Filled With Unique Yukata! The Scoop on "Yukata in Laforet"

The trendsetting mall, Laforet Harajuku, held a large-scale yukata-themed event from July 1 (Sun) to July 20 (Fri) in 2018. Those who attended got to enjoy an array of stunningly fine yukata offered by the mall. In addition to opening 9 pop-up stores, they also displayed avant-garde pieces inside and outside of the building that blew people away! Read on to discover what sort of yukata were displayed during the event.



Purchase Unique Yukata at Laforet Harajuku!

For those who don't know, a "yukata" is a type of light kimono made of cotton, usually worn in the summer or right after a bath. Compared to a regular kimono, yukata are cheaper and easier to put on. Even beginners can wear one without trouble, which makes it a great souvenir for yourself and your family.

If you want to enjoy summer in Japan with some stylish yukata and accessories, do take a look at Laforet Harajuku! Yukata is usually sold during the summer, but there are some stores that sell it year round.

Yukata Examples

Soubien Bonheur Saisons

The perfect combination of tradition and modernism. The goldfish pattern feels somewhat refreshing. This is the 3-item Yukata Set (21,980 yen) by Soubien Bonheur Saisons.

Modern Kimono Komono Umeya ft. Tamao Shigemune

With its dots and checks, the geometric pattern of this stylish and modern yukata matches beautifully with Western-style shoes. This is the Yukata (43,200 yen) by Modern Kimono Komono Umeya ft. Tamao Shigemune.

Miki Sakura & Sakura Maison

Adding a little creativity to how the obi (sash) is tied creates an even more gorgeous back appearance! It may look hard to tie at first glance, but relax: this is ready-made. This is the Kimono (59,400 yen) and Obi (32,400 yen) from Miki Sakura & Sakura Maison.

Iroca Times C.h.o.k.o

The theme of this yukata and obi is “bones”. Wear this outfit at night for a fireworks event or at the club. Everyone will focus their eyes on you! This is the Yukata (39,960 yen) and Half-width Obi (25,920 yen) from Iroca Times C.h.o.k.o.

Salon de Happiness

The owner of Kyoto’s Salon de Happiness is a traditional Japanese dancer. Ever since she came back from London, she’s been wearing kimono all year round. She currently makes cute yet sophisticated Japanese clothing that don’t fully abide by Japanese traditions. This is the Obi (45,360 yen).


Asobiya sells an array of hair ornaments, brooches, and earrings based on traditional Japanese elements like origami (paper) cranes. The hair accessory in this picture costs 10,800 yen.

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