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Ishigaki Island, on May 19th

It was a hot day today, and the temperature rose over 30℃.
It was a little cloudy day today, so it was humid.
I was sweating!

Because I wanted to see the color blue, I went to Fusaki.
The sky didn’t clear up, so the ocean wasn’t as shinny as it is on sunny days.

Here are some photos of Fusaki Resort Village.

On an adan tree by the beach, adan fruits were ripe.
They are not pineapples!

Because it was Monday ant it’s right in the rainy season, there were just few people at the beach.
But summer is coming soon!

The rainy season will end in about 2 weeks.
I can’t wait to see the blue sky and the shinny blue ocean!

Yaeyama Kaito

Famous place for tourists, Sukuji Beach

Sukuji Beach is the city beach of Ishigaki.
It’s pretty shallow to a considerable distance from the shore.

I think this beach is good for reading books under the trees or having good tans on the beach.

Since it’s pretty shallow, it’s good for families with small children, too.

But we don’t have any stores at the beach, so bring food and drinks when you go there if you need. There are some vending machines there so you can at least get drinks.

The entrance of Sukuji Beach

There is a famous scuba diving spot behind the peninsula.
You can see mantas there!

Bringing hammocks would be a nice idea when you go to Sukuji Beach!

Yaeyama Kaito

Do you like his photos?

If you like his photos, he sells postcards, or you can go to PIXTA to buy his photos.
If you want a post card, go to his website and contact him directly (you can email him or just leave a comment).
If you want to get a picture, go to PIXTA and you can buy online.
You can also buy the at souvenir shops in Okinawa.

Yaeyama Kaito on PIXTA

Yaeyama Kaito’s Photo Blog

If you want to read his posts…

He uploads photos often, probably like 3 – 4 times a week. You can use automatic translation and read his posts in English. The translation is so weird but you can at least understand and enjoy his latest photos.

On the upper left side, you see the national flag of the US. Just click it and you can see the English translation.

I can feel his love from his works, and since I love Okinawa so much but don’t know much about small islands, I’m so happy to be friends with him and learn about the islands.

I hope you enjoy the photos!


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