6 Select Japanese Food Products With Convenient, Top-Notch Package Designs

There are many products with unique packaging that are worth noting when shopping in Japan. You'll be surprised by the innovative and handy designs available! This article introduces some interesting package designs that can be found in Japan.



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1. [Soba] Zaru Soba Noodles (FamilyMart)

Soba noodles are a popular dish among visitors to Japan. At soba shops, zaru soba noodles, which are served cold, come on a dish separate from the sauce and condiments.
FamilyMart\'s Zaru Soba Noodles (356 JPY (incl. tax)) come in a package reminiscent of the soba shops. The sauce, noodles, and condiments are separated, and the container with the sauce can be detached.

The package includes condiments and scallions, so with the detachable sauce container, you can enjoy the noodles in the same manner as if at a soba shop. The cold soba noodles go down smoothly and are perfect for hot summers when the appetite wanes, so I often enjoy it for lunch on hot days.

The major convenience store chain FamilyMart also has onigiri, cup noodles, sweets, and drinks, as well as everyday items such as smartphone charging cables, so it is a great place to go to if you have forgotten to pack something. I personally recommend the Famima Cafe frappe that is available at the register and the spicy Famichiki chicken. The frappe comes in various seasonal flavors, so it is fun to choose which one you would like to enjoy!

2. [Cup Yakisoba with Drainage Holes] Nissin UFO Umekombucha Salty Yakisoba - Salt Yakisoba With the Flavors of Umekombucha Tea

The great thing about instant noodles is that you can get tasty ramen just three minutes after adding boiling water. In Japan, even yakisoba, which are noodles that are fried in a sweet and savory sauce with ingredients such as pork and vegetables, are available in cups! The key to making tasty yakisoba in a cup is the drainage holes that are needed to pour out the hot water. I\'m particularly fond of Nissin\'s UFO yakisoba series which are designed for easy drainage. These instant noodles can be purchased at convenience stores such as FamilyMart and at supermarkets.

The key to preparing the yakisoba is to not completely remove the lid, but instead keep it attached to about a quarter of the cup. Pour the hot water in and put the lid back on, and when it is time to drain the water out, peel off the film over the drainage to reveal the holes. Now all you need to do is to hold the cup and the lid firmly and pour the water out.

The most common yakisoba is flavored with a Japanese sauce, but Nissin UFO Umekombucha Salty Yakisoba (193 JPY (excl. tax)) has the flavor of "ume kombucha" (kelp tea with plum bits). The combination of the umami flavor of the kelp, the aroma of sesame oil, and the gentle tartness of the plum is outstanding. It is available at FamilyMart and other convenience stores and supermarkets.

3. [The Cup Ramen Sticker] Nissin\'s Matcha Tori Paitan Ramen

Have you ever had the lid float open when preparing noodles in a cup? There is actually a sticker at the bottom of this instant noodle cup that you can use to keep the lid closed. No more issues with the lid opening on its own accord!
Pictured is the Matcha Tori Paitan Ramen (193 JPY (excl. tax)) by Nissin, with matcha green tea flavors that are unusual for noodles in a cup. Matcha-flavored noodles are rare even in Japan, so I tried it rather cautiously, but it turned out to be a great meal, with the rich and creamy tori (chicken) paitan soup and refreshing aroma of matcha going surprisingly well together. This item is also available at convenience stores and supermarkets, including FamilyMart.

4. [Donburi] Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl (FamilyMart)

Convenience stores have many donburi (rice bowl) products such as oyako-don (chicken and egg bowl), chuka-don (Chinese-style stir-fry bowl), and curry with rice. The cool thing about convenience store donburi packages is that they have two tiers!
The rice and toppings are separated into two tiers to prevent the rice from becoming soggy from the toppings.

FamilyMart\'s Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl (550 JPY (incl. tax)) also comes in a two-tiered package so that you can enjoy the flavors of freshly prepared donburi. The top tier has pork cutlet cooked in egg and the bottom tier has the rice. Put the cutlet on the rice after warming everything up so that the dashi stock seeps into the rice. The soft, thick, and substantial cutlet is fantastic.
The topping for katsu-don is made by cooking onions in soy sauce and dashi stock, placing a pork cutlet on top, and cooking it with a beaten egg. The umami flavors of the dashi stock seep into the batter of the cutlet, making it one of my favorite dishes.

5. [Ketchup & Mustard] Jumbo Frankfurter (FamilyMart)

Frankfurters are popular as snacks in Japan. Ketchup and mustard are indispensable to frankfurters, but it can be a bit troublesome to put them on. That is when a packet that dispenses both at the same time by simply folding it comes in handy! These packets come alongside frankfurters and hot dogs at FamilyMart.
For example, if you buy a Jumbo Frankfurter (154 JPY (incl. tax)) at FamilyMart, you will get the ketchup and mustard packet in the photograph. Fold it in half with the content side down above the frankfurter, and you can get both on the sausage without getting any on your hands. The Jumbo Frankfurter is a substantial, large sausage, but with the acidity of the ketchup and the spiciness of the mustard, I finished the whole thing.

6. [Portable Onigiri Packages] Onishi Foods\' Portable Onigiri (Tokyu Hands)

Alpha Rice, which can be cooked by simply adding room temperature or hot water, is popular for emergencies and camping trips. Onishi Foods\' Portable Onigiri (216 JPY (incl. tax)) is a fun Alpha Rice product that enables you to make onigiri in a pack! All you need to do is pour hot or room temperature water into the package, wait 15 minutes with hot water or 60 minutes with room temperature water, then cut along the dotted line to get a beautifully-formed triangular onigiri.
I keep emergency food supplies in my house, so I\'ll be sure to add this product to my stock!

Tokyu Hands, which sells this product, is a chain store selling a variety of products including daily goods, cosmetics, stationery, kitchen utensils, and DIY products. There is a wide variety for each type of product, so it is a great place to compare and shop.

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The interesting packaging makes these products perfect as souvenirs. Why not wow your friends and family with them?

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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