Yaeyama Kaito's photography [part 5]: in April and May

There are many people who take photos of Okinawa and post them on their blogs. One of them is Yaeyama Kaito, who is a photographer and do blogging to introduce Okinawa, mainly Yaeyama islands. He is actually from Osaka but he fell in love with the beauty of Okinawa and moved there. He hopes his beautiful pictures of the amazingly beautiful islands will make you feel happy and relaxed. Today I'm going to show you his beautiful photos and translate a couple of his posts!


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Rainy season in Ishigaki

The rainy season has started in Ishigaki.
It'll be humid and hot for about a month.

The rainy season will probably end around the beginning of June, when they have a dragon boat race festival in Ishigaki.

Wet san-nin (shell gingers).

A caterpillar was wet too.
...Looks cold

Huge leaves with rain drops.


From late April till late May, you can see fireflies in Ishigaki.
They fly for about an hour after the sun sets.
They are "Yaeyama fireflies" and very small (5mm or so).

This is how the forest with fireflies look like during the day.

About 30 minutes after the sun sets, it gets dark, and then they start to fly.

They are like Christmas illuminations!

After I took photos of fireflies, I went to see the night lighting of the parabolic antenna.

Do you like his photos?

If you like his photos, he sells postcards, or you can go to PIXTA to buy his photos.
If you want a post card, go to his website and contact him directly (you can email him or just leave a comment).
If you want to get a picture, go to PIXTA and you can buy online.

Yaeyama Kaito on PIXTA

Yaeyama Kaito's Photo Blog

If you want to read his posts...

He uploads photos often, probably like 3 - 4 times a week. You can use automatic translation and read his posts in English. The translation is so weird but you can at least understand and enjoy his latest photos.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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