Sleep Well With These Top 5 Unique and Cute Japanese Cooling Sleep Products

Cooling sleep products refer to bedding and other products that will give you a cool sensation while you sleep. Below are some items that are perfect for those who want a good night’s sleep during summer, when that might not be so easy to get. Some of the items on the list are available at Tokyu Hands.



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1. Cool Dakimakura (Village Vanguard)

You might think the person in the photo has been bitten by a shark, but it’s just the Kamu Kamuzu Cool Dakimakura Zap body pillow! It’s the shark version of the “Premium Nemu Nemu” series of body pillows that will help you stay cool while you sleep. This pillow is available at the variety store Village Vanguard which carries a long list of novelty items that are full of humor. The pillow shown in the photo is the medium-size version, but note that the large version is currently sold for 3,960 JPY.

The mouth and belly of the shark are made of materials that feel cool to the touch, so you can hug it or use it as your pillow when you sleep to beat the summer heat! I recommend using it when you take a power nap on your desk. Put the shark pillow on its back on top of your desk, rest your head on it, and then insert both your hands inside its mouth. Strange as it may seem, you will feel yourself calm down when you put your hands inside the shark’s cool mouth.
There’s no doubt that you’d be comfortable sleeping on this pillow, but the people around you might be scared when they see you sleep while being eaten by a shark!

If you\'re worried that having your hands inside the shark’s mouth while you sleep will give you nightmares, don’t worry, this body pillow series also comes in adorable whale shark and otter designs. This pillow is also cute as a stuffed animal, so you can even use it as a cushion for your living room!

2. COOL TOUCH Shiki Pad (Nishikawa)

If you are sensitive to heat and have trouble sleeping when it’s hot, then the COOL TOUCH Shiki Pad Single (15,000 JPY (excl. tax)) is perfect for you. I also want to have a pillow cover made of the same material as this mattress pad! Do parts of you get sweaty when in contact with the sheets while sleeping? This product is made of a fabric that eliminates heat and moisture, so you won’t get sticky and sweaty when you sleep anymore. You can use it not just during summer, but throughout the year.
You can purchase this product at AiR stores such as the Tokyu Hands Shinjuku Branch, as well as various other retail stores throughout Japan.

Top Cooling Sleep Products From Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands, a large-scale home improvement center and variety store with branches all over Japan, draws customers in with its wide array of products. I often go there for stationery, kitchen goods, hair care products, and cleaning products. They have plenty of items to choose from, so it is always a lot of fun shopping there. Below are some of the best cooling sleep products that you can buy at Tokyu Hands!

3. Marvelous Cool Neo Plus Makura Pad (Koizumi Lifetex)

The Marvelous Cool Neo Plus Makura Pad (1,628 JPY (incl. tax)) is a pillow pad that uses fabric mixed with special minerals that give off a cool feeling, so you will feel cold when you hold it. Even though your pillow might not be easy to wash, this pillow pad is easy to wash and very hygienic.
This product may be made with fabric blended with minerals, but it is soft and will give a refreshing feeling to the base of your neck which tends to get hot. I’m actually thinking about buying this item for my child.

4. Ohirune Cushion (Daikai)

The Ohirune Cushion (1,320 JPY (incl. tax)) is a small pillow that is made from cooling materials. Even the whale pattern on the cover feels cool, right? It is small, so if you bring it when you travel, your neck won’t hurt when you are on a train or a bus for a long time. I think I would like to use it when I have to sit in a car for long hours.
By the way, this product is made of antimicrobial, odor-resistant fabric. Our head and neck tend to get sweaty, so it\'s easy to get bothered by the smell. When you use this pillow, however, you are guaranteed to have a relaxing, stress-free nap.

5. Nemu Nemu Japon Cool Cool Eye Pillow (Liv Heart)

Nemu Nemu Japon Cool Cool Eye Pillow (1,650 JPY (incl. tax)) comes in the shape of a cute dog or cat with a tenugui (traditional Japanese cloth hand towel) wrapped around its head. The dog is named Kotaro while the cat is named Yuzu. This unique product will make it look like a dog or cat is taking a nap on you when you put it on your face! There is also a pocket at the back of the stuffed animal where you can insert a gel cooling pad.
I really want to use this product after I get out of the bath. I want to lie back at the end of the day and put a cute dog or cat on top of me!

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If you want to make sleep even just a little more comfortable and pleasant on a sweltering night when it’s difficult to sleep, then how about trying any of the cooling sleep products featured here? Let’s make it through the hot summer days with these cool and refreshing items!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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