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It can run, but it can’t hide

Look closely at almost any scene in Japan and you will spot it somewhere. It may be trying to hide, but the splashes of color on it’s body are bound to give it away. No, it’s not an animal–it’s called a “jidohanbaiki,” or vending machine, and you’ve probably never seen one like it before. Let’s take a look at some of the the weird and wacky variety of products that Japanese vending machines have to offer.

We’ve got one of these high-tech doohickeys at my train station

Of course there’s nothing special about vending machines and drink varieties–except if you order by touch screen! You just pay by cash or train card and tap your drink of choice, and the graphic shows you that it has processed your order. If you’re just standing around trying to decide, the machine does it’s best to woo you with advertisements for movies, etc. I saw a “Star Trek” ad on there once–the screen resolution is fantastic!

Beer and wrestling really shouldn’t mix

Beer in vending machines–one of my first bits of culture shock in Japan! That plus the wrestling figures, of course.

Buying ice cream at the corner…vending machine?

This is for people who are walking along and suddenly think to themselves, “I’m not feeling very classy today. I need a pick-me-up. Let’s see, none of that Snicker’s Bar stuff for me, no! Haagen-Dazs will do the trick!” You gotta admit that rocks, though.

“Well, egg-scuuuuuse ME!”

You know when you’re rushing to get home and your wife calls you about the eggs but you’re nowhere near a supermarket? No? Never happens? Anyway, as you can see that wouldn’t be a problem in Japan.

It’s a little vegetable locker with keys, see? Tee hee.

Forgetting your vegetables would also be no problemo, I guess.

I’m ashamed to say that this ain’t bad

To hell with those healthy foods! What you want is a hotdog and fries, straight out o’ the machine! C’mon, you know you can’t resist!

photo by talloracle

They sell these in regular stores at almost the same price

Or if you’re more the ramen type, then this vending machine is for you!

Warning: Don’t look too closely if you don’t want to know!

Now a trip into the truly wacky. What is this, you ask? Look veeeerrry closely, if you dare. I’ll give you a hint: Part of what’s being advertised on each little box is actually in the package. And it’s NOT the woman. So the people who buy at this vending machine must be women who need a quick change and men who…nevermind.

Japanese vending machines can sometimes be wacky and sometimes disgusting but often cute as well. Just thought I’d share this picture to prove the point!

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