10 Affordable Guest Houses in Nagoya That are Also Great For Family Trips

Nagoya welcomes plenty of visitors who come for sightseeing and business every day. This article will feature 10 guest houses in Nagoya that offer reasonable prices. Guest houses may give you an impression of a place where you can't get a lot of privacy, but many of them offer family rooms and private rooms. Why not stay in a guest house to enjoy a great trip in Nagoya and save some money while you're at it?

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10 Recommended Reasonably Priced Guest Houses in Nagoya

1. Guesthouse MADO

Guesthouse MADO is a renovated quaint, old Japanese-style house. You are bound to feel a sense of nostalgia when you see the rows of old Japanese-style houses surrounding this guest house. The rooms at Guesthouse MADO are reasonably priced at just 3,000 yen per night, so it is popular not only with foreign tourists but also with businessmen visiting Nagoya.

This guesthouse offers women-only rooms, so women who are worried about their security need not worry. All rooms at MADO are Japanese-style rooms with futons (Japanese-style bedding with a thin mattress and duvet placed on the floor). One room can fit up to six people, so you may have to share a room with other people during peak seasons. There are private toilets and showers in every room to make your stay pleasant and hassle-free. 

2. Hostel Wasabi Nagoya Ekimae

Hostel Wasabi Nagoya Ekimae boasts a prime location as it is located right in front of Nagoya Station. It is very popular with foreign tourists because its nightly rate is very cheap at just 2,000 yen. The beds in each room come with a TV and computer, so you won't get bored during your stay.


The rooms at Hostel Wasabi Nagoya Ekimae can accommodate up to 26-28 guests. There are bunk beds in every room, and you will be given a reservation number that corresponds to one of the beds. Another great feature of this hostel is that body soap, rinse-in shampoo, skincare products and other cosmetics are readily available for guests to use.

3. Nagoya Travellers Hostel

Nagoya Travellers Hostel is a cheap guest house in Nagoya’s business district. There is a communal kitchen and common space, so you can engage in lively conversations with other guests. During breakfast, guests are treated to Nagoya’s specialty Ogura Toast (toasted bread with red bean paste on top) for free.

This hostel is known not only for its common rooms, but also for their private rooms where families and couples can stay. Given the wide array of rooms available, Nagoya Travellers Hostel is recommended for individual guests, as well as families that want to stay in a private room.

4. Trip & Sleep Hostel

Trip & Sleep Hostel is located inside a small building in the Osu shopping district, about 15 minutes from Nagoya Station by subway. While it may be a little further away from the center of Nagoya compared to some of the other guest houses, it still receives raving reviews from guests thanks to its low rate of 2,500 yen per night.

The biggest feature of Trip & Sleep Hostel is that it offers Japanese-style rooms. In most guest houses, guests sleep on bunk beds, but at this hostel, they get to sleep on a futon on the floor when they stay in a Japanese-style room. This hostel also has a shared washing machine and dryer. It solves the problem often encountered in other guest houses, wherein guests have to pack their semi-dry clothes when check-out time comes because there are no dryers within the premises.

5. 300HOSTEL

300HOSTEL is a fancy guest house located near Osu Kannon Station. Its interior is a clean, fresh space with a bright design. Every room at this hostel has a refrigerator, Wi-Fi, and other amenities that are very convenient for guests. You can also rest after a long day traveling and watch the large TV in the common space where you can hang out with the other guests staying in the hostel. 

300HOSTEL offers shared rooms with bunk beds, as well as private rooms with a twin or triple bed, and a bigger private room recommended for large families. There is also a crib in the family room, so this is a great place to stay if you are visiting with a baby. Every room in this hostel is so pleasant that it will make you feel like you have been invited to stay in a stylish home.


6. Guesthouse Otohaya - Nagoya Hostel Backpackers

Guesthouse Otohaya is known for its walls painted with unique illustrations. Take a step into this guest house and you will enter an indescribably mysterious space. This guest house not only has rooms for sleeping, they provide rooms where you can read manga and play games so you can enjoy your time indoors too. They offer discounts for long-term stays, making it the perfect spot for travelers who wish to go sightseeing with Nagoya as their base.

There are both shared rooms and private rooms at this guest house. The rate for the most expensive room is just 3,500 yen per person per night, so it has been gaining a reputation as a favorite among travelers who wish to go sightseeing without breaking the bank. Wireless LAN access and luggage storage are free. Guesthouse Otohaya provides basic services in order to provide an affordable yet pleasant stay.


KIKUNOYA is an affordable guest house where you can feel like you are staying in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). Having been in business for many years, this guest house is loved by guests for their excellent service. It was built with the desire to “make guests feel fulfilled” and it does that by providing guests with a space with a relaxing atmosphere.

Most of the guest rooms at KIKUNOYA are Japanese-style rooms outfitted with futon. Guests can also stay in the annexed old private house that will make you feel relaxed as though you are at home.

8. Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel

Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel has the kind of facade that makes it look like a stylish bar. Located in a bustling area near Nagoya Station, this hostel lets guests stay on the second to fourth floors. The first floor is a cafe and bar where you can dine in for lunch and dinner.

The second floor of this hostel is for women only, which is perfect for women who are concerned about their safety. Guests sleep on their designated bunk beds in the rooms. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, so you don’t have to worry if you're staying here in the middle of summer or winter.


NAGONOYA is a guest house with a coffee shop annexed to the accommodation area on the first floor. It was originally a cafe that was a local favorite called Nishi Asahi. The most famous item on their menu is Nagoya’s specialty egg sandwich. Staying at this hostel is recommended not just for its facilities, but also for the cafe.

This guest house offers mixed dormitory and private rooms that are recommended for couples and families. For 3,000 yen per night, you can reserve a rather spacious private area that has a small window for ventilation. The Japanese-style room is also a relatively cheap room for 3-4 guests, perfect for families traveling together.

10. Rinia Hostel

Located near Ozone Station, Rinia Hostel is close to Nagoya Dome, so it is a popular guest house for both foreign tourists and people attending events at Nagoya Dome alike. They have shared showers, restrooms, and other facilities, as well as a smoking room.

Many guesthouses have shared rooms with bunk beds, but at Rinia Hostel, there are also booth-type rooms in some of the guest rooms. This hostel is perfect for those who wish to have their own private space even at the low price of 4,200 yen per night. 

Stay at Affordable and Appealing Guest Houses!

Guest houses in Nagoya City offer a variety of features that visitors can decide from depending on their budget and purpose of travel. Unlike hotels and ryokan, a majority of guest houses have common spaces shared by guests so you can enjoy lively conversations with other guests. Their biggest advantage is the low rates, and if you are not comfortable about sharing a room, there are guest houses where you can enjoy your time in a shared space while staying the night in your own private room. Consider all of the options available to you for guest house accomodations in Nagoya and find the one perfect for you during your trip!


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