stella, is also worth mentioning as it provides both Japanese and Western cuisine; you will definitely find something delicious that will satiate your tastebuds.


4. Marroad International Hotel Narita [Mid-range Hotel]

Imagine being able to view magnificent jumbo jets take off or touch down as you tuck into your scrumptious breakfast. If you are looking to create memorable memories with your better half, Marroad International Hotel Narita would be a perfect option as it is situated near runway A of Narita Airport. Lovey-dovey couples can spend a romantic evening when they dine at Lumierethe restaurant on the highest floor of this hotel - to enjoy this rare sight of Japan's lively airspace juxtaposed against the spectacular night scenery!

The breakfast menu here is absolutely exquisite. With offerings like beef with grilled eel rice bowl, as well as freshly made bread by the hotel chefs, one can certainly look forward to a hearty breakfast. Couples who eat together stay together!

5. Wakamatsu Honten Ryokan Narita [Mid-range Hotel]

If you are seeking a quintessential Japanese experience, look no further than Wakamatsu Honten Ryokan Narita. Here, you can experience the typical routine of the Japanese as you sleep in stylish Japanese-style rooms and soak in public baths. It's perfect for parents who want to expose their children to Japanese culture! The cultural immersion doesn't stop here, as the entire family can even partake in the authentic kaiseki (traditional Japanese course meal) - and dressed in yukata robes, no less! Round up this unique experience by visiting Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple, which is conveniently located in front of this hotel.

6. Radisson Narita [Mid-range Hotel]

Like many other hotels, Radisson Narita provides an incredibly convenient free shuttle bus service to and from Narita Airport. Boasting a spacious area that is 2.5 times the size of Tokyo Dome, it helps tired couples and families rejuvenate themselves with its comprehensive range of facilities. You can also enjoy a wide range of activities here, with swimming pools, a golf course, a tennis court, yoga trial lessons, and a children's playground to be yours for the picking. You can either choose to undertake a physical activity with a loved one or do it alone before assembling for a meal later!

7. Narita Tobu Hotel Airport [Luxury Hotel]

Well-known as the hotel that is closest to Narita Airport, Narita Tobu Hotel Airport is suited for travelers who need to take an early flight out of Japan as its complimentary shuttle bus services start as early as 5 am!  Couples who love to exercise together will also be impressed by the comprehensive range of facilities offered at their fitness center. Not only can they have a great workout at the gym and swimming pool, but they can also relax at the jacuzzi and sauna after sweating it out.

And, after they emerge from their workouts feeling nice and refreshed, they can bond over food at Oasis, a restaurant with delectable buffets!

8. Hotel Nikko Narita [Luxury Hotel]

When a hotel is equipped enough to hold Japanese weddings, you can be sure that it will contain excellent facilities. And indeed, Hotel Nikko Narita meets its guests' expectations! Come night time, a picturesque view of Narita Airport is unveiled, so both couples and families can savor a special moment watching planes take off and land at the airport. Additionally, they can have the time of their lives taking delightful photos at the courtyard as it showcases seasonal sights like cherry blossoms in spring and bright illuminations in winter.

9. Hilton Narita [Luxury Hotel]

A mere 5 km away from Narita Airport, Hilton Narita is yet another hotel that offers glorious views of the airport. Parents who want their children to engross themselves in nature will love it here as the rooms face lush green fields and forests - great for revitalizing the souls of impressionable kids! 

Gourmand couples, on the other hand, will surely be game to dine at the Chinese restaurant Baien. Serving up irresistible Szechuan dishes, particularly its spicy mapo tofu, it offers a mouthwatering culinary experience not to be missed. These couples can also recover from a hectic day of sightseeing by indulging in cocktails at Terrace Bar.

10. ANA Crowne Plaza Narita [Luxury Hotel]

As might be expected of a 4-star hotel, ANA Crowne Plaza Narita distinguishes itself by offering free shuttle bus services to and from both the airport and Narita City. This is surely an initiative welcomed by families as they can shop at Aeon Mall Narita Department and purchase last-minute souvenirs for friends and relatives back home. Couples who may be freed from the need of purchasing souvenirs will love spending quality time at Saifu, a restaurant on the hotel's highest floor. Say cheers to your better half as you listen to soothing jazz piano music, take in the tranquil night view, and tuck into scrumptious delicacies.


The hotels around Narita Airport offer incredibly diverse experiences, so pick one that best fits your wallet and appetite for adventure, and be sure to let us know all about your stay in Japan!

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