Top 5 Picks for Japanese Anime on Netflix

This time, we're covering our top anime picks on Netflix, including series that were shown in 2020 and shows based off popular manga. We'll explain just why they made the list as well, so please use this article as a reference when deciding what to watch!


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Anime Is Super Popular on Netflix Now!

Netflix is one of the world\'s largest movie and show streaming services. It has an extensive list of shows to watch, including big box office hits and popular dramas. Within this list, you\'ll find anime that is loved all across the world, a fact actually proven by data that shows that 90% of the views of anime actually come from outside of Japan! On Netflix today, you can enjoy all sorts of newly released anime such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, a show that has been making waves even internationally.

It\'s been over 100 years since anime was first created in Japan. It\'s exciting to think about how far Japanese anime will spread outside of Japan in the future!

1. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is a show based on a popular Japanese manga series that has been serialized in the weekly manga magazine "Shonen Jump" since 2018. Since its debut on Netflix in 2020, it has gained the attention of not just those in Japan, but even those overseas!

The story starts when the protagonist, high schooler Yuji Itadori, picks up a finger with a strong curse on it. After a series of events, he eats the finger, meaning that he now harbors the curse. It\'s a dark fantasy tale where he has to live with the curse while fighting cursed spirits born from the negative emotions and thoughts of mankind.

What\'s so interesting about this anime is the power system for the cursed spirits and sorcerers. Depending on where they sit in this system, they can use several different cursed techniques. You should definitely pay close attention to it! Throughout the anime, you can also enjoy seeing the streets of Tokyo which are drawn quite accurately.

2. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is another anime based on a manga series that has been serialized in the weekly manga magazine "Shonen Jump" since 2014. It\'s so popular that in the United States, it ranked 4th place in comic sales in 2017! It made its way onto Netflix in 2016.

This anime takes place in a world where people have supernatural powers called "quirks." There are villains that use their quirks to do evil deeds as well as heroes whose jobs are to stop them. The anime focuses on the protagonist Izuku Midoriya, a young boy born with no quirk, and how his wish to become a hero leads him on a journey of self-growth, eventually leading to his enrollment in a famous hero academy.

The highlight of the anime series is definitely how passionate Izuku is about becoming a hero! Even though he\'s timid, he has a strong sense of justice, making him a really interesting character. While watching, don\'t forget to turn your eyes to the other characters as well, as well of them have their own "quirks."

3. Ghost in the Shell

There have been several different adaptations of this series over the years, including an anime and films, but all of them originated from the manga series "THE GHOST IN THE SHELL" created by manga creator Masamune Shiro in 1989. The anime adaptation of this manga has been loved by people all over the world for over 20 years! In 2020, a new anime adaptation called "Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045" was released exclusively on Netflix worldwide.

This anime takes place in a futuristic world where, thanks to the development of computer networks and cybernetics, people can be connected by "cyberbrains." It focuses on Public Security Section 9, a task force for solving cybercrime spearheaded by the protagonist Motoko Kusanagi, and how they fight to save civilization from collapsing.

While the serious tone of the story alone makes this series worth watching, what also makes this anime special is the gorgeous digital art! Take a good look at the way the world in the anime is drawn. It\'s had an influence on creators all over the world!


7SEEDS is a show based on a manga serialized in the manga magazine "Bessatsu Shojo Comic" in 2001. People all around the world were quite excited when it made its Netflix debut in 2019!

This anime takes place in a world where humanity has been eradicated due to a meteorite impact. It puts the spotlight on several young people that somehow managed to survive the impact and follows their survival journey in this new world.

When watching this anime, keep your eyes peeled on how the characters do their best to survive despite all the troubles they run into! You\'re sure to feel moved by how hard they fight to keep living despite how depressing and dark their situations are.

5. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is another anime series based on a manga serialized in the weekly manga magazine "Shonen Jump" in 2016. Despite four years of serialization, its popularity has only continued to grow, and in 2020 it was even adapted into a live-action movie! In fact, it\'s been so popular that there are plans to turn it into a live drama in other parts of the world as well!
The anime started airing on Netflix in 2019.

This anime starts off focusing on an orphanage named "Grace Field House." The 38 children housed there and the "Mom" taking care of them have a happy life together, but one day, those happy days suddenly end and the children are faced with a startling reality. It\'s a story about how the children face their destiny.

What made us love the anime so much was the secret behind Grace Field House. We were shocked when we learned about it! The story is gripping from start to end.

Did you see any anime that you\'d like to watch? Keep our reasons in mind when watching these series, and enjoy Japanese anime shows from the comfort of your home!

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